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The New Jersey Bullies to Buddies™ Training Center

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Under the auspices of The Child and Teen Success Center of New Jersey

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Bullying can be stopped with no extra budget!

  • Is your school or district trying to comply with the New Jersey anti-bullying law, only to discover that bullying continues unabated and you don’t have the funds necessary to comply with the investigation and reporting requirements of the law?
  • Is your school using a popular anti-bullying program, only to find that the results are not nearly as good as you were led to expect?
  • Do your school counselors wish they had an effective method for helping kids who are bullied?
  • Are you a parent looking for a professional who knows how to help your bullied child?

New Jersey is proud to have passed the toughest anti-bullying law of any state in the nation. However, as both schools and parents are discovering, a law does not make problems magically disappear. Government is neither God or a magician. It is comprised of people just like you and me. If people don’t know how to get rid of bullying, the government can’t do it either. Research has been showing that the most highly revered anti-bullying programs, including the Olweus Bullying Prevention Program endorsed by the New Jersey Principals and Supervisors Association, rarely produce more than a minor reduction in bullying and often lead to an increase. The program creators consider it a great success if the research finds a 12% reduction in bullying. What about the remaining 88%? Where do these programs leave your school and your children?

What anti-bullying laws do accomplish is to make it easy for parents to sue schools for failing to make bullying stop. Anti-bullying laws have pushed tensions between parents and schools to an all-time high. Fearing lawsuits by angry parents, schools try harder to enforce the laws, only to discover that their efforts are failing and they face the lawsuits anyway.

So how can New Jersey help schools and students if the laws and programs don’t work very well? By doing what does work!

Dr. Steven Sussman, PhD, Director of The Child and Teen Success Centers of New York and New Jersey, has taken the initiative to make New Jersey’s dream for a bully-free school environment a reality. He has established a training center for the Bullies to Buddies™ Golden Rule System, created by his colleague Israel “Izzy” Kalman, MS, a Nationally Certified School Psychologist who has been teaching his uniquely simple and effective methods throughout the U.S. and abroad. Kalman is the author of Bullies to Buddies: How to Turn Your Enemies into Friends, and other books and materials for eliminating bullying.

The popular “bullying-will-not-be-tolerated” approach requires the school to function like a correctional facility. Children are deprived of freedom as the staff monitor everything they do and say to each other and kids are expected to be informants on one other. The staff is expected to ensure than no student gets away with any infraction of the school’s anti-bullying policy, which consists of any action that can upset any child in any way. Kids accused of bullying behaviors are treated like criminals who need to be interrogated, judged, punished and rehabilitated.

Bullies to Buddies™ treats schools as educational institutions whose purpose is to prepare children for the challenges of life. This includes knowing how to handle hostility, for hostility goes on throughout life. In fact, the most frequent and serious aggression of all happens right in the home. Bullies to Buddies™equips students with the simple, timeless wisdom for defusing bullying without needing anyone’s help and without getting anyone in trouble. As a result, children grow in emotional maturity, independence and resilience. They learn skills that will help them succeed in social situations throughout life. Academic achievement goes up because educators can spend more time teaching and less time acting like police officers and students can concentrate better.

Bullies to Buddies™ is based on concepts taught by virtually every major school of psychology and psychotherapy, including (but not limited to): Cognitive Behavior Therapy

  • Rational Emotive Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavior Therapy
  • Rogerian Counseling
  • Transactional Analysis
  • Reality Therapy
  • Adlerian Therapy
  • Assertiveness Training
  • Mindfulness
  • Positive Psychology

The New Jersey Bullies to Buddies™ Training Center offers:

  • Workshops for Mental Health Professionals and Educators
  • Group and Individual Treatment for Children
    (both bullies and targets)
  • School Bullying Prevention Assemblies
  • School and District Trainings
  • Workplace Bullying Trainings
  • Parenting and Marital Problem Workshops

Click here for more information – Please get in touch with us to discuss your needs.

Child and Teen Success Center 

615  Sherwood Parkway   
Mountainside, New Jersey
Phone: 908-232-6432

Bullies to Buddies
Phone number: 866-983-1333    Fax: 718-983-3851     Email:

Special: Special Half-Price Inauguration Offer for New Jersey Schools!

In honor of the establishment of the Bullies to Buddies Training Center in New Jersey,

we are offering a limited-time 50% discount offer for schools!

Bullies to Buddies™ Golden Rule System Training

Regular Price: $2400

Special New Jersey Inaugural Price: $1200

Offer valid for trainings booked by July 31, 2012


• Full day of training (up to six hours) by Constance Palmer,

Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Certified Bullies to Buddies™ Trainer.

o Assemblies for Children

o Staff training

o Meeting with parents

• Complete set of Bullies to Buddies educational materials (retail value $625)*

o DVD program, Victim-Proof Your School, which includes

  1. DVDs for students
  2. DVDs for staff
  3. Trainer’s Manual

o DVD program, Turning Workplace Hostility into Harmony

o Book: Bullies to Buddies: How to turn your enemies into friends

o A Revolutionary Guide to Reducing Aggression between Children

o Comic: Super-Dren, the De-Victimizer

o Audio CD, How to Stop Being Teased and Bullied without Really Trying

• A Rational, Moral School Bullying Policy Based on the Golden Rule

• Online “Before and After” surveys to measure effectiveness of program

*Additional educational materials will be available for 50% off.

Additional bonus: The first five schools to take advantage of this half-price offer

will receive an additional set of educational materials ($625 value)

Start the school year off on the right footing!

Call us at 866-983-1333 to schedule a training for your school

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