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Florida Seminar Testimonials

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“Very great to open the mind to a different way of thinking about anger and dealing with it.” – Patricia Britto, Marriage and Family Therapist, Jacksonville, Florida (6.10.14)

“This presenter was very clear, humorous, responsive to audience and knowledgeable. I learned about the subject in new and interesting way. Really enjoyed it.” – Mia Jerry Sell, Counselor/Nurse, Jacksonville, Florida (6.10.14)

“Izzy was very knowledgeable on the topic and was able to answer any question presented/asked. His humor and creativity showed through and made the seminar interesting.” – J.O., Counselor, Jacksonville, Florida (6.10.14)

“Excellent, commons sense, practical.” – Gene Williams, Social Worker, Jacksonville, Florida (6.10.14)

“I learned another technique to increase insight and self-awareness with clients. Really enjoyed the role playing demos.” – Christen Cribbs, Counselor, Jacksonville, Florida (6.10.14)

“The program was informative. I learned some useful interventions. This approach is very empowering.” – Counselor, Tallahassee, Florida (6.09.14)

“Great workshop. I learned a lot. It was very different from what I expected and that was a very welcomed surprise.” – Jennie Beltz, Counselor, Jacksonville, Florida (10.23.12)

“The information was simple and practical–I plan on using it professionally and personally!” – Tracy Hudson, Counselor, Jacksonville, Florida (10.23.12)

“I enjoyed the seminar and will use it in my practice!” – Mental Health Counselor Intern, Jacksonville, Florida (10.23.12)

“Very practical strategies that are easy to implement and apparently very effective. Thank you.” – J.W., Counselor, Jacksonville, Florida (10.23.12)

“Great training! Really enjoyed it and I can’t say that about many of my training experiences. Will definitely use in my work.” – Tabitha Horseman, Social Worker, Jacksonville, Florida (10.23.12)

“This is the best seminar I have attended in a long time. Presenter was knowledgeable and entertaining. Time flew by!” – Harriet Fritts, Marriage and Family Therapist, Jacksonville, Florida (10.23.12)

“Very helpful and insightful. Information is useful and very appropriate to current events.” – Jerree Sanders, Social Worker, Jacksonville, Florida (10.23.12)

“Great seminar!” – Theresa Menefee, Counselor, Jacksonville, Florida (10.23.12)

“I have found this seminar to be very rewarding to my profession.” – Educator, Tallahassee, Florida (10.22.12)

“This is the 2nd time I have attended this workshop–continues to be very dynamic presentation.” – Milinda Daniel, Nurse/Social Worker, Tallahassee, Florida (10.22.12)

“Very engaging, educational, and FUNNY! I loved this presentation, gained valuable professional and life skills, and had a great time.” – Mariquis Stewart, Counselor, Tallahassee, Florida (10.22.12)

“I believe this seminar will be very helpful in my work as an addictions counselor for Anger Management. This is my second Anger Management course with Izzy. I learned several useful, practical techniques! Thank you!” – Paul Bock, Counselor, Tampa, Florida (5.17.12)

“’Izzy should speak at schools during middle school/high school forums.’ Very helpful for me as a LMAC working with adolescents. School administrators and teachers should be receiving this info.” – Laura Carnevale, Counselor, Tampa, Florida (5.17.12)

“Excellent presentation, especially the game playing and role plays. Very useful in the therapeutic setting.” – Sandra Rush, Psychologist/Social Worker, Tampa, Florida (5.17.12)

“Amazing seminar. The presenter actually solicited volunteers who had complex issues to demonstrate his techniques. He didn’t take the easy way out by presenting rather mundane scenarios.” – Shannon Leigh, Social Worker, Tampa, Florida (5.17.12)

“Very simple and direct strategies. Instructor has a good sense of humor.” – Rebecca Carroll, Social Worker, Orlando, Florida (5.16.12)

“Excellent presentation. The speaker is very smart, knowledgeable and humble!, which is hard to see nowadays.” – Adriana Mansfield, Psychologist, Orlando, Florida (5.16.12)

“This program was very interesting for me. I will apply principles of this program in my practice.” – Estelle Blumberg, Marriage and Family Therapist/Counselor, West Palm Beach, Florida (5.15.12)

“Well done! Interesting, useful perspective – terrific examples of interventions! Remarkably creative and clever role modeling sessions – a joy to be ‘gifted’ at this seminar to Izzy Kalman’s talent and good humor embellishing his wisdom and creativity.” – Ethyle Ludwig, Marriage and Family Therapist/Art Therapist, West Palm Beach, Florida (5.15.12)

“The presentation was very informative and insightful. I enjoyed the interaction and the role playing and obtained information that can help me with personal stressors that I have.” – Administrative Assistant, West Palm Beach, Florida (5.15.12)

“Excellent. Very practical useful techniques. Can be applied right away.” – Esther Selevaneisens, Psychologist, Miami, Florida (May 14, 2012)

“I liked this talk. A simple, non-complicated approach to dissolve anger, promote harmony and teach tolerance. Very value creating. Thank you.” – Natalie Ziegel, Social Worker, Miami, Florida (May 14, 2012)

“Excellent–necessary and extremely appropriate in all walk of life–for professional and layman alike.” – T.C., Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Miami, Florida (May 14, 2012)

“I really enjoyed this seminar and the instructor was outstanding. Great topic!” – Keri Sturm, Social Worker, Miami, Florida (May 14, 2012)

“The promotional brochure promised profound professional training and the presenter delivered! This seminar was well worth my personal funds; time and money well spent. I look forward to reading the manual in more depth.” – Leslie Rohrer, Social Worker/Counselor/Educator, Miami, Florida (May 14, 2012)

“Awesome. Very practical. Fun.” – Kathy Vail, Social Worker, Pensacola, Florida (2.03.11)

