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Arizona Seminar Testimonials

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“Izzy is an excellent teacher and his approach is outstanding.” – Nancy Diverde-Nushawg, Psychologist, Phoenix, Arizona (1.05.11)

“I really enjoyed this seminar. I learned a lot and I cannot wait to share it with my co-workers and district.” – Jeffrey Birthwright, Prevention/Interventionist, Phoenix, Arizona (1.05.11)

“A very refreshing approach to problem-solving! I’m excited to try techniques that seem easy to master and deeply effective.” – Emily Phares, Social Worker, Phoenix, Arizona (1.05.11) 

“I learned a new perspective on bullying. It opened my eyes to the difference between bullies and victims.” – Angelica Duddleston, Educator, Phoenix, Arizona (1.05.11)

“Topic and speaker outstanding.” – Lisa Maguire, Counselor, Phoenix, Arizona (1.05.11) 

“Finally! Someone who gets it and isn’t afraid to say it! I appreciate Izzy’s detailed approach to increasing awareness about how we can be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.” – Michelle Belongia, Counselor, Phoenix, Arizona (1.05.11)

“It’s radical presentation of Anger but it makes perfect sense!” – Maria Quezada, Counselor, Phoenix, Arizona (9.2.09)

“Thank you for addressing the unfortunate trend in the social sciences toward embracing victimization. Clients need to believe they can choose not to be a victim. I very much appreciate your approach.” – Raymond Branton, Psychologist, Phoenix, Arizona (9.2.09)

“When I was age 12, my rebelliousness stopped immediately when my dad starting crying for the first time, instead of yelling at me – and I realized I was hurting him.” – Melodee Hobbs, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Phoenix, Arizona (9.2.09)

“Thank you, I enjoyed the class. I teach an ‘anger management’ class for military members. This will be very useful and easily implemented into my current class. It complements Acceptance and Commitment Therapy that I use.” -Tammy Hancock, Social Worker, Phoenix, Arizona (9.2.09)

“Simple and realistic.” – Gerry Bailey, Social Worker, Phoenix, Arizona (9.2.09)

“Presenter very knowledgeable. Information was helpful for a wide variety of problem areas and client population.” – Sarah Hanchett, Social Worker/Play Therapist/Marriage and Family Therapist, Phoenix, Arizona (9.2.09)

“Fun presentation. It’s like the illustration that the best way to end a tug of war game is to lay down the rope.” – Wanda Chiles, Counselor/Social Worker, Phoenix, Arizona (9.2.09)

“Thoroughly enjoyed a different perspective on helping clients with this all too frequently occurring problem. Sound and sensible help for clients. I feel like I have valuable tools to help clients deal with current real painful relationship problems!” – Monica Olsen, Marriage and Family Therapist, Phoenix, Arizona (9.2.09)

“I am happy to see someone relating information that is true, though not necessarily P.C. And I’m glad there is 3rd party validation available for my own studies and application issues.” – James Gorday, Social Worker/Life Coach, Phoenix, Arizona (9.2.09)

“Great job! I really liked the way Izzy incorporates humor in his material. I also really enjoyed the role playing.” – Reena Grgosalia (1.11.06)

“I really enjoyed the role-playing. It would be good if this class could be presented to all teachers! It is a whole new outlook on how to deal with bullying.” – Lawrence Goff, Educator, Phoenix, Arizona (1.11.06)

“The two magic responses are easy to remember and powerful. I appreciate the moral base using the Golden Rule and Biblical/Torah teachings. They are true!!” – Linda Rodgers, Counselor/Educator, Phoenix, Arizona (1.11.06)

“Wonderful, refreshing ideas – so different from what is being taught about bullying currently. I’m going to try to get my teaching about the bully/victim topic in live with Mr. Kalman’s ideas. I believe they make sense and will help children grow in becoming responsible, well adjusted, happy individuals.

