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Arkansas Seminar Testimonials

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“Outstanding job. Best conference of the year. Izzy did an outstanding job.” – Anthony Wood, Counselor, Tunica, Mississippi (9.02.10)

“I have worked in anger management for 14 years. I do 1 or 2 groups every month, 10 to 30 people a month. This confirmed methods I use and gave me new ideas. Thank you.” – Donald Akey, Social Worker, Tunica, Mississippi (9.02.10) 

“Very informative and useful with clients and in personal life!” – Kim Bouse, Counselor, Fort Smith, Arkansas (8.31.10)

“The teaching, at first, was confusing to me because I didn’t agree with the direction it was taking. However, this process was ‘different’ or ‘outside’ my norm and became very good and beneficial.” – Eddie Donovan, Counselor/Case Manager, Fort Smith, Arkansas (8.31.10)

“This presentation was very informative. The examples helped apply the strategies to real life situations. The strategies can definitely be used in therapeutic practice.” – Amber Waite, Licensed Professional Examiner, Fort Smith, Arkansas (8.31.10)

“Great information! I feel this will be very helpful in therapy!” – Diane Baer, Counselor, Fort Smith, Arkansas (8.31.10) 

“Courageous presentation of old fashioned pragmatics.” – Betsy Hedinger, Fort Smith, Arkansas (8.31.10)

“I was impressed with the presenter’s courage to mention Jesus and things in the Bible.” – Kellie Thompson, Social Worker, Fort Smith, Arkansas (8.31.10) 

“Wonderful perspective on anger that I will try with clients. Thank you!” – Marsha Edmunson, Social Worker, Little Rock, Arkansas (9.01.10) 

“Absolutely loved this seminar! Izzy presented common sense principles. It was so good to hear such principles in a world caught up in political correctness and concepts that actually teach our kids to be offended. Great job!” – Sandy Maynard, Case Manager, Little Rock, Arkansas (9.01.10)

“Excellent presentation! – Great tips that can be put to use right away.” – Deborah Rogers, Social Worker, Little Rock, Arkansas (8.31.10)

“The presenter was fabulous. He kept the room engaged, was very funny and knew his information.” – Elizabeth Fowler, Social Worker, Little Rock, Arkansas (9.01.10)

“Particularly enjoyed presentation style. The stress on ‘common sense’ and respect of others was great. Refreshing.” – George Spence, Psychologist, Little Rock, Arkansas (12.02.09)

“Very insightful presentation. Izzy presented ideas and methods in clear manner Will use model at soonest opportunity.” – Coleman Matthews, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Little Rock, Arkansas (12.02.09)

“Excellent presentation and information. Thank you!” – Educator, Little Rock, Arkansas (12.02.09)

“Excellent presentation. Thought provoking. Inciteful. Very valuable tools. I’m enthusiastic about employing them.” – Randall Cox, Social Worker, Little Rock, Arkansas (12.02.09)

“The discussion on humor alone was worth the cost of the seminar.” – Psychologist, Little Rock, Arkansas (12.02.09)

“Great information that will be useful when dealing with students at my school.” – Jonathan Calvin, Educator, Little Rock, Arkansas (12.02.09)

“Very entertaining way to teach kids and teachers how to handle bullying.” – Linda Morton, Social Worker, Fort Smith, Arkansas (12.01.09)

“Finally-someone who believe as I do, that ‘If there are no victims, there won’t be any bullies.'” – Jane Woolley, Counselor, Fort Smith, Arkansas (12.01.09)

“Enjoyed your viewpoints, especially regarding victim/abuser relationships. I’m a former domestic violence advocate and was really disappointed in how my workplace (shelter) ‘helped’ victims-always felt that we were enabling rather than helping. Your perspective is right on! Thanks.” – C.B., Educator/Case Manager, Springdale, Arkansas (4.8.08)

“I appreciate the content and presentation of the seminar. The subject matter is current and helpful. My viewpoint was not only changed but I now have tools that may help others. I want to thank Mr. Izzy Kalman for his hard work, experience and willingness to share it with others. ‘Izzy is a kind soul that I can easily nominate for ‘counselor sainthood’ (lowest level, entry point subject to change, so keep up the good work). Note: I am including the freedom of speech as well.” – Eddie Hansford, Rehabilitation Counselor, Springdale, Arkansas (4.8.08)

“Excellent! Very useful for almost any therapeutic situation.” – Roseanna Presley, Counselor, Springdale, Arkansas (4.8.08)

“Awesome! Thanks for sharing your knowledge, Izzy. I’d highly recommend your presentation to others.” – “A ‘juicy’ seminar! Izzy Kalman’s interest and expertise in the area of teaching anger control is excellent! A rewarding experience!” – Ron B. Dugger, Psychologist, Springdale, Arkansas (4.8.08)

“I am so pleased with Izzy’s game. I have used it with my 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders with good results.” – Debbie Lokey, Counselor, Fort Smith, Arkansas (9.13.05)

“The information presented today will hopefully help me in my personal as well as professional life. If I apply the practices presented, life will be much better for me as well as my family and coworkers.” – D.M., Nurse, Fort Smith, Arkansas (9.13.05)

“I enjoyed today’s presentation greatly. Not only will I be able to use the learned material in my professional life, but I am sure I am going to be able to use it in my private life as well. Thanks Izzy!” – Stacie Hartsfield, Training/Marketing, Fort Smith, Arkansas (9.13.05)

“I don’t give top marks easily. I do so with Izzy’s seminar because the information makes so much sense, fits together perfectly, and was presented so well. His delivery was clear, logical and entertaining. I appreciate the pace! The interactive portion was helpful. Many Thanks! I believe I can use this information and I plan to pass it along.” – Nancy Kahanak, Case Manager, Fort Smith, Arkansas (9.13.05)

“Thank you for bringing God’s word into training about anger control. Your foundation is solid and you will be blessed for your message. Even the cursing example was GREAT. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. – a Biblical principle!”- June La Mie, Case Manager, Fort Smith, Arkansas (9.13.05)

“Loved it! Izzy was very entertaining as well as informative. This is the best continuing education seminar I’ve ever been to. I liked the role playing and Izzy’s willingness to take on any situation thrown at him by the audience.” – Angela Gilbert, Licensed Psychological Examiner, Little Rock, Arkansas (9.14.05)

“Very helpful information presented in an entertaining way. I can’t wait to try it with the kids I work with.” – Susan Flowers, Counselor, Little Rock, Arkansas (9.14.05)

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