“Very educational course. Need to teach in all schools and mental health agencies.” – Richard Dockery, Counselor, Pensacola, Florida (2.03.11)

“Izzy Kalman provided a completely different view of bully prevention. I find his methods amazingly insightful!” – Teacher, Orlando, Florida (3.18.10)

“This seminar gave me a new perspective on bullying. I enjoyed learning techniques for diffusing aggressive behavior. It was a captivating seminar and kept all participants engaged. Role play is very important to acquiring new skills.” – Deborah Gray, Educator, Orlando, Florida (3.18.10)

“This promotes a good tool for mental health. The approach teaches problem solving which will improve self confidence and self-esteem.” – Laura Wells, School Counselor, Orlando, Florida (3.18.10)

“This program needs to be given to the people that control and have power in our schools and are the rule makers -because not everything is a three alarm fire.” – F.A., Social Worker, Orlando, Florida (3.18.10)

“Excellent presentation-very relevant and applicable to school settings.” – Toni Gartrell, Social Worker, Orlando, Florida (3.18.10)

“Great presentation. I have believed this philosophy and am glad that I have more techniques to implement it.” Tammy Michonski, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (3.18.10)

“Excellent presentation, informative and extremely entertaining.” – B.W., Counselor, Tampa, Florida (3.17.10)

“Great seminar. I learned things that I will definitely try to use in my professional and personal relationships.” – Diane Koch, Psychologist, Tampa, Florida (3.17.10)

“Excellent presentation. Very applicable to my work and presented in a manner that is effective and easy to retain. Thank you.” – Ethel Bakke, Counselor, Fort Myers, Florida (3.16.10)

“This was absolutely the best seminar! Intellectually and experientially. He’s exciting, original, informative, fun-you leave with ideas changed, and your own competency in place!” – Wendy Satin-Rapaport, Psychologist, Miami, Florida (3.4.10)

“Finally a true to life approach instead of just politically correct. Thanks for the courage to stand up for morality and teaching children the right thing is to assume responsibility and learn to solve their problems.” – Hilda Suarez, Counselor, Miami, Florida (3.4.10)

“Kalman has a humorous, Woody Allenish approach and style that exemplifies one of his points-to use humor and friendliness to deflect bullying.” – Joanne Kaufman, Psychologist, Miami, Florida (3.4.10)

“It’s amazing how simple the concepts are while being powerful and effective! Can’t wait to try these exercises with clients.” – Daneila Castiblanco, Counselor/Play Therapist, West Palm Beach, Florida (3.3.10)

“Outstanding speaker. Excellent presentation. Articulate. Funny. Keep it up-this perspective is unique, simple and a great way to look at bullying.” – Pamela Fegoras, Social Worker, West Palm Beach, Florida (3.3.10)

“This was, by far, the most helpful bullying seminar I have attended. I can’t wait to take the ideas and activities and apply them at my school.” – Anne Kukurugya, Counselor, West Palm Beach, Florida (3.3.10)

“One of the best bullying seminars I’ve attended, full of great information and strategies..” – Jerome Kukurugya, Counselor, West Palm Beach, Florida (3.3.10)

“The speaker did have such a simple way of showing us how to solve these issues and I feel comfortable using them in the therapeutic setting. I love the fact that many of the principles are about how we relate.” – Callista Scotto, Social Worker, Melbourne, Florida (3.2.10)

“Ideas were different from what I heard before. It made me start to think about how to address the concept of bullying in our society today. There were several ideas I will explore further and determine how they might fit into what I do in the education setting and my personal life.” – Jenean Knight, Educator, Melbourne, Florida (3.2.10)

“This was an enjoyable day. Your humor added a great deal.” – Paula Whiting, Counselor, Fort Myers, Florida (7.22.09)

“As a graduate of the Adler School of Professional Psychology, I was glad to see the orientation of this seminar included Adler’s theory and concepts of my colleagues, Mosak, Corsini, Dreikurs I liked the format of teaching and following the workbook since I am a visual learner and most formats follow only auditory learners. I could ‘see’ what you were ‘saying.’ I liked the demonstration. Well done!” – Mary Caldwell, Counselor/Certified Relationship Specialist, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (7.23.09)

“Izzy is great!” – Ann Russoli, Social Worker/Counselor/Educator, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (7.23.09)

“Very useful training! Izzy was very entertaining, while also being truthful about situations, that can be helpful to us all! Also appreciated involvement of Bible verses and things alluded to, as well as other powerful influences. It was great that it wasn’t all secular psychology.” – Michelle Rusniak, Counselor, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (7.23.09)

“Outstanding! Congratulations! Thanks!” – Magali Franco, Educator/Counselor, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (7.23.09)

“Bravo!! Great concepts. Well communicated and demonstrated. Wonderful utilization of humor and instructor’s personality! Thanks for a nice experience and lots of learning! Cheers!” – Rhiannon Thomas, Psychologist/Neuropsychologist, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (7.23.09)

“This is one of the best seminars I have attended in years! The presenter is very knowledgeable and professional. The seminar has provided me with the necessary understanding to improve the way I relate to others, and a unique and effective approach to help my patients to regain control in their relationship with others.” – Gabriella Pompei, Counselor, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (7.23.09)

“Fantastic seminar! Best in a long time. I will refer other colleagues to Mr. Kalman.” – Alice Cole, Marriage and Family Therapist, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (7.23.09)

“Awesome presentation! I’m surprised therapists are not utilizing these skills as our job is to help people be more aware of how their behaviors affect other people. I utilize the premises of your technique and now realize the importance of utilizing role play to further assist the client. Great sense of humor. Presenter was very comfortable with the topic.” – Dana Freeman, Social Worker, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (7.23.09)

