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California Seminar Testimonials

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“Very informative. Out of the box thinking, and it works. This is my second time to attend Mr. Kalman’s seminar.” – Rhonda Pemberton, Social Worker, Knoxville, Tennessee (07.31.13)

“Very thought provoking!” – Bennie H. Ray, Nurse/Counselor, Johnson City, Tennessee (07.30.13)

“Very good presentation on using effective ways for teaching anger control in youth and adults.” – Vickie Harris, Counselor, Johnson City, Tennessee (07.30.13)

“Since I had attended before, this was reinforced–relevant–sticks better! My grandparents’ wisdom really does still work! Sticks and stones, Golden Rule, Freedom of Speech.” – Victoria Amos, Social Worker, Johnson City, Tennessee (07.30.13)

“I learned a great deal!! This was a life changing and challenging seminar. It will help me and countless others that I will deal with years to come.” – Thomas Puckett, Counselor/Social Worker/Minister/ Nursing Home Administrator, Asheville, North Carolina (07.29.13)

“Good integration of behavioral and psychodynamic traditions. Good exposure to understanding underlying mechanisms of anger. Enjoyed presenter’s use of interactive techniques to both examine and experience principles and ideas.” – Will Ray, Clinical Coordinator, Caring for Children, Asheville, North Carolina (07.29.13)

“This is great information to incorporate into my work with people regarding relationships.” – Lisa Wolfe, Counselor, Asheville, North Carolina (07.29.13)“Very articulate and energetic presenter. Keeps you interested and engaged. Thoughtful and provocative.” – Philip Ramsey, Marriage and Family Therapist, Asheville, North Carolina (07.29.13)

“A very clear, well-organized, well-formulated presentation of effective techniques for controlling anger.” – Jacqueline Donnelly, Psychologist, Asheville, North Carolina (07.29.13)

“Enjoyed presenter; very charismatic and had knowledge of the topic.” – Ceth Moore, Case Manager, Fresno, California (7.18.13)

“Very practical for my work with children, teens, adults and couples.” – Virginia Bergstrom, Marriage and Family Therapist, Fresno, California (7.18.13)

“The material wasn’t new information, but the instructor provided education on the best utilization, how to think out of the box and to be creative with responses to other. Wonderful seminar.” – Iris DeYoung, Social Worker, Fresno, California (7.18.13)

“I learned a lot. Much of the content of what we learn to teach our clients in therapy is turned on its ear. A fresh look.” – Kimberly Jackson-Massaro, Social Worker, Fresno, California (7.18.13)

“I learned a lot! More than I anticipated. Wish it was longer. Thank you, and so refreshing to hear your ideas and theories. Will you have a part II?” – Diana Sehnal, Social Worker, Fresno, California (7.18.13)

“The presentation helps me organize concepts that have muddled in my brain for a while and can now be clarified.” – Larry Ferguson, Psychologist, Fresno, California (7.18.13)

“I feel I already knew a lot of this but this really helped shift my perspective of anger, which will influence my clinical intervention. Izzy is a really talented and engaging instructor. I really appreciate his style and perspective.” – Anne Perry, Psychologist, San Jose, California (7.17.13)

“I learned a lot of things different from my previous knowledge about anger control, but more useful.” – Azra Cerkez, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, San Jose, California (7.17.13)

“A totally new approach to psychology that I totally agree with. Wonderfully refreshing.” – Emily Perrotta, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Jose, California (7.17.13)

“I feel that I have learned a great deal about working with clients of all ages who have problems with anger, and also bullying or being bullies. The presenter was very knowledgeable and engaging. Very good presentation.” – Dean Abramson, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco, California (7.15.13)

“Excellent. After 31 years of being in private practice, I got inspired how to work differently with angry clients.” – Gabriele Hilberg, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco, California (7.15.13)

“Have successfully used Kalman’s Bully materials for years. Good review! Highly useful for family and marital counseling.” – Susan Dupree, Psychologist, San Francisco, California (7.15.13)

“Very helpful for both kids and adults.” – Marian Ellette, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco, California (7.15.13)

“Very relevant to my profession and my personal life.” – Cheryl Wantland, Social Worker, Santa Rosa, California (7.12.13)

“Entertaining and educational. Keeps the audience entertained with his humor and involved with role play. Will definitely take this back to my office.” – Sarah Chavez, Probation Officer, Santa Rosa, California (7.12.13)

“I appreciated the simplicity as well as the bottom line approach!” – Xochiet Martinez, Marriage and Family Therapist/Nurse Practitioner/Spritual Advisor, Santa Rosa, California (7.12.13)

“A lot of excellent material. Very simplistic but makes perfect sense and useful. Excellent seminar and excellent presentation. Great sense of humor.” – Mary Dinerman, Psychologist, Berkeley, California (7.11.13)

“This was an A+ day–one of the most excellent courses I’ve taken in the last 20 years.” – Mary Harper, Psychologist/Occupational Therapist/Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Berkeley, California (7.11.13)

“Anger from bullying and anger in marriage was elucidated and made easier to deal with and help clients. The demonstrations using audience as actors works really well for speaker to illustrate points.” – Gabrielle Grossman, Psychologist, Berkeley, California (7.11.13)

“A refreshing approach to anger management, well thought out and clearly demonstrated.” – Robert Geertsma, Psychologist, Sacramento, California (7.10.13)

“A crucial subject that affects all people! A thought provoking and stimulating lecture that all can learn from.” – Michael Barnett, Project Manager, Sacramento, California (7.10.13)

“I learned simple yet effective techniques to promote change in relationships and increase interpersonal harmony. I appreciate the wisdom and experience offered by the presenter. His techniques are simple, yet profound. I am looking forward to applying them in my own relationships and with clients I work with.” – Debbie Royer, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sacramento, California (7.10.13)

“Good job! A new perspective on a long time problem!” – Patricia Temple, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sacramento, California (7.10.13)

“Workshop was effective in helping me build new skills and refresh some old ones. Izzy’s presentation is good and he has a good balance between lecture/story telling and role-play.” – Raymond Hart, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Ontario, California (11.28.12)

“Great seminar with practical application for private practice and family work.” – Marcel Soriano, Psychologist, Ontario, California (11.28.12)

“I came to the author’s Bullies to Buddies seminar and really enjoyed it and wanted more on anger control; so this seminar fit the bill and enhanced my understanding of these topics further. Thanks for a great job.” – Claudia Beeler-Smith, Ontario, California (11.28.12)

“Thank you for clarifying some of the inconsistencies in the psych field–brought clarity and understanding and I appreciate it so much. The techniques are so simple and well explained. I’m looking forward to trying them. Thank you!” – Social Worker, Ontario, California (11.28.12)

“Fantastic! Love the discourse on involvement of the law in mental health profession and the over-generalization of the ‘political’ incorrectness of not blaming the victim. So important to realize victims seek revenge; that perps are victims as well until thinking changes; how to help victims realize how to get what they want.” – Susan Carmichael, Marriage and Family Therapist, Ontario, California (11.28.12)

“All comments positive. I appreciate your openness and willingness to be respectfully controversial. You say things that need to be said, but others are afraid to do so. Thanks.” – Robert Morrison, Marriage and Family Therapist, Ontario, California (11.28.12)

“I’ve returned to another seminar by Izzy for a refresher. I learned so much about how to conceptualize anger (and bullying). It’s helped me in my work with students and even with my own kids–to help them deal with classmates who aren’t always nice. Awesome.” – Evelia Dang, Counselor, Ontario, California (11.28.12)

“Different, awesome information. Easy to utilize in my private practice and with family.” – Social Worker, Ontario, California (11.28.12)

“Very exceptional role playing experience.” – Marilyn Rogers, Special Education Coordinator/Counselor/Educator, Ontario, California (11.28.12)

“This seminar reinforced my philosophy on working with people and clients. It was a good reminder to be conscious about my response to people not only at work though, at home too where it is much easier to yell back angrily at a spouse/children.” – Jane Maritinez, Psychologist, Pasadena, California (11.27.12)

“I don’t know that I learned a great deal, but the fact that the presenter made the ‘complex’ simple–it was profound.” – Daniel Puls, Psychologist, Pasadena, California (11.27.12)

“Thanks for an interesting day. The material changed my perspective and will help me work more effectively with my clients.” – Social Worker, Pasadena, California (11.27.12)