I’m so thankful this seminar came my way. I think I can now help children become more successful socially and emotionally.” – Peggy Morris, Counselor/Educator, Phoenix, Arizona (1.11.06)

“Your dealing with bullies sounds like all my mother’s combination of good ‘ol common sense, basic psychology, and religious teachings (what I grew up with in the protestan church, i.e., ‘Golden Rule,’ etc.” – Jennifer Travis, Counselor, Phoenix, Arizona (1.11.06)

“This is what has been missing from schools, homes, and relationships when there are recurring incidences of victimization. I have been focusing on empowering the victim but without these tools that can bring fast results. Thank you.” – D.W., Counselor, Phoenix, Arizona (1.11.06)

“You have truly taken the wisdom of the ages and repackaged it in a very pragmatic form that can enhance any relationship. Congratulations and thanks!” – Linda Cathcart, Clinical Supervisor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor (Copper Canyon Academy), Phoenix, Arizona (1.11.06)

“This truly lived up to the brochure’s statements about being the most important seminar I have attended! I fully agree with the philosophy presented. If more people hear this message, I believe we could effect real, lasting and healthy change for our children and ourselves! I can’t wait to start using these techniques with students and teachers!” – Kelly Sevier, Counselor, Phoenix, Arizona (1.11.06)

“Great presentation! Very informative!” – Keith Morgan, Child Care Provider, Tucson, Arizona (1.10.06)

“Excellent opportunity to view the social stigma of ‘bullying’ in a totally different light. One that I agree should be taught and spread to multiple organizations, throughout the country. An innovative seminar that will have me thinking and researching on this subject to a more intensified extent. Excellent presenter that communicates the information with intelligence, preciseness and ease of topic and knowledge.” – Jennifer Ware, Teacher/Biology, Tucson, Arizona (1.10.06)

“Izzy was great. He is like Victor Frankl doing Akido. Great approach to this topic!” – Kimberly Hunter, Counselor, Tucson, Arizona (1.10.06)

“It was invigorating to learn a different perspective. My attention span usually is short but I listened all day.” – Cindy Tatum-Shipley, Executive Director, Tatum and Associates, Phoenix, Arizona (11.18.04)

“Very valuable for elementary teachers, especially Physical Education!!” – Jerome Kosters, Elementary Phys. Ed. Teacher, Phoenix, Arizona (11.18.04)

“Good explanation of theories and why he uses his approach to bullies/victims. I liked the way Izzy handled the questions by the audience.” – Heather Baxt, School Counselor, Phoenix, Arizona (11.18.04)

“Very good, totally different way of presenting info on bullying.” – Name withheld, Worker, Phoenix, Arizona (11.18.04)

“I liked the material. We need this for ‘balance.’ We are creating too many victims. Hooray for you!” – Julie Koehn, Elementary Counselor, Phoenix, Arizona (11.18.04)

“Controversial ideas but they make sense. It will be interesting to try some of these methods.” – C.C., Nurse, Phoenix, Arizona (11.18.04)

“I want to say Amen! This was an incredible presentation! I could listen to him for days. Everything made perfect sense, and was very logical and accurate as well as helpful.” – Rebecca Wootton, 4th Grade Teacher, Phoenix, Arizona (11.18.04)

“Our school’s JAI’s would use a conference like this in our part of the reservation (Navajo) in all areas.” – Lena T. McKerry, Residential Assistant, Phoenix, Arizona (11.18.04)

“Information was right on target and very helpful/useful.” – Suzanne Coulton, Counselor, Phoenix, Arizona (11.18.04)

“Read info about seminar and liked what I read. Kept my interest – excellent and interesting speaker.” – Connie Gigous, Nurse Practitioner, Phoenix, Arizona (11.18.04)

“Great blend of humor and instruction. I enjoyed the presenter very much. His words are thought-provoking and intelligent. I was stimulated to challenge old paradigms, and I truly learned a great deal. If Mr. Kalman receives negative feedback by others it is because they are not opening their minds to his brilliant understanding and articulation of human behavior.” – Julie Browning, Social Worker/Educator, Phoenix, Arizona (11.18.04)

“Very provocative, radical, hopeful teaching!” – Name withheld, Counselor, Tucson, Arizona (11.17.04)

“Outstanding! Izzy Kalman’s material is wonderful! Extremely refreshing! The best CEU I’ve been to in a long time. Thank you. I will be recommending this seminar to my entire staff and to other professionals.” – Annette Ladd, East Side Director and Licensed Professional Counselor, Renewal Centers, Tucson, Arizona (11.17.04)

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