“Exceptional content and delivery. Well researched, innovative, thought-provoking, immediately useful.” – Andrea Myers, Social Worker, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (7.23.09)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the conference presentation. Very good informative workshop. Mr. Izzy has wonderful insight and a unique way of presenting!!” – Jill Kramer, Social Worker, Tampa, Florida (7.21.09)

“Love the song, loved the humor – Agreed with the concepts. Thanks for helping get the word out about the cultural impact of raising kids to feel like they’re entitled victims.” – Mary Brogan, Social Worker, Tampa, Florida (7.21.09)

“I cannot say more about the adequacy of the materials for the training – the materials, subject matters, and presentation are very impressive.” – Daniel Russell, Social Worker/Counselor, Tampa, Florida (7.21.09)

“Came here to learn to deal with my anger issues but feel the methods covered during the seminar will be helpful in teaching youth, in the program I work at, to deal with managing their anger.” – Richard Suggs, Direct Care Staff, Tampa, Florida (7.21.09)

“It was everything I hoped it would be. I have been using Izzy’s website for several years, especially with adolescents. Knowing this concept works well in all walks of life is refreshing. Although I’ve only been working as a therapist for about 5 years. My own personal approach was similar to Izzy’s. I feel validated and encouraged to continue.” – Karl Hoffmann, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (7.20.09)

“The presentation was very informative. I feel what this education will help not only my family and friends but also the clients that I work with. Thanks for the songs, laughs and insight.” – Melanie Bauman, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Orlando, Florida (7.20.09)

“This was a refreshing look at the way anger/bullying (especially) should be handled. Thank you!” – Sandra Billings, Social Worker, Orlando, Florida (7.20.09)

“Speaker extraordinary – please bring him back to Orlando. Presentation was done in ‘plain speak.’ This speaker made me/us feel like he was one of us.” – Raymond Koscho, Social Worker, Orlando, Florida (7.20.09)

“This presenter was excellent in his presentation and presented the course in a unique manner, which kept the audience very attentive.” – Theresa Raymer, Social Worker, Jacksonville, Florida (7.17.09)

“An excellent presenter, well-versed and very enjoyable to convey the info…! I loved the role playing; it made theory visible! Meaningful real life situations were used.” – Barbara G. Stevens, Nurse/Hospital Chaplain, Jacksonville, Florida (7.17.09)

“Different way of viewing anger and bullying. Thought provoking. Excellent presentation.” – Wilhelmenia Howell, Psychologist, Jacksonville, Florida (7.17.09)

“Very well presented! Enjoyed the entire presentation!” – J.M., Counselor/Sex Therapist, Jacksonville, Florida (7.17.09)

“Extremely educational and great material. Thanks so much!” – Becky Koehler, Senior’s Counselor, Jacksonville, Florida (7.17.09)

“Extremely useful and generalizable information and techniques. New and interesting ways to look at age-old problem of anger management.” – Venetia Barksdale, Social Worker, Jacksonville, Florida (7.17.09)

“Izzy, I got my money’s worth! I can absolutely use what you taught today. Very worthwhile, very helpful. I really respect Izzy for some of the examples he gave that showed how he really feels.” – David Modders, Psychologist, Jacksonville, Florida (7.17.09)

“Thank you for confirming techniques we use in our Anger Management program. More so, thank you for teaching the 6 rules and the info that helps to discuss issues as friends as opposed to enemies. Thank you.” – Janet Perry, Educator, Jacksonville, Florida (7.17.09)

“Excellent training! Israel Kalman made it very interesting to learn. I look forward to practicing his tools to control anger in my own life and work. He really ‘hit home’ how to handle anger and improve life and relationships” – Dale Danuff, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (5.23.08)

“What a wonderful seminar! I wish more people had access to Izzy’s perspective on anger and bullying! This seminar is a must for anyone who works with people (and that would be everyone!)” – Kelly Lill, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (5.23.08)

“Very good and easy to understand and apply to real life circumstances.” – Myra Wood, Hospital Chaplain, Emergency Placement, Sexually Abused Children, Orlando, Florida (5.23.08)

“Very refreshing approach to the treatment of anger problems.” – Bob Levesque, Social Worker, Orlando, Florida (5.23.08)

“Thank you for providing such a detailed manual and saving my arm. It allows me to give my attention to material without worrying about getting it down.” – Shane Porter, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (5.23.08)

“Practicing the technique made it easy to understand. I can’t wait to apply this in my life, and teach it to the clients I work with!” – Jennifer Sprague, Social Worker, Tampa, Florida (5.22.08)

“It’s too bad that people taking the seminar don’t understand this model doesn’t work for every client! I get it, thank you! I am a clinical lead of an anger management program for youth. It’s a non-profit agency, and our funders require us to use evidence based curriculum. We teach kids about triggers, anger reducers, etc. I don’t like it! It doesn’t work! I am so excited to learn a different way-please do research with this model to ‘prove’ its effectiveness so more agencies can use it.” – Natalie Keifer, Social Worker, Tampa, Florida (5.22.08)

“Exceptional presenter who is a captivating speaker. Truly enjoyed vignettes humor, and clear material presentation. Would definitely attend another seminar by this instructor! Excited to try newly learned material.” – Carol Hajdinak, Social Worker, Tampa, Florida (5.22.08)

“This was an excellent seminar! Mr. Kalman is engaging and knowledgeable about the subject of anger control. The role plays made the information cogent and meaningful. I learned a lot, and anticipate that the material will assist me professionally and personally.” – Angel Devoe, Counselor, Tampa, Florida (5.22.08)

“Izzy’s presentation was as entertaining as it was informative and skill-engendering. His genuineness as a person models a very high standard for therapist and ‘ordinary citizens’ who aspire to a high level of integration between personal humility and interpersonal savoir-faire.” – Samuel Miller, Counselor, Tampa, Florida (5.22.08)