“I have attended Izzy’s seminars on bullying in the past and was pleased to learn additional information on the topic of anger and interpersonal conflict versus repetitive material.” – Jessica Lucason Leckner, Play Therapist/Social Worker, Pasadena, California (11.27.12)

“Really enjoyed the simplicity and reference to timeless wisdom which can help me get the best out of my field for my clients.” – David Bruce, Marriage and Family Therapist, Pasadena, California (11.27.12)

“The role-playing demonstrations were very helpful. Inspired me to apply that method more often with my clients.” – J.B., Counselor/Social Worker, Pasadena, California (11.27.12)

“I learned a great deal from this course. I enrolled more for personal than professional reasons and I am glad I did. I will definitely use the material immediately in my relationships with several family members. I especially enjoyed observing the role play because it made the material more entertaining.” – N.M., Psychologist, Pasadena, California (11.27.12)

“Excellent presentation. Confirmed some of ways I work and introduced some new ideas.” – Stephanie Larro, Social Worker, Sherman Oaks, California (11.15.12)

“A refreshing change to see role plays rather than a scripted PowerPoint. The presenter’s sense of humor increased my interest level. Loved the song! I liked the clarity of the presentation.” – Patricia Patton, Psychologist/Marriage and Family Therapist, Sherman Oaks, California (11.15.12)

“This is a very important seminar. The speaker raised issues we all need to be aware of. He helped us view conditions and circumstances differently. We increased our understanding of anger through his unique perspectives and messages. We are now able to distance ourselves from angry remarks of others in order to help our relationships. We see that it can be done with less effort. An astonishingly wonderful experience!!!” – N.H., Psychologist, Sherman Oaks, California (11.15.12)

“This was a great seminar. The presenter was very good and really knew his material. Role plays were great to teach information.” – Seanne Tyson, Psychologist, Torrance, California (11.14.15)

“I have attended Bullies to Buddies training a few years ago and enjoyed this training as much as that one. Great role play scenarios.” – Cynthia Soto, Social Worker, Torrance, California (11.14.15)

“This was excellent. Too bad it wasn’t more well-attended. People don’t know what they’re missing out on! I will definitely be thinking about this a lot and trying to apply it in my personal life and in helping my clients. Thank you.” – Holly Willard, Social Worker, Torrance, California (11.14.15)

“It was informative and helpful because it taught me how to implement role play with my client, specifically with those with anger related issues. It helped me see how powerful can role play be in assisting people eliminate anger and avoid escalation. Thank you!” – Yanina Lambert, Marriage and Family Therapist, Irvine, California (11.13.12)

“Thank you for empowering me to feel that I can control my anger. I feel blessed that I came today. Thank you.” – Guia Contreras, Marriage and Family Therapist, Irvine, California (11.13.12)

“I enjoyed the workshop and would attend future workshops by Mr. Kalman. I left with his simple phrase of turning enemies into friends. I can use this in my own life.” – Counselor, Irvine, California (11.13.12)

“Presenter was knowledgeable and either taught new approaches or enhanced my current approaches. Enjoyed the role playing. Will practice it.” – Marlene Silverman, Marriage and Family Therapist, Irvine, California (11.13.12)

“Great new practical approach to anger management that goes way beyond the traditional behavioral and cognitive approaches. Great tips for how to give clients an experiential approach to learning anger management.” – L.M., Psychologist, Irvine, California (11.13.12)

“Wow! Very good seminar on anger. It made me look at anger in a whole new light. I liked turning your enemies into friends. It makes it easier to understand, communicate and begin to actually solve problems, not only in the professional world but also personally.” – Julie Lamantia, Victim Advocate, Irvine, California (11.13.12)

“I came seeking an alternative approach to anger and I found it.” Earl Williams, Counselor/Therapist, Irvine, California (11.13.12)

“I learned valuable new strategies for controlling anger and creating better communication that I can use in both my personal and professional lives.” – K.M., Psychologist, Irvine, California (11.13.12)

“The instructor was fantastic. I found him fun to learn from, very knowledgeable and interesting.” – P.H., Marriage and Family Therapist, San Diego, California (11.12.12)

“Thank you! I learned a lot!” – Alicia Forsman, Nurse, San Diego, California (11.12.12)

“Good use of humor. Instructor very knowledgeable. Instructor kept it interesting. Very useful information. I can immediately use this information with my clients.” – Randy Baird, Counselor, San Diego, California (11.12.12)

“It was helpful and practical!” – Kimberly Nelson, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Diego, California (11.12.12)

“Simple. Basic. Effective.” – Jordan Sybrandt, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Diego, California (11.12.12)

“Refreshing approach! I’ve been reluctant to embrace the ‘war’ on bullying but couldn’t put my finger on why. This bold approach makes total sense.” – Counselor, Sacramento, California (12.14.11)

“Role-playing exercises were extremely helpful to see how to better get messages to kids I was giving verbally and they weren’t embracing. I think they will ‘get it’ now.” – Julie McBride, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sacramento, California (12.14.11)

“Excellent whole-brain response to helping bullies/victims. Really helpful. Really glad I came.” – Benny Glover, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sacramento, California (12.14.11)

“Use of humor very helpful. Good resource bibliography. Thanks for the knowledge and role plays.” – Elisse Floyd, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sacramento, California (12.14.11)

“Great presentation!” – Terry Bray, Office Manager, Santa Rosa, California (12.12.11)

“Unique but commonsense approach to the ‘bullying’ epidemic. My mom taught me this at 13 when boys were spreading a rumor that I was ‘easy’ (far from the truth). I ran home in tears. Mom’s response was, ‘You can’t stop them from telling lies. Hold your head up high and continue to be who you are. They will eventually stop.’  And they did!” – Christine Faux, Marriage and Family Therapist, Santa Rosa, California (12.12.11

“This is the best seminar I have been in for years. Debunking the trite ‘bullies are cowards’ myth and offering methods–demonstrable–for people who feel bullied is terrific!” – Joseph Michael, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Santa Rosa, California (12.12.11)

“An excellent and very effective approach that can be taught to children, teens and adults by teachers, counselors, therapists and parents.” – Gretchen Kishbaugh, Psychologist/Marriage and Family Therapist, Santa Rosa, California (12.12.11)

“Presenter is very brave to speak out in favor of a down to earth and realistic approach to help students to deal with bully behavior, where ‘bullies’ are not turned into criminals.” – Theresa Martinez, Educator, Santa Rosa, California (12.12.11)

“Izzy Kalman puts morality and the practical technology of the Golden Rule into pragmatic applied terms. His examples and role plays give the experience of the different responses a person gets when they react to others as friends rather than enemies. He provides clear exercises and ways to explain the value of being responsible for one’s responses. His point is that bullying is maintained by the victim’s response is key.” – Robert Hutchins, Psychologist, Santa Rosa, California (12.12.11)

“This seminar offering an authentic, positive approach to solving problems should be part of all schools with junior high levels as the role playing situations would make sense and appeal to teens.” – Susan Anderson, Educator, Oakland, California (12.12.11)

“This was one of the best workshops I’ve attended. The instructor was engaging and very informative. When I arrived I did not see video/audio equipment, I was concerned that the presenter would bore me to death with lecturing. I was quite wrong. Very good workshop. Would recommend to friend.” – Lettie Ordone, Counselor, Oakland, California (12.12.11)

“Very useful material, should be required for teachers and parents–anyone who works with children.” – Psychologist, Oakland, California (12.12.11)

“I really liked the role plays and especially the last one—talk about a win-win! Thanks for all the valuable info.” – Alissa Scanlin, Psychologist, San Francisco, California (12.01.11)

“I enjoyed this presentation very much and find that it complements the approach that I already use at the elementary school (Catholic) where I work. Because the school creates a ‘moral environment,’ it will not be difficult to incorporate these ideas/ strategies/ philosophical approach.” – Counselor/Educator/Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco, California (12.01.11)

“Izzy’s presentation was thought provoking. I applaud his intellectual independence in challenging commonly held premises.” – Educator, San Francisco, California (12.01.11)

“Izzy Kalman is knowledgeable, well prepared, and entertaining!” – Barbara Delbon, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco, California (12.01.11)

“Course was a paradigm shift from intervening with victim to allow them to handle problem themselves rather than dealing with bullies to protect the victim.” – Doreen Der-McLeod, Social Worker, San Francisco, California (12.01.11)

Very important work. Thank you!” – S.A., Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco, California (12.01.11)

“Great speaker, well organized, great materials with essential information in manual so you can focus on content rather than take notes!!” – John Wicks, Psychologist, San Jose, California (11.30.11)

