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Please feel free to browse through our growing collection of online resources that we feel are particularly useful. If you wish to exchange links with us, please use the following text, only make sure the link is correctly posted:

goldenruleschool_banner_web4Bullies to Buddies is dedicated to Turning Victims into Victors — Without Anyone’s Help and Without Getting Anyone in Trouble. Offers free manuals for victims of bullying, teachers and parents. You can also vist our store.

Dr. Mona Spiegel provides therapy and coaching for women. Her blog is full of great, practical advice that works. If you need help with life’s problems, you can turn to Mona for help. You won’t be disappointed.

EmbrasingTechnologyToMakeREadingFunThe Voyagers Series, is more than a book, it’s an entire interactive experience! While the story-lines are fictional, the background information is entirely factual.  Our goal is to offer kids a different reading method that makes it fun, while increasing their retention of what they read dramatically.

DramaLOGO_v3Drama Therapy allows you to:

•  Develop a compassionate role toward yourself andothers.
•  Connect to a deeper part of oneself.
•  Develop your professional voice in groupwork: connect to like-minded individuals, in a nurturing environment,while having fun in the proces.

Scarboro MIssions – numerous free educational resources related to the Golden Rule. These resources can be used with youth and adult audiences.

Improve Your Marriage – Don’t Overlook the Obvious  – Unique site dedicated to helping essentially any marriage become a better & happier one! With advice, humor, a community forum, and more! Based upon the book.

The Shutdown Learner – Information on how to help academically discouraged children. The Shut-Down Learner: Helping Your Academically Discouraged Child, by Dr.Selznick, describes a common, but poorly understood group of characteristics. Referred to as “Lego kids” or “high spatial children,” such kids thrive with hands-on tasks that “load” on visual and spatial abilities.

IQ, Aptitude, Personality, Relationship and Career Tests

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation – Alcohol treatment center and programs

Jewish People Unite – For our Jewish Clients – find consistent theological ideas

Bully at Work an interview with Tim Field by Sam Vaknin, Ph.D.

The Center for Safe and Responsible Internet Use or CSRIU is the best resource I have seen for dealing with cyberbullying. Created and run by Nancy Willard, it contains extensive advice for schools, parents and students on cyberbullying without promoting hysteria the way so many other sources on bullying and cyberbullying do. I believe it is the definitive source for information on cyberbullying.

Road 2 Resolutions is an advice column website. Every week a new Newsletter is posted and a question is answered every day. Questions answered at Road 2 Resolutions are based on mental health issues and questions concerning difficulty resolving conflicts with others. – is the most complete guide to information about Self Improvement, Personal Growth and Self Help on the Internet. It is designed to be an organized directory, with articles and references to thousands of other Web Sites on the World Wide Web.

Free Tips for Parents of Adolescents – Free monthly parenting tips from a professional author and therapist.

On the Commons This a fascinating and intelligent website that deals with a different way of looking at economics and social issues, with the goal of creating a better and sustainable world. If you want good food for thought, visit!

Verbal Self Defense This is the website of the brilliant linguist, Dr. Suzette Elgin Haden, who wrote the bestseller, The Gentle Art of Verbal Self Defense. She has produced a series of books and a course on this important subject. The Gentle Art of Verbal Self-Defense series is some of the best material you will find anywhere on understanding how language is used in power conflicts and how to come out a winner.

Committee for the Golden Rule This is the webiste for the ultimate rule for success and happiness in life: Treat Others the Way You Want to be Treated. Live by the Golden Rule and you will probably never need therapy. This website is the work of a marvelous individual, the Rev. Bill McGinnis. Please visit it.

International School Psychology Association is a wonderful organization dedicated to promoting school psychology throughout the world and enhancing the emotional and educational needs of children. I owe a special debt of gratitude to Dr. Bernie Stein, the webmaster of the ISPA website and previous president ofr the organization. He was my first supervisor when I began my career as school psychologist. He fostered an atmosphere of openness and experimentation, and many of my current ideas had their roots during my work under his guidance.