“The experiential use of role play exercises showed the effectiveness of the learning objectives. I loved seeing it live-it sends the message home.” – Victoria DeLissovoy, Social Worker, Tampa, Florida (5.22.08)

“A personal and professional eye-opener! Dynamic speaker!” – Susan Tulini, Educator/Office Manager, Tampa, Florida (5.22.08)

“Kept my interest. Though-provoking and entertaining.” – Colette St. Andre, Counselor, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (5.21.08)

“A great experience!” – Randee Speciale, Counselor, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (5.21.08)

“Very funny. Easy to pay attention.” – Dianne Matthew, Social Worker, Fort Lauderdale, Florida (5.21.08)

“It was a great seminar and very useful for my work.” – Ethel Talyor, Marriage and Family Therapist/Counselor, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (2.23.07)

“What a wonderful workshop! I can’t wait to try Izzy’s techniques.” – Marsha Flood, Counselor, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (2.23.07)

“Excellent speaker, educational, fun, intelligent. Made me feel inspired about the work I do and impact I can have. Thanks.” – Heath Schur, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (2.23.07)

“Exceptional! Excellent teacher. It was not only theory, application was to be able to demonstrate the technique. Yes, it was complete. I was challenged, motivated and equipped with new tools on this topic. It was being at the movies at the edge of my seat. I love it! I will definitely recommend.” – Wanda Vargas, Marriage and Family Therpist, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (2.23.07)

“Great workshop!” – Dilette Alphonse, Counselor, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (2.23.07)

“Izzy did a great job of making complex issues and concepts seem simple – and provide excellent practical resources for dealing with anger. He presents in a style that seems to channel Woody Allen and Albert Ellis – providing wisdom and humor in his approach.” – Alan Reitman, Counselor, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (2.23.07)

“Excellent seminar. Mr. Kalman is wonderful. I will highly recommend this course to my colleagues.” – Janet Butler, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (2.23.07)

“I was gratefully surprised to be at a seminar that teaches people making them laugh! I though that I was going to be very bored by theories about anger management, but instead I learned by watching Mr. Kalman practice his technique.” – Ana Maria Valderrama, Psychologist, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (2.23.07)

“Thank you! Izzy’s presentation was excellent! I can easily see him on PBS, ala ‘Wayne Dyer,’ except I find Izzy more entertaining and useful! Learned a lot – especially that most all people feel like victims.” – Jennifer Reedy, Psychologist, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (2.23.07)

“Child and Family Psychologists had six mental health professionals present in Ft. Lauderdale, Fl. The information gained from this seminar will be added to our own ‘Branded Bully Busters’ program. Mr. Kalman’s insight, knowledge, and sense of humor is a rare find.” – Dr. Mitch Spero, Psychologist, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (2.23.07)

“I will first start by saying Mr. Izzy should be presenting more often in South Florida. More importantly I found his lecture and skills to be very relevant. The skill he used impress me a lot especially for the Haitian community. Haitians like I am don’t really believe in counseling but I think whenever he comes back to South Florida if I know ahead of time I will invite some of my families (client) even my wife to come and benefit from him.” – Joe Escarment, Counselor/Case Manager, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida (2.23.07)

“This speaker’s teaching style was exciting, humorous, and extremely informative. I almost can’t wait for the next time someone is rude to me so I can practice what I saw working for myself. Witty, realistic, I loved it! Israel C. Kalman, M.S., is the best speaker delivering very well the most helpful information a person can receive!” – Jynnifer Brock, Social Worker/Advocate, Ft. Myers, Florida (2.22.07)

“Brave man to take on controversial ‘Politically Correct’ biases and debunk them. Reminded me that talk is just talk, and we are all with the same vulnerabilities. Workshop really made me think. Excellent job!” – Susan Earle, Social Worker, Ft. Myers, Florida (2.22.07)

“Very thought-provoking! A great alternative to the overworked victim-abuser model of anger management. I will use this technique in my life and in my practice.” – Patricia Burkett, Psychologist, Tampa, Florida (2.21.07)

“You put in concise terms and compact sentences what others take volumes to say. You should have quoted the Phyllis Diller quote!” – Ronnie Ankney, Case Manager, Tampa, Florida (2.21.07)

“For years I’ve come out of Spouse Abuse workshops angry. Half of the story was told. It is awful that people get abused. But not empowering the victim to figure out his/her responsibility in this is equally abusive. For once someone has done it right. I would highly recommend Izzy Kalman’s workshop for parents, therapists, teachers, diplomats, or anyone dealing with dysfunctional systems. Besides, I’ve always been a Woody Allen fan.” – Christophr Curtler, Counselor/Social Worker/Marriage and Family Therapist, Tampa, Florida (2.21.07)

“This has been the most helpful workshop I’ve attended yet. I will definitely use these techniques.” – Nancy Congleton, Counselor, Tampa, Florida (2.21.07)

“Intelligent, interactive, serious, humorous, insightful! Thanks for a new perspective and strategies.” – Norma Barnes, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Certified Employee Assistance Professional, Tampa, Florida (2.21.07)

“I gained a whole new perspective to Anger Management. I realized that I can demonstrate anger management as well as explain anger management.” – Paul Bock, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Orlando, Florida (2.20.07)

“Mr. Izzy is a bloody genius! He is teaching what I have felt to be true for so long. This was by far the very best Cross Country Education seminar I have attended ever. The content was informational, and I feel will truly benefit me in my personal and professional life. I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to attend this. To be honest, I had every intention of leaving at lunch time, but the material and instructor were so great I couldn’t bring myself to leave!!” – Holly Sharlow, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (2.20.07)

“Izzy is knowledgeable, entertaining and relevant to what is happening in our culture today.” – Antonia Rapinesi, Social Worker, Orlando, Florida (2.20.07)