“Seminar was excellent in showing how effective course information can be successful with role-play and audience participation.” – Christopher Moreno, Nurse, San Jose, California (11.30.11)

“Excellent seminar. Thank you for your knowledge, expertise and trust, especially in the role play. It was very entertaining and informational.” – Ronald Steele, Educator/Counselor, San Jose, California (11.30.11)

“It was a great mix of information, useful stories and role playing.” – Linda Reinhart, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Jose, California (11.30.11)

“Fascinating and unusual program. Very enjoyable.” – Martin Williams, Psychologist, Fresno, California (11.29.11)

“Brilliant!” – Jeanne Stevenson, Psychologist, San Diego, California (11.17.10)

“Wonderful presentation – very useful info that is relevant and important and easy to put into practice. Thank you!” – April Hayter deLopez, Social Worker, San Diego, California (11.17.10)

“His passion for the discussion was remarkable and excellent. I enjoyed him and he kept me engaged.” – Alfreda Wright, Case Manager, San Diego, California (11.17.10)

“Izzy’s presentation is an extremely valuable tool to equip both children and adults with. The elements he incorporates are key elements in all human interactions. I can use the skills I’ve learned in Izzy’s seminar in the workplace, in my marriage, and even at Starbucks or the grocery store when people are being aggressive or rude to me. I’d like to see his program as part of required psychology curriculum.” – Sherrie Kolb, Psychology Student, San Diego, California (11.17.10)

“Great! Will try all I learned and apply with our students!” – Laura Mendoza, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Diego, California (11.17.10)

“This presenter provided a very clear, hands on way to work with bullies. And his sense of humor is great!” – Victoria Baron, San Diego, California (11.17.10)

“I am glad that someone is finally taking an alternative approach to the so-called bullying issued our kids face.” – Jared Goldman, Counselor, Irvine, California (11.16.10)

“This is a wonderful seminar. I love the website too! I attend this seminar every time Izzy comes in town!!” – Denise Levine, Social Worker, Irvine, California (11.16.10)

“Interesting take on bullying. Anxious to use with my students and faculty. Great manual and techniques. Thanks!” – Victoria Anderson, Counselor, Irvine, California (11.16.10)

“Clearly presented—certainly against the status quo…it’s about time.” – Chris Bird, Educator, Irvine, California (11.16.10)

“Thought he was fantastic. Said a lot of things people think but are scared to say as may not be ‘politically correct’ or the ‘popular’ way to do things at the time!” – Tina Heeren, Counselor, Irvine, California (11.16.10)

“Excellent real life tools! Thank you! I hope you do this training for Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD). It’s very needed for teachers and administrators!” – Linda Marten, Educator, Irvine, California (11.16.10)

“Very untraditional way of looking at bullying. The idea of teaching victims to stop being victimized is empowering. Good job!” – Juliana Nam, Educator, Irvine, California (11.16.10)

“I facilitate social skills groups for young children. I have used his book, ‘Bullies to Buddies,’ and it’s an excellent resource to empower kids and help them respect each other.” – Suzan Aldimassi, Marriage and Family Therapist, Irvine, California (11.16.10)

“Excellent seminar! Lots of food for thought – turns the whole concept of bully-reduction program, strategies and conceptualization on its head. Thank you for an outstanding conference packet as well.” – Heather Eaton, Marriage and Family Therapist, Irvine, California (11.16.10)

“Excellent program and instructor outstanding!” – Joan Madsen, Psychologist, Torrance, California (11.15.10)

“Very provocative. A lot of what Kalman is teaching I am learning in my Vipassana meditation class: to increase internal locus of control, decrease reacting and increase levity. If more adults can demonstrate these skills, we can set better examples for our kids.” – Mary Lawrence, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Torrance, California (11.15.10)

“I have attended several Cross Country Education seminars and found this one to be packed full of useful information. The experiential exercises really helped to ‘drive the point home’ and all the humor set the stage for a relaxed and interesting day. Thank you so much Izzy!!” – Heidi Sorensen, Social Worker/Marriage and Family Therapist, Torrance, California (11.15.10)

“As a therapist and an educator I found the seminar very useful. It was clear and easy to follow. I feel I can immediately use the interventions/teachings in this course!! I loved how you included the different films which addressed this topic!!” – Jamie McDonough, Educator/Marriage and Family Therapist, Torrance, California (11.15.10)

“I truly found this seminar valuable. My first thought is, ‘It’s about time somebody spoke rational sense and invoked time proven principles that empower kids and prepare them for adult life rather than fanning the flame of outrage and reactivism that not only disempowers kids, but encourages them to cry foul at the slightest provocation and expect someone else to always make it safe and smooth for them, making it unnecessary for them to develop the inner fortitude and self-worth they absolutely need in adult life to deal with the vicissitudes of humanity.” – Linnea Duvall, Marriage and Family Therapist, Torrance, California (11.15.10)

“Great approach! Dynamic speaker!” – Heather Rousselo, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sherman Oaks, California (11.12.10)

“Excellent alternative to the present school interventions which teach children to be victims. Izzy Kalman’s approach empowers children, gives them confidence and helps increase their self-esteem. He is an excellent and engaging presenter. Well done, Izzy.” – Leni Belcher-Belshay, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sherman Oaks, California (11.12.10)

“Finally someone with common sense regarding negative interactions between children that happen multiple times every day. The victim holds the only answer to the problem. Any administrator that says he can stop bullying at school through only punitive measures is fooling himself. I have difficulty finding the ‘bullies’ at school, but can always tell you who the victims are–usually are the same students many times over.” – John Murphy, Educator, Sherman Oaks, California (11.12.10)

“Wow! Was I surprised to see this important and complex problem dressed in such a reasonable, rational way. This is a useful technique for defusing aggression in all social situations.” – Stephen Scheer, Psychologist, Sherman Oaks, California (11.12.10)

“Loved it! Presented a real solution, great insights that make total sense. Will use the games. Also liked that he gives us a manual that breaks concepts down for practical application. Manual was very thoughtfully written.” – Maureen Sklar, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sherman Oaks, California (11.12.10)

“This was the best seminar I’ve ever attended. He is humble, brilliant, courageous and funny. I found it enlightening. Great manual! I intend to quote you a lot.” – Susan Faye Snyder, Sherman Oaks, California (11.12.10)

“Very thought provoking.” Anne Howard, Counselor/Educator/Case Manager, Sherman Oaks, California (11.12.10)

“Very controversial approach compared to my school district beliefs. I will include some of your own information in my presentation to the school district.” – Chip Phillips, Marriage and Family Therapist, Ontario, California (11.11.10)

“Material was insightful and thought provoking. Challenged some notions on bullying. Reframed the problem of bullying behavior into actionable, behavioral activities that can be changed with interventions.” – Raymond Hart, Counselor, Ontario, California (11.11.10)

“Izzy Kalman provided a clear, informative, eye-opening seminar. He used humor effectively and kept the day lively and interesting. One of the best trainings I’ve been to!” – Marriage and Family Therapist, Ontario, California (11.11.10)

“I feel like I learned a practical approach for living life free from seeing yourself as a victim. This is a skill I can use in my personal life, as well as a great skill to teach students! I look forward to reading the manual at home.” – E.D., Counselor, Ontario, California (11.11.10)

“Great training–thanks for a positive view and more useful to help kids in these situations.” – Deborah LeFEure, Marriage and Family Therapist, Ontario, California (11.11.10)

“It took me back to the ‘Colombo’ TV series…the approach challenges mental schemes and ways of approaching ‘bullying’ in a refreshing, funny and inviting way. I really enjoyed the live demonstrations.” Gabriella Layseca, Marriage and Family Therapist, Ontario, California (11.11.10)

“It’s about time!! Traditional anger management/domestic violence programs have failed miserably! This makes solid sense–no wonder it works. Thank you for your energy and commitment.” – Virginia Coleman, Social Worker/Play Therapist/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor/Educator, San Francisco, California (7.8.10)“Excellent! I originally thought this was an interesting topic and yet an expensive seminar. How foolish of me! Now I know… This was a very inexpensive cost for learning a life saving, boat load of information! Thanks!” – Annette Graff, Social Worker, San Francisco, California (7.8.10)“Great seminar! I particularly enjoyed the mention of recent anti-bullying laws robbing children of their right to confront and resolve bullying issues on their own. Also, thank you so much for emphasizing the importance of learning about and promoting the Constitution and Freedom of Speech.” – Arthur Dickinson, Student, San Francisco, California (7.8.10)“Love the role plays activities–this really made the workshop ‘alive’ and showed how to apply the techniques in ‘real’ situations. Thanks Izzy!” – Barbara Belk, Psychologist, San Francisco, California (7.8.10)“Izzy is a dedicated and inspired presenter who is providing a much needed service and contribution in the world. I will use his material personally and professionally.” – Ron DeStefano, Psychologist, San Francisco, California (7.8.10)

