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Alabama Seminar Testimonials

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Love his role playing. Very digestible and effective! I can implement his techniques immediately to a broad range of personal and clinical situations because they compliment foundation skills for any therapeutic modality.” – Elizabeth Cochran, Marriage and Family Therapist, Mobile, Alabama (8.19.13)

“I think this is a great approach to dealing with anger issues as well as victimization. It is incredibly practical and imparted a great deal of wisdom. Good stuff. Instructor is great. We need to get back to these basic principles of interacting with others. Good, good stuff.” – Pamela Savage, Social Worker, Mobile, Alabama (8.19.13)

“Presentation was provocative, thought-provoking and provided practical skills to accomplish with clients. I expect to actually use this material and techniques in my practice.” – Lynne Rogers, Counselor/Social Worker, Birmingham, Alabama (10.25.12)

“I was impressed that you held my attention without the use of lots of materials. This seminar was informative and entertaining. I laughed a lot and learned new skills to use with my clients. The role playing was especially helpful.” – Louisa DiLeone, Counselor, Birmingham, Alabama (10.25.12)

“Engaging and interesting. Hope to attend more seminars from/with Izzy Kalman. He was very approachable and down to earth.” – Jessica Messer, Juvenile Probation Officer, Birmingham, Alabama (10.25.12)

“I anticipate this to be an effective tool in my practice which is primarily children and adolescents.” – Jan Lasseter, Counselor, Birmingham, Alabama (10.25.12)

“Excellent seminar – one of the best I have ever attended. Superior speaker who was very knowledgeable about the topic. Excellent information provided in a booklet form easily read and much better than a slide form information.” – Amy Thingpen, Counselor, Birmingham, Alabama (10.25.12)

“Thank you so much for finally offering helpful suggestions and research. I deal with this problem daily and have gotten stuck on what to tell kids to do when what we taught only makes it worse.” – Rebecca Dacquisto, Counselor, Mobile, Alabama (4.07.11)

“I enjoyed the seminar and learned new ways to deal with the problems of bullying and tattling. The old way did not work.” – E.R., Counselor, Mobile, Alabama (4.07.11)

“Excellent seminar. Refreshing, wise perspective.” – Susan Goble, Marriage and Family Therapist, Birmingham, Alabama (2.01.11)

“I felt that I can go back to my school and teach my students how to be responsible for themselves in not being a victim, rather than focusing so much on the bully. I realized that I need more role playing in my counseling classes.” – Brenda Elliott, Counselor/Educator, Birmingham, Alabama (2.01.11)

“The presentations should be in schools of all grade levels!!” – Tiffany Poe, Case Manager, Birmingham, Alabama (2.01.11)

“The presenter did an excellent job of presenting valuable information that I believe can help children (and adults) handle bully-type behavior. I love Izzy’s philosophy.” – Debra Harvel, Counselor, Birmingham, Alabama (2.01.11)

“Very helpful concepts that will be easy to teach to my clients.” – Nancy Thomas, Counselor, Birmingham, Alabama (2.01.11)

“The Birmingham City Schools administration and faculty could really use your information in a professional development setting.” – Regina McWilliams, Educator, Birmingham, Alabama (2.01.11)

“New insight on managing bullying in our schools.” – Joslyn Reddick, Educator, Birmingham, Alabama (2.01.11)

“This is the best seminar I’ve attended in the past 10 years! Great!” – Leroy Richardson, Psychologist, Birmingham, Alabama (2.01.11)

“Thank you for teaching me techniques to teach students how not to be victims. The emphasis on ‘Victim-Proof’ rather ‘Bully-Proof’ makes sense. I plan to utilize the role plays in my school which has 750 students in grades 3, 4, and 5.” – Counselor, Mobile, Alabama, (10.22.09)

“This was a very unusual seminar. However, I plan to try these techniques with my students. I love the role-playing!! Excellent presenter!!” – Gayle Ligon, Counselor, Mobile, Alabama, (10.22.09)