“Excellent and timely topic and very well presented. Interesting to consider what impact this might have as a diplomatic/peace-making technique.” – Michael Barnett, Social Worker, Orlando, Florida (2.20.07)

“I came primarily for the CEUs expecting to hear the ‘same old thing’ about anger management. I was pleasantly surprised that I learned a lot and plan to use it in my practice.” – Roger Shepherd, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (2.20.07)

“The idea that by punishing bullies (abusers, aggressors) we do not solve or resolve ‘problems’ is refreshing. Today’s schools are not producing children who will be able to compete in business, college, world or cope with daily problems of living. Maybe we as educators, parents, legislature are doing more harm than good when we don’t teach children or adults to ‘overcome.’ I believe Mr. Kalman’s techniques offer a chance to make our children stronger and guarantee their future as leaders.” – Patricia Deslauriers, Counselor, Melbourne, Florida (2.19.07)

“Very clear presentation with practical applications. Experiential learning was relevant fun and effectual. As a humanistic psychologist, I could relate to the presenter.” – Betty McGuigan, Psychologist, Melbourne, Florida (2.19.07)

“Mr. Kalman did a wonderful job presenting an easy and effective way ofteaching kids and adults alike how to turn anger around.” – Laura Nilse, Psychologist, Jacksonville, Florida (1.25.07)

“I’ve been attempting to teach students this theory for years. Nice to have an active approach to use with them to try to make it ‘real.’” – Laura Barkett, Counselor, NBCC, Jacksonville, Florida (1.25.07)

“Thank you for presenting the creationist theory as well as the evolutionary theory in explaining human nature. I felt the information was applicable because it also made sense in looking at it from my world-view as well – I appreciate you taking that into account.” – Jocelyn Goldblatt, School Psychologist, Jacksonville, Florida (1.25.07)

“Great presentation. Role plays extremely helpful. I have utilized web site material but having the workshop helped to increase my level of understanding of ‘the game.’” – Belinda Butler, Counselor, Jacksonville, Florida (1.25.07)

“The instructor was very passionate and enthusiastic about his seminar. He made use of all the time. The content was good. I like the new concepts or maybe a new way of presenting old concepts. Taking responsibility for one’s own feelings not a new conepts but maybe one that unfortunately doesn’t seem to be in vogue any longer. Thanks. “ – Donna Everett, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Social Worker, Jacksonville, Florida (1.25.07)

“Great presentation. Role plays extremely helpful. I have utilized web site material but having the workshop helped to increase my level of understanding of ‘the game.’” – Belinda Butler, Counselor, Jacksonville, Florida (1.25.07)

“The instructor was very passionate and enthusiastic about his seminar. He made use of all the time. The content was good. I like the new concepts or maybe a new way of presenting old concepts. Taking responsibility for one’s own feelings not a new concepts but maybe one that unfortunately doesn’t seem to be in vogue any longer. Thanks. “ – Donna Everett, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Social Worker, Jacksonville, Florida (1.25.07)

“Great seminar! These are simple but profound theories. Izzy did a great job presenting them.” – Bobby Ankenbauer, Houseparent, Pensacola, Florida(1.23.07)

“Excellent! In one day, I discovered this framework that made sense of my clinical beliefs and gave me a clearer method to apply them!” – Sally King, Counselor, Pensacola, Florida (1.23.07)

“This is a refreshing approach. I look forward to using it!” – Amy Armstrong, Counselor/Activity Professional, Pensacola, Florida (1.23.07)

“I really enjoyed the seminar. I feel equipped to go back to my school and work with my students either individually or in groups.” – Lori Brinkley, Counselor, Tallahassee, Florida (1.24.07)

“Izzy was delightful, refreshing, and an effective teacher. I enjoyed his sense of humor and honesty in the seminar.” – Joy Bennink, Counselor, Tallahassee, Florida (1.24.07)

“I believe this is a new and great attribute to the drug and alcohol addiction treatment field. I am impressed with the approach and solution and will implement it in my program.” – Dudley Thomas, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Tallahassee, Florida (1.24.07)

“What an amazing way to look at Bully/Victim relationships. It makes so much sense but is certainly not what we’re hearing in schools.” – Julie Frederickson, Educator, Tallahassee, Florida (5.16.06)

“As an assistant principal I deal with problems between students on a daily basis. Over the years I have noticed that adults often unwittingly cause and escalation of an incident resulting in aggression between students. Teaching students how not to be victims definitely has a more effective impact on reducing aggressive behavior than trying to police individual behavior.” – C.W., Educator, Tallahassee, Florida (5.16.06)

“A paradigm shift in understanding bullies…the reason behind the reason, behind the reason, behind the reason…” – Alice Garver, Counselor/Educator, Tallahassee, Florida (5.16.06)

“It’s an important issue and I do believe teachers should receive education in college instruction. Many students are sent to the office because teachers are untrained and uninformed. Adults do exacerbate the problem. Seminar was thought provoking and I will use these techniques and strategies in my profession as elementary counselor.” – Lisa Green, Counselor, Tallahassee, Florida (5.16.06)

“I have never attended a seminar which made us think, embracing a very different approach to bullying. I would register to hear this speaker again if he is in Florida. Sometimes he sounds like Woody Allen in his role plays. You’re wrong about cursing. I take out my phone and to call their mothers. They never say it is okay. I support the parents.” – Larry Murray, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (3.10.06)

“I’m not sure that I agree with all of his ideas. However, his theory is well thought out and interesting. I appreciate his thought provoking seminar. His presentation style is excellent and the material is very thorough and organized.” – Mercedes McGowan, Psychologist, Jacksonville, Florida (5.17.06)

“This is the best professional seminar I have attended. I’m leaving with great tools to use with children in the social skills group I facilitate. Additionally, these tools and perspectives are valuable to use in other areas of my life. Thank you for the refreshing, innovative way of looking at this issue.” – June Matthews, Social Worker, Orlando, Florida (3.10.06)