“Clear and simple and funny!” – Jack Weitzman, Social Worker, San Jose, California (7.7.10)

“Excellent speaker, presentation and course workbook! I would recommend this training to all professionals who need it (mental health professionals, educators, department of justice personnel) as well as parents. Very impressive work!” – Susan Dupree, Psychologist, San Jose, California (7.7.10)

“I found this to be extremely useful information. I work with adolescents who will benefit from my being in today. Thank you.” – Cheryl Robertson, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Jose, California (7.7.10)

“This was an enjoyable and enlightening workshop. I can not only use these tools and strategies with the students I work with, I can use them in my own life as well. I am very grateful to have the accompanying manual. I would have loved this to be a 2 day seminar.” – Laura White, Counselor/Educator/Marriage and Family Therapist, San Jose, California (7.7.10)

“This was a very great training, one of the best I’ve been to. Role play was very effective. This training confirms my belief of ‘loving people who don’t love you’ the real homework of everyone to do in the world/life. Thank you much.” – Ofelia Gallegos, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, San Jose, California (7.7.10)

“Wonderful seminar! I really appreciated the creative thinking, challenging the status quo and role playing examples. It’s so cool you are helping in this way and teaching others to do so as well.” – Carol Shane, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Jose, California (7.7.10)

“A dynamic presentation by a knowledgeable, energetic master of his expertise.” – Mildred Haas, School Psychologist, San Jose, California (7.7.10)

“This seminar is excellent in that it takes a difficult topic, because universal, and makes it understandable and meaningful.” – Carolyn Sutter, Nurse Practitioner, Fresno, California (7.6.10)

“Informative and fun! Loved the song!! This is my second Izzy conference…I’ll look forward to his next!” – Michelle Richmond, Social Worker, Fresno, California (7.6.10)

“Best seminar I have been to in 22 years!! You should have Andy Rooney’s chair when he leaves! I love your singing!! Breaks up the seminar.” – Janet Flanagan, Counselor, Fresno, California (7.6.10)

“I took this seminar for personal growth, I was worried that it may have only been geared for mental health professionals. Not the case! This course was everything and more than I was expecting! Thank you Izzy! You are awesome!” – Angie Purewal, Dental Assistant/Office Manager, Fresno, California (7.6.10)

“Quality presenter! There was real meat in this 6 hours–new material will be easily recalled due to use of humor. Enjoyed demonstrations–applied principles. Nice references to additional resources. Like the website.” – Wendy Brox, Marriage and Family Therapist, Fresno, California (7.6.10)

“Anger Control Made Easy has given me an amazingly simple approach to helping both my clients and myself to understand their anger and to use Izzy’s approach to achieve much more satisfying relationships. Great! I loved learning through the use of role-playing.” – Cynthia Munz, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sacramento, California (7.14.10)

“A very interesting presentation. Practical, useful information. I have a lot of questions rolling around in my head, a lot to process. I agree that we have moved too far away from accepting personal responsibility–everyone’s a victim! I look forward to working with this approach in my personal and professional life.” – Donna Hirschfield, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sacramento, California (7.14.10)

“He really spent time with the therapeutic application of the techniques! Great. Need that more often. CE [Continuing Education] should translate to therapy use.” – Susan B. Jones, Social Worker, Sacramento, California (7.14.10)

“Use of humor and the song really set it off–informational and entertaining. Good use of role-play.” – Melissa Holland, Psychologist/Educator, Sacramento, California (7.14.10)

“I enjoyed the simplicity and effectiveness of the approach, the new spin was helpful, and the role-playing was helpful.” – Sharon Hammon, Marriage and Family Therapist, Oakland, California (7.13.10)

“Role playing was great. Thank you for the advice. Will try this for the next 10 days. The entire seminar was great and learnt a lot. Thank you.” – Monika Suri, Dietician, Oakland, California (7.13.10)

“This was a great workshop; I learned a lot…” – Manly Moulton, Oakland, California (7.13.10)

“Speaker was entertaining as well as informative. This approach–from bully to buddy–is an eye opening way to address anger. I’ll be using these strategies and practicing this philosophy in my home as well as my private therapy practice. Thanks!” – Ruth Greenberg, Marriage and Family Therapist, Oakland, California (7.13.10)

“Very focused, kept on-track, outstanding ability to handle interruptions without missing a step! Takes guts to sing song! Confirmed responsibility of victims”. — Ellen Baldwin, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sacramento, California (8.20.08)

“Fabulous! Very practical and appreciated that the majority of the time was spent in experiential exercises and the underlying philosophy was brief but clear. I will definitely be using this material in my anger management groups in the prison system as well as in my private practice with adolescents and families and couples. (Ever thought of mediating foreign conflicts?) Thank you”. — Andrea Hayes, Social Worker/Counselor, Sacramento, California (8.20.08)

“Great sense of humor. Able to make jokes about self. Able to take responsibility for behaviors without defensiveness and guilt. Appropriate positive self disclosure. Great foundations for anger control philosophy as well as tools. Lessons for how to be a better human being. Ways to make the world a more positive place”. P.B., Marriage and Family Therapist, Sacramento, California (8.20.08)

“Engaging presenter with much useful information. Applicable to my life as well as for use with clients! Really enjoyable”. — Rachel Bingham, Sacramento, California (8.20.08)

“Great presenter, public speaker, and demonstrator of the intervention techniques”. — Eva Veraschagin, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sacramento, California (8.20.08)

“Excellent! Great material I can’t wait to share it with my friends and coworkers!” — Natalie Matsche, Family Skills Trainer, Sacramento, California (8.20.08)

“Great seminar; very helpful and pertinent information presented in open, accessible, humorous manner. Thank you. I believe the infor will be helpful both personally, professionally”. — Teresa Lively, Psychologist, Sacramento, California (8.20.08)

“I really enjoyed the role play exercises. They were immensely helpful”. — Jeannette Sylverster-Cryer, Social Worker, Sacramento, California (8.20.08)

“Excellent presenter; great useable info clear. Loved his sense of humor. Appreciated practical examples”. — Annette Seibel, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist/Athletic Trainer, Santa Rosa, California (8.19.08)

“I like the ideas and connections of all the things I knew before. I can’t wait to use this and/or teaching my clients”. — Victoria Gaitan, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Santa Rosa, California (8.19.08)

“Izzy is a wonderful presenter and amazingly knowledgeable in anger and bullying. I enjoyed this seminar very much. Thank you!” — Christina Madden, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Santa Rosa, California (8.19.08)

“Good organization of the ‘no one can make you angry without your consent’ idea. Ideas like be kind to your enemies’ – it is like putting hot coal on their head”. — Joanne Silva, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Santa Rosa, California (8.19.08)

“Izzy Kalman and the material from this seminar should be on Oprah! This information is a truth that, if applied, would heal the world! This is an old, old truth the world has gotten away from”. — Lauren Wantland, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Santa Rosa, California (8.19.08)

“Nice approach on an age-old dilemma”. — Marriage and Family Therapy Intern, Santa Rosa, California (8.19.08)

“Excellent!!!” — Jo S. Ledwith, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco, California (8.18.08)

“You are a gifted and entertaining speaker. Presented a very controversial theory in a thought-provoking, non-threatening way. Thank you”. — Kristen Popovich, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco, California (8.18.08)

“Delightful. Engaging. Provoked lots of compelling ideas and thoughts and reactions. So grateful for Izzy’s sense of humor and delivery (so non-academic)”. — M.C., Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco, California (8.18.08)

“Mr. Kalman is brilliant; wonderful seminar!” —  Bonnie Hill, Social Worker, San Francisco, California (8.18.08)

“Great fun! I think this will be very useful in my own life and in helping my clients. Izzy is a joy! Wish I found him sooner!” —  Patricia Jackson, Social Worker/Marriage and Family Therapist, Sherman Oaks, California (2.28.08)