My Family Coach is the website of psychologist Mona R. Spiegel, PhD, who provides coaching to women by phone. Her free newsletters are full of great, practical advice that works. If you need help with life’s problems, you can turn to Mona for help. You won’t be disappointed.

Men Don’t Listen has two studies; the newest comprehensive study on Abusive Behavior Haw Do You Do With Your Anger. Wayne L. Misner believes “bullies” (if not worked with while young), may appear as future statistics in Mr. Misner’s  studies.

Peace Dynamics Consultants – This is the site of George Anthony, a personal friend and an expert in conflict resolution. His program has been featured on 20/20.

Anger Management Group – Dr. Lyle Becourtney is a licensed psychologist who specializes in anger management for teens and adults.  Through his innovative program, Dr. Becourtney helps his clients develop more effective anger management skills.  In addition, Dr. Becourtney trains other mental health professionals and parents on how to implement a proven discipline program in the home.  Many great resources, including free articles for parents, are available on his website.

Compassion Coach Counseling for men and their families, by professional counselor, Denis Hay.

The Stuttering Home Page – If you are a stutterer or are interested in the subject, this is the site to visit. It containg terrific information, links to resources, and great reading material for kids and teens. One of my favorite sections are personal stories of embarassing moments by stutterers. They even have a page devoted to teasing!

Divers City – Here’s a totally unique web site. features a sci-fi action adventure series that begins with a serious bullying incident. The story is fictional but it includes some real-world help for bullying victims.

Time to Tell Em Off! –  A Pocket Guide to Overcoming Peer Ridicule – This is a great little ebook written by a woman who suffered terribly from teasing throughout her youth. If you are a victim, she knows what you’re going through, and you have a lot to learn from her. The ebook will soon be published in paperback.

Freedom Forum– Fans of Bullies2Buddies know how greatly Izzy values the right to Freedom of Speech. There are two related websites that are at the forefront of promoting freedom of speech. These sites are indispensible for anyone who appreciates democracy or wants to understand it better.

The Justice Policy Institute – I absolutely love this site. It is dedicated to getting the truth out about juvenile crime. Go to this link to find out about the hype regarding school violence.

The National Institute For The Prevention Of Workplace Violence is a wonderful site for anyone needing information on workplace violence. Barry Nixon, the creator, is an expert in the subject and provides services for companies as well as workshops for organizations. He also has a weekly radio show, “Workplace Violence Today” (he had me as a guest once),on station KFNX-AM 1100, in Arizona.

Crisis Management Institute offers crisis response, trauma intervention and violence prevention at the time of need as well as training and technical assistance in planning and development stages.

Education Coffeehouse – Resources for educators, parents and students

Success Unlimited – Bully OnLine provides insight and information on bullying at work, bullying at school and related topics including: stress, trauma, PTSD and suicide

Bullystoppers – This is a very nice website for helping kids with bullying. Has advice for both kids who are teased and bullied and for parents.

Healthy Place – Mental Health Communities – Largest mental health website. Comprehensive information on psychological disorders, medications, active chatrooms, hosted support groups, journals/diaries, online psychological tests, breaking mental health news, and more.

Bully Blocking is the website of Australian psychologist and author, Evelyn Field. She wrote the Australian best seller, “Bully Busting,” and has created this website to provide information on the subject of bullying.

Jared’s Story is a website created by the Brenda High, mother of Jared, a boy who was a victim of bullying and ended up commiting suicide.

Kids Be Safe Online is instrumental in facilitating new laws enacted to protect kids from cyber-stalking and cyber-harassment. They provide educational materials, presentations, resources, articles, current new stories, and information to keep families, schools, communities and civic organizations up-to-date with current trends in technology and the internet

ABC Kids has a wonderful resource: the 50 top nursery rhymes of all time, with a short explanation of the purpose of each one!

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