“Very important information. It is refreshing to hear someone so willing to ‘color outside the lines’.” – Gail Hencken, Counselor/Educator/Nurse, Orlando, Florida (3.10.06)

“Izzy is very knowledgeable and really understands kids needs. He has opened my eyes about what I’ve been doing to increase my own kids aggressiveness. I can’t wait to try the techniques at home and at church.” – Laurie Erskine, Youth Leader, Orlando, Florida (3.10.06)

“Excellent presentation. Gives practical approach and rational perspective to a problem that others have only politicized.” – Michael Spencer, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (3.10.06)

“Great! Common sense for dealing with bully-victim topic! I’ve been telling my school this same ‘stuff’ instead of other bully platforms! Thanks.” – Sheila Duren, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (3.10.06)

“This was absolutely wonderful! Too bad educators are reluctant to listen to you.” – Belinda Newcomer, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (3.10.06)

“This is one of the best seminars I have attended ever. I feel validated in that I have used these principles for years to raise my own kids (raised them myself). It is very usable material. I refer to this to patients as ‘disarming’ (taking water out of their gun).” – Sharon May, Counselor/Nurse, Orlando, Florida (3.10.06)

“Totally amazing!! Izzy Kalman is an informative and entertaining presenter!! Bullies to Buddies is the best seminar I have been to yet!! What an asset to Cross Country University!! Thank you.” – Kelly Lill, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (3.10.06)

“Workbook is outstanding! It’s extremely helpful to have so much in depth information as a take home resource!” – Susan Ziegler Urtz, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (3.10.06)

“I am going to try these techniques in my classroom. They are definitely revolutionary ideas, not the usual stereotypes about go to deal with bullying. I really did not like the last demonstration. It was too much. It dragged on and I didn’t like all the arguing. As adults we could get the point without the overkill. I had a hard time concentrating at the end.” – Olina Reynolds, Educator, Orlando, Florida (3.10.06)

“I have a strong background in Behavior Analysis and found this seminar refreshing, validating and right on!!” – Forrest Samnik, Social Worker/Behavioral Consultant, Tampa, Florida (3.9.06)

“Great course! Presented well!” – Leslie Itani, Engineer, Tampa, Florida (3.9.06)

“I love the two Magic Responses. I’m going to use your book – specifically the role plays with the Middle School girls and boys at my school. This quarter I’m teaching social skills for 5th graders and I’m going to use Izzy’s book! Thanks!” – Anita Wash-Morrow, Counselor/Social Worker, Tampa, Florida (3.9.06)

“The seminar was excellent. Mr. Kalman seems very experienced in his field. I loved the skills that I will be able to implement. Definitely tools that I could use not only in the school I work with but through life.” – Jaysa Siliceo, Educator/Youth Leader, Miami, Florida (3.6.06)

“Excellent. The information was solid and the techniques, I know, will be useful in my practice. It’s refreshing to attend a conference this worthwhile.” – Tina Montalvo, Marriage and Family Therapist, West Palm Beach, Florida (3.7.06)

“A witty, insightful common sense approach to ‘man’s’ primitive nature and a way to integrate this with a civilized world whether that world is a school or family.” – Beth Messina, Counselor, West Palm Beach, Florida (3.7.06)

“A paradigm shift that is necessary to the survival of schools and families. Listen to it!” – Gregory Golden, Psychologist, West Palm Beach, Florida (3.7.06)

“The role-playing game was awesome.” – Joan McDonald, Nurse Practitioner, Tampa, Florida (6.9.05)

“Seminar was down to earth, realistic approaches to handling anger, and teaching effective ways to handle the unpleasantness anger brings about. Mr. Kalman is knowledgeable about his approach, convincing, and sensible in his expectations of humans. I have thoroughly enjoyed this ‘entire’ workshop.” – Lynette Davis, Tampa, Florida (6.9.05)

“The speaker was knowledgeable, and kept my attention. The use of role play was very helpful. I am going to use it with my anger management group. I could visualize this technique being useful with children.” – Tricia Mazurowksi, Counselor, Tampa, Florida (6.9.05)

“Role plays were very helpful. Incite on humor was enlightening and beneficial. I saw a totally different side of teasing. Mr. Kalman was very funny and down-to-earth.” – Maida LaSalle, Educator, Tampa, Florida (6.9.05)

“Outstanding. Very helpful. Excellent practical tools. Very entertaining. Thank you so much!” – Dr. Elizabeth Fisher, Psychologist, Tampa, Florida (6.9.05)

“I honestly feel that I could possibly turn around a precedent that has been set in my family for decades. I am very excited to use the role-play game with my court Anger Management kids.” – Maria Lodge, Counselor/Activity Professional/Office Manager, Tampa, Florida (6.9.05)

“By far the best seminar I’ve ever attended! I wish I would have been taught these things much earlier in my career. I look forward to sharing the information with my coworkers; although I know I will not be able to be nearly as effective. I can finally say, ‘It was worth the money!’ Great presenter, very relevant information” – Steve Weaver, Social Worker, Tampa, Florida (6.9.05)

“I have attended four Cross Country seminars (and others). This was the BEST! Izzy has a practical, straightforward approach that challenges. Excellent! By the way, his song was hysterical, and so true!” – Jacqueline Malone, Social Worker, Tampa, Florida (6.9.05)

“The room was too chilly! Izzy was extremely interesting and knowledgeable! I enjoyed this seminar very much. I can use it in my personal and professional life.” – Kimberly Brown, Counselor, Tampa, Florida (6.9.05)

“This seminar was informative and was a refreshing view of anger control. I found it esy to understand and incorporate it into my anger management group and individual therapy.” – Amber Cramer, Counselor/Social Worker, Tampa, Florida (6.9.05)