“An important tool for working with clients that have built up anger and resentment. I appreciate the fact that indirectly it dealt with my common approach in therapy with domestic violence clients – don’t give away your power. Thank you”. — Abigail Moreno, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sherman Oaks, California (2.28.08)

“Excellent seminar. It’s a whole new way of thinking!” — Amy Harrison, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sherman Oaks, California (2.28.08)

“This material was excellent and really gave me a different perspective to use with my high school students. I will use the materials and ideas beginning tomorrow! I am going to try to get my school to buy at least the training manual and DVDs. It would be wonderful to get Mr. Kalman to address our district”. — Nanci Hoban, Educator, Sherman Oaks, California (2.28.08)

“Thank you! These are strategies that I will put to the test immediately with myself , my daughter and my clients. Finally an anger control strategy that makes sense and feels possible and probable’. — Kathleen Reazer, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sherman Oaks, California (2.28.08)

“Information is simple but profoundly wise. Thank you! Great applications for children, work and marriage”. — Anne Bierling, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sherman Oaks, California (2.28.08)

“Counterintuitive approach to anger management which exemplifies its need over what society traditionally teaches, which has its roots in history, and is no longer as effective as this approach is. Thank you!” — Edwardo De La Loza, Social Worker, Long Beach, California (2.27.08)

“This was an incredibly informative, relevant, cutting edge, and brilliant presentation. The implications and skill sets learned for psychotherapy can be simply applied to so many situations for clients. It builds self-empowerment and can create a much more peaceful world”. — Patricia Wynne, Marriage and Family Therapist, Long Beach, California (2.27.08)

“Like watching Woody Allen as a therapist! Informative and fun”. — Diana Dowds, Marriage and Family Therapist, Long Beach, California (2.27.08)

“Izzy’s approach is one that can be used universally in therapist’s professional and personal realms. It is a clear understandable way of presenting skills to clients of all ages. Great course, thanks, Izzy!” — Kristen Miller, Marriage and Family Therapist, Intern, Long Beach, California (2.27.08)

“Very useful, empowering information to use personally and in my role as a school psychologist. The principles are easy to use and the kids will love/understand the role plays”. — Vikki Nabozny, Long Beach, California (2.27.08)

“Dynamic and gracious speaker. Willing to be transparent and shows vulnerability. Loved the song! Thank you for your wisdom”. — Sandra Dupont, Marriage and Family Therapist/Dental Hygienist, Long Beach, California (2.27.08)

“Thouroughly enjoyed this presentation. He addressed the topic with expertise, examples and wit. Really made the points clear. He was real and applied this to his presentation”. — Mariana Herrera, Marriage and Family Therapist, Long Beach, California (2.27.08)

“It is refreshing to hear a somewhat different point of view, i.e., there are two victims even though it may seem one is the bad guy. I for one, am tired of people not taking responsibility for themselves and playing poor me role. Thank you for showing how pain can be expressed in a friendly way”. — Marriage and Family Therapist/Counselor, Long Beach, California (2.27.08)

“Absolutely fantastic. Izzy is an engaging, witty, genuine, insightful presenter. The material is immediately applicable both personally and professionally. Izzy offered so much food for thought that I’ll be chewing for a while. This is one of the most entertaining and useful seminars I’ve attended”. — Sherri Bates, Psychologist/Dietician, Long Beach, California (2.27.08)

“I am glad I came to this workshop. Can’t wait to utilize what I learned not only for my clients, but also for myself!!” — Jeonhmin Rhee, Social Worker, Long Beach, California (2.27.08)

“A unique, creative and teachable approach to anger control”. — Daniel Pieri, Social Worker, Ontario, California (2.26.08)

“I left understanding haw to do! Great humor!” — Nancy Testerman, Nurse, Ontario, California (2.26.08)

“Good job confronting tough subjects!” — Kathleen Wellbrock, Psychologist, Ontario, California (2.26.08)

“I really enjoyed your song – very unique and great humor, too. A pleasurable surprise. Never had by a presenter at any training. Your self disclosures are refreshing and funny”. — Michelle Ripoly, Marriage and Family Therapist, Ontario, California (2.26.08)

“As an elementary school teacher who will transition to an educator of character education and behavior encouragement at my own school next year, I’m excited about trying these techniques”. — Delphine Kiser, Educator, Ontario, California (2.26.08)

“I enjoyed the role plays. The song was great and definitely unique”. — Deborah Bowser, Marriage and Family Therapist, Ontario, California (2.26.08)

“He is refreshing-open-honest-straightforward. Twenty five years ago as a young drug addict/prostitute I would have listened and learned from him. I use humor every day with my kids (my students). Plus, I love New Yorkers!! Thank you Izzy”. — Teri Delane, Psychologist, Oakland, California (9.19.07)

“Anger issues/tools were explained and taught in an entertaining and practical method. Presenter was humorous and memorable. Content is very practical, honest, and it makes sense”. — Allan Sadac, Marriage and Family Therapist, Oakland, California (9.19.07)

“Thank you so much. This was a wonderful day of more eye-opening information to be used with my self and clients”. — Marvalene Burch, Case Manager/Social Worker, Oakland, California (9.19.07)

“A better, more entertaining seminar than I expected”. — Melissa Seka, Psychologist, Oakland, California (9.19.07)

“This was an excellent seminar – I would recommend it to family and colleagues. Izzy has a delightful presenting style, wonderful sense of humor and a breath of fresh air approach to anger. Very useful! Thank you”. — Rosemary O’Neill, Marriage and Family Therapist, Oakland, California (9.19.07)

“Loved the demonstrations and role playing. An animated presenter, very real, clear, clever”. — Johnnie Caston, Social Worker, Oakland, California (9.19.07)

“Great interaction with the audience. Very dynamic presenter. See the direct application of the material to practice”. — Brad Novak, Psychologist, Oakland, California (9.19.07)

“Loved irreverent sense of humor. Appreciated the fun interactive role plays. Thanks for the song – loved your willingness to share on a personal level, also, as it brought the didactic to life. I felt this is a great approach but it is not for every situation (but most). Thanks!” — Patricia Kaiser, Marriage and Family Therapist, Oakland, California (9.19.07)

“The song was wonderful – like an audio vignette. It was extremely helpful to see the repeated illustration of crucial principles via role plays. The speakers complete possession of the material and ability to effectively deal with variables was superb”. — Sadaya Zimmerle, Social Worker, Oakland, California (9.19.07)

“Excellent, concise presentation. Well-integrated and pertinent role playing illustrations, leavened by relevant humor. It is rare to find a seminar with truly useful clinical and applicable demonstrations”. — Carole Derry, Marriage and Family Therapist, Oakland, California (9.19.07)

“Excellent teacher. Wonderful role plays. I really enjoyed it. The best presenter”. — Roya Sakhai, Marriage and Family Therapist, Oakland, California (9.19.07)

“Very good perspective grounded in historical and personal relevance. There is freedom in this approach both from the conflict and from within. Highly recommend this class! Wonderful handbook! Large type. Thank you for not doing a Power Point presentation. Much more personal”. —
Lorraine Wilson, Marriage and Family Therapist, Oakland, California (9.19.07)

“Very insightful program. I use some of your concepts currently in y anger management course. (I stumbled on them myself as you did.) But you’ve added a lot and I believe my clients (State Prisons) will really appreciate what you have to offer”. — Elaina Jannell, Psychologist, Oakland, California (9.19.07)

“Great presentation! Wonderful presenter!!!” — Cherie Campbell-French, Marriage and Family Therapist/Conservator, Oakland, California (9.19.07)

“Great presentation! Very useful and well organized. The role plays gave us the best laughs most of us have had is a long time, while of course being extremely educational. Thank you!” — Arden Syman, Counselor/Social Worker, Fresno, California (9.18.07)

“Great insights into anger and simple steps to disarm bullies. I like the universal applicability of the anger control strategies”. — Mark Shoffner, Psychologist, Fresno, California (9.18.07)

“Role plays were very helpful in that they truly showed the how. Oftentimes seminars teach esoterical theories with little ‘how to’ implementation. This was very funny and down to earth and common sense”. — M.S., Case Manager/Social Worker/Farmer, Fresno, California (9.18.07)

“Izzy is a great presenter. Very energetic and informative. I appreciate his sense of humor and his matter of fact approach. It is refreshing to know there are teachers and psychologists with his approach to life problems and real life experiences”. — Ann Monahan, Nurse, Fresno, California (9.18.07)

