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The Simple Solution to Sibling Rivalry

The single most common and annoying family problem is sibling rivalry. The Biblical story of murder between the world’s first siblings, Cain and Abel, indicates that the problem is as old as Civilization. It still remains one of the most stubborn of all problems, baffling even most therapists.


From Soulmates to Cellmates: Why good marriages go bad and how to save them

Some couples would have been better off never having gotten married in the first place. They get married when they are too young to understand what they are doing, or they get married for the wrong reasons, or they discover too late that their spouse has a character defect that makes it impossible for them to get along with anyone.


How to Stop Your Children from Driving You Crazy

Virtually no one who begins a family is psychologically prepared for the difficulty in store for them. Children devise endless ways to drive their parents crazy. No one loves children and does as much for them as their parents. Yet children treat their parents worse than they treat anyone else.

Transforming Bullies to Buddies

“The Secret Keys to Raising & Educating Confidence and Empowered, Emotionally Balanced and Successful Kids” – Julie Kleinhans, Certified LIfe Coach, Teacher and Mentor interview Israel C. (Izzy) Kalman



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