“One of the best Cross Country seminar I have attended thus far. Very organized and helpful information.” – Chelle Lamb, Social Worker, Tampa, Florida (6.9.05)

“I am a 20 year veteran of social work practice and training. This workshop/training is one of the most useful and practical I have attended. The interconnection between cognitive psychology, anthropology and wisdom is excellent and excellence.” – Kristin Geeslin, Educator, Tampa, Florida (6.9.05)

“Content of subject matters are excellent. Instructor’s knowledge of subject is impressive. Class participation in role playing enhance presentation and kept class interest up.” – Wilfredo Loriezo, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (6.8.05)

“As a practicing civil/consulting engineer and a trained counselor for abortive men, this was a great course. Anger is the greatest challenge for men in abortion recovery. This class would be great for (required) all people.” Dane Wren, Counselor/Civil Engineer, Orlando, Florida (6.8.05)

“Difficult subject to teach because it runs contrary to conventional teaching/wisdom. Interesting, however, provocative and worth examining in greater depth. Have some difficulty applying it to domestic violence situations but could see its utility in marital therapy.” – Cynthia Dana Cekauskas, Social Worker, Orlando, Florida (6.8.05)

“Thanks so much! I am a supervisor and therapist (2 positions) in Therapeutic Group Home for adolescent boys. Two of my staff have been with me today. We are very enthusiastic about the prospect of using your game in an anger group. Also, there are wonderful techniques for milieu and for individual and family therapy. We appreciate your course! P.L.F., Counselor, Orlando, Florida (6.8.05)

“Wonderful!!” – Jilda A. Dorio-Capobianco, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (6.8.05)

“Izzy is excellent presenter. He is funny, serious, and informative. There is much info to be shared in 1 day – the volunteer participation helps with teaching methods (provides variety. Much of this is ‘common sense’ in diffusing anger – the patters are the same. Enjoyable seminar. He is also handsome. See ya at next seminar I need. Oh! The singing was great!” – Jodie Gay, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (6.8.05)

“You made prefect sense! It appeared that a few people were still stuck in the idea of taking responsibility for his/her part in the situation make him/her weak – but it’s the complete opposite – it is showing you are in complete control! Great job! I do feel we all need to practice ‘I messages’. I wish I had a video for my anger management group!” – Cindy Hull, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (6.8.05)

“Izzy was not only informative, but also very interesting. Many points will be able to be used in my field, working with at-risk youth and their parents.” – Shawn Girton, Educator, Orlando, Florida (6.8.05)

“I agree with most things Izzy presented. Laughter can be healing, but generally speaking, when we make fun of each other, there is a smigion of truth. The ability to handle the truth about ourselves is where Anger Mgt. begins. Teaching that skill would be key to our success as educators. Program is provocative and very well presented. Would like to see it slanted to educators.” – Rick Calkins, Educator, Deltona, Florida (6.7.05)

“Excellent workshop! Very insightful. Only change is your understanding of the author of the Golden Rule. Jesus. Read John 1:1, 2, &13, 14 in the original text (Greek) of KJV. ‘The word was made flesh and dwelt among us.’ He was the beginning. I very much enjoyed your knowledge on anger and look forward to receiving your newsletter. Thank you.” – Aaron Diedricus, Educator, Deltona, Florida (6.7.05)

“First seminar where the benefits of humor were so thoroughly addressed. It was great! Keep up the good job, Izzy!” – Colette Ott, School Administrator, Fort Meyers, Florida (6.02.05)

“Mr. Kalman was an excellent presenter on this subject on anger control. As he presented his techniques they proved to be effective in the control of anger. I am anxious to try Mr. Kalman’s strategies at work, in social situations, and at home.” Barbar Mink, Counselor, Fort Meyers, Florida (6.02.05)

“In the beginning, I could not follow along but the instructor reeled me right in. The training was informative and interactive. Thank you.” Michelle Kimmie, Counselor, Fort Meyers, Florida (6.02.05)

“Great presentation of valuable and readily applicable information for dealing with anger! It’s a fresh and fun approach!!” – Patrick Kerr, Social Worker, West Palm Beach, Florida (6.1.05)

“Wonderful, life-changing information! Thank you! I can’t wait to try this on my marriage relationship. This was easily understandable, applicable information.” Randi McFarland, Counselor, West Palm Beach, Florida (6.1.05)

“Mr. Kalman’s approach keeps clients in the present and is doable in today’s managed care, brief therapy environment. He linked the Golden Rule with psychology and gave the therapist steps to achieve it. It has been a day well spent. Thank you. P.S. This is simple but not easy. I can see why I need practice.” – Blanche Wells, Counselor, West Palm Beach, Florida (6.1.05)

“Wonderful, brilliant. Thank you for not always being politically correct. A breath of fresh air. A useful and very practical approach built upon a very sound philosophy of life and persuasive logic. Not only a way of dealing with anger, but an effective and optimistic way to live. This is not just CBT or RET, but a precision use of these methods.” – Charles P. Wanio, Marriage and Family Therapist, West Palm Beach, Florida (6.1.05)

“Speaker presents information in a manner that is easy to understand and apply. I was glad to hear more about intervention/application rather than topic background and theories.” – Madelin Westerfeld,  Psychologist, West Palm Beach, Florida (6.1.05)

“Excellent topic; relevant for personal, professional and political use. A powerful tool for individual and world conflict resolution leading to peace; quality of life improvement.” – Dawna Bone, Psychologist, West Palm Beach, Florida (6.1.05)

“Excellent presentation of an alternative view of anger control. At times, it was somewhat difficult to follow the instructor, as he speaks quite rapidly.” – Jeffrey Nelson, Counselor, West Palm Beach, Florida (6.1.05)

“I wish someone would do this workshop in schools. Start in elementary. Our society is becoming too easily insulted and sue happy.” – Martha Fenimore, Social Worker, West Palm Beach, Florida (6.1.05)