“This was the best workshop I have attended in a long time. I would highly recommend it to others. I will use the information learned today in my professional and personal life. Great combination of information and humor”. — Patty Rodriguez, Psychologist, Fresno, California (9.18.07)

“Izzy’s use of humor really brought home the content of the course. Excellent presentation skills. What a fun way to teach others about responding to anger (pain)”. — Susan Gonsalves, Counselor, Fresno, California (9.18.07)

“Enjoyed this presenter a lot. Astonishing that a whole day workshop can be made of simple (yet deep) common sense concepts. Loved the ‘natural versus civilized’ concept. Izzy: Have you read Jay Haley’s ‘The Power Tactics of Jesus Christ'” — D.A., Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco (9.06.07)

“Excellent seminar!! This training will be highly recommended to other co-workers. This seminar should be mandated/requirement. I’m sending my wife next time! Grea/t information”. — Herlindo Fernandez, Social Worker, San Francisco (9.06.07)

“Being entertained while learning something very useful, what a concept! I am very much looking forward to trying this myself and then using it with clients. Appreciated how Izzy pulled together ideas relating to anger from various sources into a coherent whole”. — Gerri Popper, Counselor/Social Worker, San Francisco (9.06.07)

“Bold and refreshing. Common sense and useful, entertaining presentation”. — Torri Campbell, Psychologist, San Francisco (9.06.07)

“Good sense of humor and love your song, as it sums everything up. It is great to hear someone challenge the system around ‘no tolerance”. — Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco (9.06.07)

“Excellent role playing. In 35 years of going to seminars – I’ve never hear one where the presenter sang a song – excellent way to teach (addressing the other side of the brain!)” — Psychologist, San Francisco (9.06.07)

“I could get down to the root of my anger and learn how to deal with it constructively!” — Garrett McGowan, San Francisco (9.06.07)

“Simple, yet very interesting and refreshing perspective on how to deal with anger. Back to the basic wisdom and golden rules cross culturally”. — Dinh Chu, Social Worker, San Francisco (9.06.07)

“The focus and presentation is refreshing. I will be able to use this in my work. Practical information. I also like the focus on humor”. — Diane Slade, Marriage and Family Therapist, Santa Rosa, California (9.05.07)

“Excellent workshop. Loved your singing, sense of humor and overall good ideas. Being a former New Yorker I understood you perfectly. You also reminded me of Woody Allen. Keep up the good work! Shalom”. — Adelaida Ramos, Social Worker, Santa Rosa, California (9.05.07)

“The approach described and demonstrated in this seminar is the most plausible and exciting discovery for me in the 20 years of domestic violence intervention. I can’t wait to try it with my clients!” — Rob Mcleod, Group Facilitator, Santa Rosa, California (9.05.07)

“This is actually the best training I’ve been in a very long time; a lot of very good information. I didn’t want to leave early!” — Stacey Quackenbush, Supervised Visitation Program, Sacramento, California (9.4.07)

“Izzy has a wonderful and lively teaching style, bringing conflicts to life and showing solutions in a very practical way! Thank you!” — Julie Karp, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sacramento, California (9.4.07)

“The seminar made anger control seem easy. It provided simple, practical and powerful methods that can be taught and learned. It was systematically presented. Izzy is authentic. Back to the basics”. — Alvin Gaerlan, Psychologist, Sacramento, California (9.4.07)

“This was like watching the resurrection of common sense. The demonstrations were very effective”. — Carolyn Sauer, Psychologist, Sacramento, California (9.4.07)

“Thanks for the unpretentious, down-to-earth, practical reality check. This seminar re-affirms understandings gained 25 years ago, but since smothered by forces of political correctness”. — Name Withheld, Psychologist, Sacramento, California (9.4.07)

“This is information I can actually use in my practice and my own life. I recommend it! I facilitate a teen anger management group and I can’t wait to share these ideas with the kids. Thanks”. — Diana Foster, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sacramento, California (9.4.07)

“One of the most practical and useable workshops I have attended. Will help my clients (and me) with one session! Thank you”. — Dina Blake, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sacramento, California (9.4.07)

“This is the second seminar I have taken by Izzy. He is wonderful and puts together so many sensible ideas in a format transferable to my client (and myself!)”. —- Jenifer Jacobs, Psychologist, Sacramento, California (9.4.07)

“Thinking out of the box, I love it!” — Monte Davis, Case Manager, Sacramento, California (9.4.07)

“This conference was loaded with maturity and emotional intelligence…two qualities we need more of today!” — Janet Moberg, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sacramento, California (9.4.07)

“Thank you for the useful manual. This is one of the best courses that I have attended in years. My mind did not drift; it was a very stimulating presentation”. — Cheryl Vannier, Social Worker, Sacramento, California (9.4.07)

“The song was hilarious! Izzy kept me smiling. The stories (examples) was a great way for the audience to relate to the material. The seminar was very fun. Audience participation was great aid”. — Stephanie Ramos, Youth Advocate, Sacramento, California (9.4.07)

“Izzy Kalman’s approach validates the work I do with my students. Using humor is almost always effective. I also appreciate how adults can empower the victim to stop being a victim. Some of the methods are going to be a challenge to apply but I am willing to make the effort in order to teach friendship versus bully/victim”. — Andrea Brady, Counselor, Oakland, California (3.29.06)

“Enjoyable, intelligent, and highly educational presentation!” — Cecilia Pehle, Marriage and Family Therapist, Oakland, California (3.29.06)

“I appreciate the candid, practical, humorous tone of the content that makes the interventions seem honest and not patronizing to children”. — Erica Bond, Marriage and Family Therapist, Oakland, California (3.29.06)

“I appreciate your bravery to challenge our current state of mind. You did a good job of proving your methods work (despite our cynicism)! The role plays were very effective. Thanks for not doing the typical presentation. I learned a lot!” — Adrienne Candell, Psychologist, Oakland, California (3.29.06)

“The seminar was extremely informative. The role plays were practical and entertaining. I would recommend this seminar to anyone who works with children, youth, and families”. — Jose Mascorro, Jr., Case Manager/Social Worker, Oakland, California (3.29.06)

“Mr. Kalman is articulate, humorous, and provides valuable insights for working with people of all ages”. — Jim Mullins, School Social Worker, Oakland, California (3.29.06)

“This was truly a new way for me to look at this subject – and very helpful”. — Marion Bar-Din, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist/Social Worker, Oakland, California (3.29.06)

“Izzy Kalman is a wonderful speaker, getting his point across in a very down-to-earth manner with warmth and humor. His workshop completely turned my thinking around and explained my perspective about bullying and effective communication”. — Stephen Heckman, Psychologist, Oakland, California (3.29.06)

“Eye-opening! I already use some of these tools because my heart told me to. Now I feel confident about what I was doing and how to continue and even improve my technique”. — Sean Geske, Safe School Supervisor, Santa Rosa, California (3.28.06)

“I love the shift in focus. It became clear how the system in place now is perpetuating more victim behavior. Very good…very usable”. — Jeanette Wendt, Counselor, Santa Rosa, California (3.28.06)

“Very interesting, enlightening – thought provoking humorous. I learned a lot good useful material. I certainly am re-thinking what a bully is and isn’t”.  — Sharon Rivkin, Marriage and Family Therapist, Santa Rosa, California (3.28.06)

“Excellent. I wish I’d had this 20 years ago”. — Susan Shaw, Social Worker, Santa Rosa, California (3.28.06)

“Love to hear a New Yorker try to get Californians to enact conflict and admit to enjoying the discomfort of others!” — Lynda Bruce, Psychologist, Eureka, California (3.27.06)

“The ideas presented in this seminar seemed enlightening, simple, and practical. I have been implementing a strict anti-bullying program in my classroom that has been failing. I am excited to return to my classroom and completely change my program to teach my students how to stop being victims”. — Sacha Hall, Educator, Eureka, California (3.27.06)

“You know, Izzy, my family raised me to treat others with love and friendship. It was great to be reminded that this is the best intervention against aggression and victimization. I will use the game and magical responses for sure!” — Nancy Rosenbledt, Psychologist/Counselor, San Francisco, California (3.23.06)

“I really enjoyed Mr. Kalman and believed in his theories about bullies and victims by the end of the seminar. I am looking forward to implementing this with clients”. — Nicole Hinton, Case Manager, San Francisco, California (3.23.06)

“This seminar was overall impressive, the only information I wanted more of was how to empower kids to not let them be bothered. What do you do with a child with little ego strength? Overall the best conference ever!” —  Katki Molloy, Counselor, San Francisco, California (3.23.06)

