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Connecticut Seminar Testimonials

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“Dynamic – interesting – validating – a return to common sense and reality-based human behavior and interaction. Practical, useful information presented clearly and dramatically by an expert whose no BS approach is very accessible.” – Patricia Rivers, Counselor, Hartford, Connecticut (8.05.10)

“Izzy is disarmingly honest and down-to-earth. He teaches from his own life experiences.” – Soffia Jonsdottir, Social Worker, Hartford, Connecticut (8.05.10)

“After many years of ‘bullying’ trainings, I finally found one that supported my belief that we’ve needed to focus on ‘sticks and stones…’ and the Golden Rule for both bully and victim. Thanks!!” – LouAnn Krebs, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Hartford, Connecticut, (6.11.09)

“Great presentation. Great course. The presenter really caused me to think. Also, practical application of anti-bullying strategies/role plays/counseling and other insights were taught.” – Jason Ravizza, Counselor/Social Worker, Hartford, Connecticut, (6.11.09)

“Enlightening. Thank you. It’s been a long time since I’ve been exposed to new information. Unfortunate that the workshop wasn’t attended by lawmakers and administrators.” – Sam Roberson, Counselor, Hartford, Connecticut, (6.11.09)

“This was a whole new approach to bullying in that we were taught not to overact to bullying (the bully) and to focus on support of the victim.” – Mary Pouliot, Social Worker, Hartford, Connecticut, (6.11.09)

“Izzy’s recommendations are the answers to ‘How shall we then live?’ Why have we strayed so far in the other direction?” – Wendy Parley, Counselor, Hartford, Connecticut, (6.11.09)

“An excellent program! Makes perfect sense. Izzy – you rock!” – Andrea Fisher, Educator, Hartford, Connecticut, (6.11.09)

“Seminar was well calculated with role play for emphasis, humor for interest, and great deal of wisdom. The time flew by.” – Mark Bonsignore, Counselor, Hartford, Connecticut (1.23.08)

“Energizing, inspiring, practical, wise, down to earth, helpful and very user-friendly.” – Norman Skorstad, Counselor, Hartford, Connecticut (1.23.08)

“I thought the presentation was fantastic, new information, practical, concise, and demonstrably applicable. I believe I will be using some of the techniques.” – Raul Avila, Counselor/Agency Director, Hartford, Connecticut (1.23.08)

“Izzy Kalman is one of the best mental health workshop leaders I’ve met. He is the only presenter I signed up for twice.” – Joseph Cheperon, Psychologist, Hartford, Connecticut (1.23.08)

“Thank you so much for this seminar! It will be helpful in my work with clients but also at home. I agree with the information and will implement quickly.” – Kathleen McCarthy, Social Worker, Hartford, Connecticut (1.23.08)

“I use Izzy’s social/emotional teachings with the children I work with – effectively.” – Eric Doyle, Social Worker/Counselor/Educator, Hartford, Connecticut (1.23.08)

“God bless Izzy Kalman.” – Richard Bennick, Social Worker, Hartford, Connecticut (1.23.08)

“I’ve been to your presentation before. You only get better over time! Never a disappointment.” – Denise Gagnier, Nurse/Social Worker, Hartford, Connecticut (1.23.08)

“Very down-to-earth approach to conflict resolution. I believe the best application of this approach would be through group work as it can challenge current cultural responses to triggers for conflict.” – Geoffrey Genser, Social Worker, Hartford, Connecticut (1.23.08)

“The presenter was very well prepared, thoroughly knowledgeable about material. Entertaining, clear presentation. The information will be useful I my own practice! Thank you.” – Simone Dion, Counselor, Hartford, Connecticut (1.23.08)

“I found the seminar enjoyable – was great to see a truly more client centered practice of empowering clients to make changes.” – Christine Godfrey, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Hartford, Connecticut (1.23.08)

“Practical suggestions/interventions I can use as a teacher. Thanks!” -Francesca Tulski, Educator, Hartford, Connecticut (12.21.05)

“This is great! Definitely back to basics, but what we need to hear if we truly want to help our children and ourselves.” – Michelle Ellis, Social Worker, Hartford, Connecticut (12.21.05)

“I feel like I’m walking away with some specific techniques to use in bullying situations. Presenter has an excellent understanding of dynamics of children. I’ve never seen bullying looked at in such a comprehensive framework.” – Sherry Lewton, Social Worker, Hartford, Connecticut (12.21.05)

“Attempting to change the ‘culture of thinking’ in schools regarding bullying is a very hard sell. That being said, I agree with you 100%. Sometimes I feel that parents/teachers/providers enable victims to continue to be victims because they fail to empower the victim to make a change themselves.” – Colin Daly, Counselor, Hartford, Connecticut (12.21.05)

“You should present at our school. You should present at the Dr. Phil Show.” – Suzanne Gregory, Counselor, Hartford, Connecticut (12.21.05)

“Definitely food for thought. Interesting, simple techniques to use with students. Said it like it is!” – Anne Wernau, Educator, Hartford, Connecticut (12.21.05)

“Participating in a role play was very helpful in experiencing the effects of different ways of turning bullies into buddies. This approach provides a completely new perspective for solving relationship problems. I like the section on learning to use humor. I haven’t seen it anywhere else.” – Roberta Paro, Teacher, Hartford, Connecticut (12.21.05)

“Thank you for the fresh new point of view! I can’t wait to try it out!” – Heather Brindisi, Social Worker, Hartford, Connecticut (12.21.05)

“I love throwing ‘curve balls’ at the teens I work with. I look forward to adding it to my bag of tricks.” – LeAnne Alley, Crisis Worker, Hartford, CT (3.3.05)

“I had a great time. Very entertaining. Will attempt to apply concepts personally and professionally.” – Hope Schreer, Psychologist, Hartford, CT (3.3.05)

“A different and more logical way of looking at bullying and anger than I have seen presented. Thanks.” – Al Alminas, Adjustment Counselor, Hartford, CT (3.3.05)

“Very good mix of lecture, humor and role-play. Focus is on methodology instead of trying to pack too much into one day like may seminars do. Also haven’t heard a presenter sing since hearing Albert Ellis. Izzy is funnier than Ellis.” – Allen Longendyke, Employee Relations Manager, Foxwood Resort Casino, Hartford, CT (3.3.05)

“Izzy’s presentation was fun, interesting and informative. High point was the musical interlude – While Izzy is far from being the great Jolson, the lyrics are most amusing.” – Demetrios Kostas, Social Worker, Hartford, CT (3.3.05)

“I thought the seminar was enlightening in this overly politically correct world.” – Jill Russo, PFP, Hartford, CT (3.3.05)

“The presenter had a wonderful ability to change the perspective of various conflict issues to humor and harmony.” – Deborah D. Brown, Guidance Counselor, Hartford, CT (3.3.05)

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