“I have a new outlook regarding bullying now. I now have a desire to empower the victim. I did not feel like this prior to this seminar. Thanks for the attitude adjustment.” – Melanie Perritt, Educator, Mobile, Alabama, (10.22.09)

“Presenter was unique, ‘out of the box’ in his thought process, non-conforming, strong sense of self. Refreshing.” – Clergy, Mobile, Alabama, (10.22.09)

“Breath of fresh air! I have been waiting for this from mental health.” – Audrey Bond, Marriage and Family Therapist, Birmingham, Alabama (8.20.09)

“Thought provoking out of the box common sense! Easily applicable.” – Lesia Smith, Counselor, Birmingham, Alabama (8.20.09)

“Wonderful! Izzy presents his material well and presents it with a sense of humor which makes it very entertaining and fun-also very informative. This is definitely material I will use with my clients right away.” – E.S., Counselor, Birmingham, Alabama (8.20.09)

“I came to this workshop for CEUs and found a wealth of information and a usable technique for working with situations in my personal and professional life.” – Karen Carter, Counselor/Activity Professional, Birmingham, Alabama (8.20.09)

“Excellent and relevant information. Very useful for clients at our facility.” – Lisa Fadorsen, Counselor, Mobile, Alabama (6.24.08)

“This was a very educational seminar. I am excited to share this technique with clients, colleagues, and friends.” – Renee Huff, Social Worker, Mobile, Alabama (6.24.08)

“One of the most helpful seminars I’ve attended.” – Mary Dryden, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Mobile, Alabama (6.24.08)

“Role plays were very beneficial. Great job of keeping attendees engaged. I took this for the CEUs, but was pleasantly surprised by how beneficial this was.” – Charlene Osborne, Counselor, Mobile, Alabama (6.24.08)

“I have taken lots of CEUs/training in anger management-this was a unique and valuable approach! Demonstration of ‘the game’ was helpful and excellent.” – A.M. Guarino, Educator/Counselor, Mobile, Alabama (6.24.08)

“I truly enjoyed the information presented and how it was presented. The ‘Game’ technique was amazing.” – Anise Jackson, Counselor, Birmingham, Alabama (1.10.08)

“I have attended many seminars and Izzy Kalman is by far the best presenter I have experienced. This was a great seminar. Izzy made it interesting, helped me in personalizing the concepts, and used humor throughout the seminar time.” – Joseph Callahan, Counselor/Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Birmingham, Alabama (1.10.08)

“After almost 40 years in the field, it is difficult to find something new under the sun. Seminars become repetitive and boring. This one was not!” – Carol Copeland, Social Worker, Birmingham, Alabama (1.10.08)

“A workshop packed with important and useful information for improving relationships packaged in humor and fun – and enjoyable way to learn!” – Julia Russell, Counselor, Birmingham, Alabama (1.10.08)

“The role plays were helpful in demonstrating how his techniques can work. I agree that mental health professionals definitely need help with their own anger in order to help clients with theirs.” – Gina Mize, Social Worker, Birmingham, Alabama (1.10.08)

“The ‘game’ is an excellent teaching tool. And the role plays were effective. I liked the way he synthesized the content. It was fresh and useful. Can’t wait to practice the ‘game’ with my Anger Management groups! Thank you!” – Kathryn Allen, Psychologist, Birmingham, Alabama (1.10.08)

“An enjoyable and informative seminar that focuses on the solution rather than bewailing the problem. A bargain at twice the registration fee.” – Ray Spivey, Counselor, Birmingham, Alabama (1.10.08)

“Thank you for a very helpful and informative meeting. It was presented in a simple format that I was able to understand and be able to use.” – Brenda Bradford, Social Worker, Birmingham, Alabama (1.10.08)

“Very interesting to me personally and professionally. The examples given through role play were excellent.” – Kelly Cothran, Counselor, Birmingham, Alabama (1.10.08)

“Very insightful, interesting, and though provoking. The speaker was extremely captivating and I never got bored of lost interest.” – R.J., Counselor, Birmingham, Alabama (1.10.08)