“Thank you! These ideas and techniques will work for me in my classroom and at school. I can’t wait to try them!” — Susan Butler-Graham, Educator, San Francisco, California (3.23.06)

“This is exciting not only because I’ve learned new ways to work with clients, but also because I see how it can change my relationships”. — Louise Burton, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco, California (3.23.06)

“Seminar gave me lots of food for thought about how to help kids as school counselor. I’ve told kids they have right to come to school and be safe from emotional taunts – now I realize that I may further discourage kids”. — Carolyn Herrington, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco, California (3.23.06)
“The presenter is brave for making the point he makes in the way he does. I admire that”. — Saeko Genestet-Araki, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco, California (3.23.06)

“Wow! Great presentation, both personally and professionally, one of the two best presentations ever. Very practical, and well grounded in theory. (Also, I love your jacket!)” — Jonathan Gonick-Hallows, Psychologist, San Francisco, California (3.23.06)

“Excellent, topical coverage, very lucid, very practical; excellent speaker. Brilliantly original and very thought provoking and demonstrated principles, techniques, logical rationale of CBT methods”. — James Moses, Psychologist/Educator, San Francisco, California (3.23.06)

“The information presented is very applicable with common sense, wisdom an principles that can and should be taught to children. I truly believe in the concepts and will begin to implement them in my work with children”. –Maria Hernandez, Community Liaison, San Francisco, California (3.23.06)

“Excellent seminar presentation. The material is a resurrection of Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s theories of non-violence. I do worry that in this day and age there will be tremendous resistance to implementing such policies and practices”. — Jayashri Wyatt, Educator, San Francisco, California (3.23.06)

“This is great information, fun, and workable techniques!! I will have to go play them with my students to integrate them into my repertoire of resources”. — Katie Evans, Psychologist, Sacramento, California (3.22.06)

“The best seminar I have ever been to. Excellent presenter. Presented ideas concisely. Role playing was very helpful”. — Kina Clark, Psychologist, Sacramento, California (3.22.06)

“Very helpful. The class opened my eyes to a new way of thinking. Before the class, I always worked to solve the problems of the victim and punish the bully. Now I am better able to focus on what causes a victim to become a victim”. — Matt Garcia, Educator, Sacramento, California (3.22.06)

“Excellent presentation! Mr. Kalman’s style, confidence, and mastery of the subject is excellent! Mr. Kalman’s experience with kids was evident and made him very credible and easy to listen to”. — Phyllis Wakefield, Psychologist, Sacramento, California (3.22.06)

“Mr. Kalman, Thank your for this wonderful seminar! You put together so brilliantly so many ideas I teach to children, parents, couples and individuals! Your principles are generalizable to so many potentially adversarial situations, and is so inclusive, nonblaming, and non labeling or diagnosing. I would highly recommend this seminar to anyone I know”. — Jennifer Jacobs, PhD, Psychologist, Sacramento, California (3.22.06)

“This was a refreshing seminar with a new perspective. Practical advice and gives us some new ways to look at our kids, and help them learn appropriated behavioral choices in our schools. Presenter was great!” — Julia Picher, Psychologist, Fresno, California (3.21.06)

“The seminar offered very practical techniques for defusing conflicts. The foundation for the interventions were built upon easy to understand and universal truths. Very refreshing! Great website, too. I refer to it frequently in my private practice. I checked out the website before registering for the seminar”. — Susan Van Vlack, Psychologist, Fresno, California (3.21.06)

“The techniques opened my eyes to how I have actually caused more problems than I have stopped. I can start tomorrow at work”. — Greg Anderson, Educator, Fresno, California (3.21.06)

“Outstanding!!!” — Lyn Levine, Marriage and Family Therapist, Burbank, California (11.16.05)

“The role-playing was very effective in demonstrating the strength of Izzy Kalman’s techniques to teach students how not to be victims as the solution to bullying. This conference was excellent”. — Christine Basch, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Torrance, California (11.15.05)

“Excellent material. Practical. Appreciate the application of rationale and examples to Biblical wisdom”. — Great workshop. Funny, too! Kathy Takarabe, Social Worker, Torrance, California (11.15.05)

“Greatly useful and needed information”. — Herman Sabath, Marriage and Family Therapist, Torrance, California (11.15.05)

“Izzy’s explanation of how humans functioned in nature, and how it causes problems today is brilliant!! I really liked hearing the explanations of old thoughts and wise words, he made is all easy to understand. Teaching kids to be less defensive and use humor is great!” — Joyce Levy-Katz, Marriage and Family Therapist, Torrance, California (11.15.05)
“Interesting combination of cognitive and existential psychologies with moral education”. — Janet Hana, Marriage and Family Therapist, Anaheim, California (11.14.05)

“Indeed a different perspective to a long-time issue; very refreshing”. — Ana Alvarez, Director, Community Service Department, Anaheim, California (11.14.05)

“Very good. Got to see things in a different way, helpful. I’ll use it”. — Janell Crow, Social Worker, San Bernardino, California (11.11.05)

“Excellent, thought-provoking seminar. Every adult working with children should attend this seminar”. — Richard Lappin, Social Worker, San Bernardino, California (11.11.05)

“Handled skeptics well. Would like to have you come to train our staff and students. Great concrete materials; feel ready to use materials”. — MaryAnne Lant, Social Worker, San Bernardino, California (11.11.05)

“I like the way that you laid a thorough foundation tying in philosophy and morality. Your approach is not new to me, but I like the examples given in the manual – they will help me get the message across to the emotionally disturbed kids I work with”. — Jeanne Duebbert, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, San Bernardino, California (11.11.05)

“Loved emphasis on accountability. Also. Loved how Izzy challenged my own personal myth/belief that violence (watching in media) automatically leads to actual violence”. — Karen Shipley, Therapist, San Bernardino, California (11.11.05)

“Very informative seminar. Common sense and easy to follow suggestions. Focusing on solutions helps resolve problems quickly and provides positive role model for others”. — Joseph Share, Psychologis/Marriage and Family Therapist, Palm Springs, California (11.10.05)

“This seminar presented a new perspective on bullying and establishing responsible behavior. The presenter was well informed and made the subject interesting”. — Randall Hansen, Psychologist/Social Worker/Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Palm Springs, California (11.10.05)

“I learned a lot and this material made sense. I am looking forward to trying this material with my own kids and the kids at school”. — Wendy Cox, Counselor, Palm Springs, California (11.10.05)

“Refreshingly different”. — Michelle Richmond, Counselor, Fresno, California (3.21.06)

“Great way to think outside of the box; excellent”. — Stephanie Young, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Diego, California (11.9.05)

“Enjoyable, informative and pleasant day. Would recommend seminar to anyone. Encourage bringing your message to our schools (students and teachers). Thank you for presenting”. — Christine Clary, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Bernardino, California (4.13.05)

“This was an excellent seminar. It gave me great interventions to use with high school students that are conduct disorder-type students. It also helped me on a personal level in my own life”. — Marisa Rivera, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, San Bernardino, California (4.13.05)

“This was a significant seminar, with solid content and effective skills. This workshop opened up my eyes to the positive potential of anger in the lives of people”. — Ralph Dawson, Counselor/Psychologist, San Bernardino, California (4.13.05)

“Very good material, part of what I have already proven out in my own life. I appreciate the courage you have to tell the truth, even in opposition to political correctness'”. — Fred Gant, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Bernardino, California (4.13.05)

“Dynamic material taught with fun and insight. Very useful in therapy. Takes the victim out of the victim role and empowers them”. — Sandra Tarr, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Bernardino, California (4.13.05)

“Great presentation! The facilitator kept me wanting to learn more and laughing the whole time”. — Alex Valenzuela, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Bernardino, California (4.13.05)

“This was the most honest presentation of anger issues and concepts that I have ever attended. As a counselor and teacher of anger control with my clients, the philosophical precepts highlighted by Izzy Kalman are directly linked to my own observations and direction of instruction. I was very pleased to find that another professional agrees with my experience”. — Faith Kelly, Counselor, San Bernardino, California (4.13.05)

“The real life application of the material made the seminar infinitely more valuable than a mere theoretical presentation. I will be able to integrate this technique immediately into group therapy. The freedom of speech segment was terrific and a great use of historical documents and intention of constitution!” — Janice Vandiver, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Bernardino, California (4.13.05)

