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We at Bullies to Buddies believe that money should not be a barrier to solving relationships problems. We have many free resources on our website, and we provide low cost products that are highly effective. To those who  join our mailing list, as a special gesture, we are offering a PDF links to three FREE manuals. Join HERE.
To learn how to implement The Golden Rule, nature’s solution to social problems, JOIN OUR MAILING LIST
If you find the information helpful please let other know about them, too, especially your schools.

We also have some enlightening and entertaining songs and videos for you to enjoy for free! watch our videos, and listen to our songs. We want everyone to have the opportunity to learn all they can about Bullies to Buddies and The Golden Rule.  Don’t miss the The Super Tough School Anti-Bully Law (aka Superintendent’s Song)! We hope that you will join our bully-free community as we learn to turn our bullies into buddies together!


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