“Glad I came. Thought it would be the same old, same old, anti-bullying trainings that don’t work. I was pleasantly surprised.” – Kathleen Shaulis, Social Worker/Counselor/Educator, Birmingham, Alabama (5.8.07)

“I do believe we are becoming a society of “victims.” I appreciated this perspective.” – Barbara Spink, Birmingham, Alabama (5.8.07)

“This course was better than I expected. I’m looking forward to implementing the ideas I learned today.” – Sabrah Agee, Educator, Birmingham, Alabama (5.8.07)

“Excellent! I learned a lot. I appreciate the way you stick to your teaching plan and did not let people get you off course.” – Nancy Cooper, Counselor, Huntsville, Alabama (5.9.07)

“Enjoyed seminar! It’s nice to hear that someone is unafraid to tell it like he sees it… without regard to being politically correct.” – Phyllis Howell, Educator, Huntsville, Alabama (5.9.07)

“Thank you for developing these methods and concepts. They are great! Thank you for sharing them.” – M.D., Counselor, Huntsville, Alabama (5.9.07)

“The anti-bullying program at our schools has not been working. Our children can recognize bullying in everyone but themselves. Thank you for your common sense strategies. Age old wisdom always comes around again.” – Name Withheld, Counselor/Marriage and Family Therapist, Mobile, Alabama (5.09.06)

“This seminar content is realistic, practical and professional. Mr. Kalman is outstanding in this field of mental health. I will certainly recommend his presentations to others.” – Rosemary Henrion, Mental Health Professional, Mobile, Alabama (5.09.06)

“The speaker was very engaging and humorous and covered the material thoroughly. The printed materials were comprehensive and extremely helpful. The information is timely and will be useful both personally and professionally.” – Bridget Hannahan, Psychologist, Mobile, Alabama (5.09.06)

“This was a great seminar. I learned a better way to empower my students to solve their own problems.” – Kelly Cote´, Educator, Mobile, Alabama (5.09.06)

“Presentation challenged me to think differently about ‘anti-bully’ movement. Presenter’s approach can result in more peace at school and at home.” – Tommi Lacy, Counselor, Birmingham, Alabama (4.06.06)

“This seminar was both very informative and enjoyable. All tactics and methods explained are practical and usable.” – Jeffrey Edwards, Case Manager, Birmingham, Alabama (4.06.06)

“One of the best seminars I have attended. The information was simple, sensible, and workable. I never knew teaching anger control could be so easy!” – Scott A. Hayes, Social Worker, Montgomery, Alabama (3.15.05)

“Very dynamic instructor with a different approach to anger management. A strong speaker who holds your attention for the full day.” – Judd A. Katz, Administrator and Professor of Psychology, Auburn University, Montgomery, Alabama (3.15.05)

“This was one of the most enjoyable seminars I have attended in a long time. The content was excellent and comprehensive. Izzy’s sense of humor increased his effectiveness. Great job!” – Linda Forward, Social Worker, Montgomery, Alabama (3.15.05)

“What a wonderful approach to improving human relations in any setting.” – Natalie Nadler, Social Worker, Birmingham, Alabama, (3.10.05)

“Wish teachers at my work could see the role playing so they wouldn’t make situations worse!” DeWanna Howard, School Counselor, Birmingham, Alabama, (3.10.05)

“Mr. Kalman takes the angst out of dealing with anger! Thanks!” – Kathy Gibb, Nurse, Birmingham, Alabama, (3.10.05)

“Great workshop. New ideas to solve an old problem” – Rolland Rutokowski, Clinician Coordinator, Birmingham, Alabama, (3.10.05)

“Izzy is a great teacher. I would listen to him for hours.” – Denise Vett, Day Center Coordinator, Mobile, Alabama (7.13.04)

“Great speaker! Really enjoyed it. I came away with new ideas to use in our schools. Thanks!” – Cathy Holmes, Social Worker, Mobile, Alabama, (7.13.04)

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