“I work with Developmentally Challenged Adults, and this seminar and the tools provided will help me in providing a new technique in addressing teasing, bossiness, and anger management issues”. — Michelle Roddam, Vocational Instructor, San Bernardino, California (4.13.05)

“I learned a lot for myself and my relationship with husband, children and family. I look forward to some of these skills with clients”. — Julie Hovivian, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Bernardino, California (4.13.05)

“Great focus on delivering a specific, helpful understanding…and intervention strategies…with applicable techniques…related to the issue of anger. You avoided what could have been several distracting discussions initiated by audience members. Your presentation was as personally invigorating and helpful as it is a beneficial professional ‘tool’ sharpening. Thanks”. — Luther Dennis, Marriage and Family Therapist/Counselor/Executive Director, Sherman Oaks, California (4.7.05)

“This has been the most valuable seminar I have attended in over 30 years of Continuing Education Seminars by far!” — Donald Cowan, PhD, Psychologist, Sherman Oaks, California (4.7.05)

“Izzy’s common sense, practical approach to anger control is a breath of fresh air. Useful and valuable information can be used with anyone. I would highly recommend Izzy’s seminars not just to professionals, but to parents as well. Should be mandatory for teachers, too”. — Susan Zaks, Counselor, Sherman Oaks, California (4.7.05)

“Izzy is so down-to-earth and disarming, this the material becomes even more meaningful. I appreciated the presentation and his ability to think on his feet!” — I.B., Counselor, Sherman Oaks, California (4.7.05)

“Thank you for shining such a bright light on this important issue! You mentioned this game is like martial arts. Absolutely! You allow your opponent to let their own energy carry them without getting in their way! Great!” — D.K., Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Sherman Oaks, California (4.7.05)

“This seminar was presented with so much truth and humor. It was a refreshing different perspective. Thank you for the new skills and tools”. — Dorothy Means, Social Worker, Sherman Oaks, California (4.7.05)

“I appreciated the instructor’s humor, and over lunch, my spouse and I agreed to try Mr. Kalman’s strategies. So this class is already working for us – thanks! I am interested in the ways this course felt like a version of STEP parening, or 1,2,3 Magic Parenting to be used on other adults, not just kids”. — Jeni Massi, Psychologist, Sherman Oaks, California (4.7.05)

“What a true pleasure to sit through an antidote to the usual psycho-babble, “progressive” and victim-focused treatment of anger management. Great job! So refreshing to hear the message of personal responsibility! Moreover, a great ‘review’ of Freedom of Speech! The song took guts! Thank you!” — Carol Wintrode, Marriage and Family Therapist, Torrance, California (4.12.05)

“Thank you Izzy! Humor is the antidote and the remedy to our civilized human problems. The ability to laugh out loud at ourselves and the absurdity of civilization is True Medicine. I appreciated your gift in role-playing old hurts, old wounds and releasing old anger to get back to joy”. — Hilary Henson, Marriage and Family Therapist, Torrance, California (4.12.05)

“Enjoyed the speaker’s sense of humor and funny jokes. Mr. Kalman was very knowledgeable of the topic and provided a lot of useful information. The lecture was never boring and his great personality and style of teaching kept your interest. I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar of ‘Anger Control’ with Mr. Kalman”. — Dena Galloway, Counselor/Mental Health Rehabilitation Specialist, Torrance, California (4.12.05)

“Mr. Kalman presents realistic goals and then provides believable, practical, accessible ways to achieve the goals. I really appreciate Mr. Kalman’s expertise as a presenter and his ability to teach”. — Gerrie Cole, Educator, Torrance, California (4.12.05)

“Especially like the prepared workbook! Exceptional! The Anger Verse Awry Song really was entertaining and drove home the concepts. The humor made a dry topic very interesting!” — Virginia Houseman, Marriage and Family Therapist, Irvine, California (4.6.05)

“Excellent seminar. Very informative and useful. Enjoyed Izzy’s humor”. — Todd Creager, Social Worker/Marriage and Family Therapist, Irvine, California (4.6.05)

“An unusual, creative approach to anger issues in therapy. Deepened my empathy for clients and encouraged my use of ‘solution’ oriented treatment approaches”. — Mary Ellen Glaser, Social Worker/Counselor, Irvine, California (4.6.05)

“This was a very good seminar. It seems very simple yet I feel it will be effective with many people. I am looking forward to sharing the information with others. Thank you”. — Katherine Grahl, Social Worker/Counselor, Irvine, California (4.6.05)

“A whole new way to look at anger – I know I will use this in my personal as well as professional life. Also very entertaining! I admire his courage at presenting a new view of a universal issue and new strategies  so that we can actually do things differently and hopefully facilitate better outcomes. Thank you!” — Lynette McDonald, Social Worker/Counselor, Irvine, California (4.6.05)

“All concepts were thoroughly explained and logical. We had live demonstrations that made the points applicable. I had used the ‘no blaming’ for anger in my sessions – but I will better be able to explain the phenomenon of being friendly back. This definitely helped my put the foundation (with good explanations) of why these reactions work in practice. Thank you for figuring it out! It was helpful to me”. — Renee Hulse, Marriage and Family Therapist, Irvine, California (4.6.05)

“Izzy makes learning about anger fun, he’s creative, opens up one’s mind to look beyond the ‘typical’ – great learning – thank you! Easy application”. — Nancy Golden, Counselor/Social Worker, San Diego, California (4.5.05)

“Excellent presentation – very appropriate for me personally, my partner and his daughter whom I resent (carrying anger). Very relevant to some staff at school who use anger to feel in control and punish a student…but they look foolish” — Donna Peterson, Counselor, San Diego, California (4.5.05)

“Entertaining, thought provoking. Loved the part about Freedom of Speech (cursing part)”. — Gina Eldred, Social Worker San Diego, California (4.5.05)

“This was an excellent training. Nice job. I think you are correct in your assertions regarding children being picked on by other students contributing to children killing their fellow classmates. We don’t help children by feeling sorry for them. We help them by building strength and coping strategies. This is a great strategy/technique/approach to building coping skills to assist with anger management and improving self concept. Lots of audience participants struggled with your concepts. However, you did an excellent job. I will use these techniques with my clients”. —  Michelle Bennett, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Diego, California (4.5.05)

“Much excellent material to take away! I will use some of the teachings right away!” — Gesine Schaffer, Psychologist, San Jose, California (10.28.04)

“Great information for expanding understanding”. — Jeanne Guerra, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Jose, California (10.28.04)

“Speaker is dynamic, engaging and down to earth. I could have listened to him for several more hours”. — Gail Rinn, Therapist, San Jose, California (10.28.04)

“It was an excellent presentation. I love the presenter’s sense of humor. The information presented makes sense and it’s easy to understand”. — Juana Ventura, Social Worker, San Jose, California (10.28.04)

“Thanks – you were very engaging and entertaining while providing useful material. It’s a rare combo!” — Barb Griswold, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Jose, California (10.28.04)
“Fabulous and fun!” — Ilene Wolf, Marriage and Family Therapist, San Francisco, California (10.27.04)

“I plan to use this information at work and in my personal life. It’s easy to use and very practical. Thank you!” — Meg Dvorak, Social Worker, San Francisco, California (10.27.04)
“Outstanding, stimulating, engaging”. — Mark Clementi, Psychologist, Santa Rosa, California (10.26.04)

“Good presentation of info. Role plays effective and fun. I really liked the pacing of this workshop”. — Cheryl S. Dobbins, Marriage and Family Therapist, Santa Rosa, California (10.26.04)

“I thoroughly enjoyed this seminar and am eager to put what I have learned into practice. Excellent, helpful for all relationships and interactions”. — Julie Hanson, Social Worker, Sacramento, California (10.20.04)

“Excellent presenter; wonderful sense of humor. This was the most interesting, lively, funny and informative CE course I’ve ever attended. Thank you, Izzy!” — Surry Tresser, Marriage and Family Therapist, Sacramento, California (10.20.04)

“Energy, clarity, role-playing and teaching was detailed, useful, and ready-to-use”. — Clarence Hall, Clinical Director, Aldea Children’s and Family Services, Sacramento, California (10.20.04)

“This was a real challenge today. You confronted many long-held beliefs and taught convincing skills to manage anger”. — Lynette Statham, Social Worker, Fresno, California (10.19.04)

“Mr. Kalman has an excellent presentation style; humorous, filled with personal anecdotes”. — Nancy Osborn, School Psychologist, Fresno, California (10.19.04)

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