“Very informative and practical for therapy with difficult adults and children.” – Dr. Luis Hines, Counselor, Miami, Florida (5.31.05)

“Use of very basic techniques and non-jargon approach – great! Very useful to all groups.” Angel Kemmer, Counselor, Miami, Florida (5.31.05)

“Excellent material and presentation!” – Patrick Lindsay, Social Worker, Miami, Florida (5.31.05)

“Izzy was great!” – Daniel Resnick, Counselor, Miami, Florida (5.31.05)

“Very good presentation, and I’ve learned more about anger, fear and how to combat it in a positive way. Thanks a lot!” – Geraldine Bowers, Social Worker, Jacksonville, Florida (5.26.05)

“The facilitator was very excellent and encouraging to me. Made me understand more about anger management. And yes everybody does have some kind of anger but the most important thing is controlling your anger. Facilitator is funny in his own ways. That way made it more interesting and this seminar was very enhancing. Thank you.” – Christina Alaniz, Social Worker/ Counselor/ Educator, Gainesville, Florida (5.25.05)

“Well done – gives a different perspective on anger management.” – Susan Addis, Psychologist, Gainesville, Florida (5.25.05)

“I really enjoyed the seminar and will highly recommend it to others in the school counseling field.” – Amy Grier, Counselor, Tallahassee, Florida (5.24.05)

“Woody Allen and Albert Ellis all in one… practical, real, useful, and fun!” – Sharon Evans, Psychologist/Counselor, Tallahassee, Florida (5.24.05)

“Loved presenter’s sense of humor. Good material but so radically different – makes so much sense to not make laws to control feelings or deny freedom of speech.” – H.M., School Psychologist, Tallahassee, Florida (5.24.05)

“Excellent. Tied it all together. Appreciated the biological, evolutionary, and anthropological examples and explanations, which were right on. Presenter was clear, concise, and funny.” – N.C., Social Worker/Counselor, Tallahassee, Florida (5.24.05)

“One of the best seminars I have ever been to. Very entertaining and practical. I will certainly use this in my practice and my life.” – Leslie Cude, Social Worker, Tallahassee, Florida (5.24.05)

“I think it is good for us to hear about the value and privilege of freedom of speech. I really liked your demonstrations, your courage in singing. You are best when your personality comes through as you ‘warm up’. Good job using Jesus’ principles with respect.” – JoAnn Alexander, PhD, Tampa, FL ( 7.9.04)

“Please disregard and negative evaluations – this was a breath of fresh air. Practical, useful – dynamic – would have fewer wars.” – Renee Gillombardo, Marriage Therapist, Tampa, FL (7.9.04)

“Today was an unexpectedly informative and useful presentation – one I will use in my private practice as a teaching device for them and a constant reminder for me, as a human being involved with other human beings who don’t know they are out of the jungle. Thank you!” – Dr. Jon Mundorff, Psychologist, Tampa, FL (7.9.04)

“Mr. Kalman provided outstanding examples using role-modeling to demonstrate the techniques he was teaching – exceptionally good instructor.” Laurel Peterson, Therapist, Ft. Myers, FL (7.8.04)

“Fantastic speaker!! Overall an excellent presentation – very practical information. It kept my interest throughout the day – would have liked 7-8 hour presentation (versus 6).” Linda Alexander, PsyD, Ft. Myers, FL (7.8.04)

“I teach students (mid and high school as well as adults) anger management. My curricula are opposite from your. Also, I fail to impart skills as much as I want. You have inspired much thought about how to do this better.” – Kathy Brown, Therapist, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (7.7.04)

“Lots of good practical information. I’ve done similar attempts to void the anger but this is better – more focused and consistent.” – Dr. Barbara Simmonds, Psychologist, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (7.7.04)

“This is a new approach for me for anger control – I am anxious to try it at my center.: – Barbara Woods-Blair, Director, Pace Center for Girls, Ft. Lauderdale, FL (7.7.04)

“Very profound yet so simplistic – I can’t wait to use this technique with my ‘angry’ clients. Thanks for such an entertaining and fun seminar. Izzy you’re great!!” – Denise Rivet-Glamuzina, Therapist, Melbourne, Florida (7.1.04)

“The game seems like a powerful therapy tool – I’m eager to try it.” – Claire Peffer, Social Worker, Melbourne, Florida (7.1.04)

“Excellent presentation, very humorous yet contains a lot of wisdom. Easy to apply, very clear, logical and deceptively ‘simple’.” – Carol Steele, Prevention Specialist, Orlando, Florida (6.30.04)

“Appreciated the presenter’s song and his courage to sing it to us. Very knowledgeable and interesting. Enjoyed his offering of humor. Well prepared.” – Lili Presh, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (6.30.04)

“This program teaches real, effective, and easy change which will benefit me in many aspects.” – Errick Snelling, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (6.30.04)

“Different angle to engage people in dealing with anger rather than complaining. Quick way to practice with clients.” – Andrea West, Counselor, Orlando, Florida (6.30.04)

“Incredibly relevant to the professional counseling workplace. Much was learned.” – Megan Sullivan, Daytona Beach, Florida (6.29.04)

“I enjoyed the sociobiological approach. I appreciated the effort put into the course materials. I thought the references at the end were helpful.” – Kathleen Kouis, Counselor, Daytona Beach, Florida (6.29.04)

I attended your workshop in Maitland FL.  It was wonderful to attend a seminar where I learned how to do what the instructor was teaching.  Izzy was able to demonstrate his skills when a student began to bully him. It worked, just as he said.  I have used the workbook with a teen who is  bullied by her mother. She enjoyed that section because of the humor mixed in with the reality.  Asked an eleven year old to purchase the book and she did. Am waiting for some feedback on that. Phyllis Wesley, LMHC

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