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Bullying is a frustrating problem for many schools, and they find that all their efforts to make it stop are futile. So what should you do if your school anti-bullying program is not working? Get the Golden Rule System – A Quad Fold brochure and show it to your school administration.

Does Bullies2Buddies Work?
The Alternative Approach to Bullying
download DOWNLOAD NOWMany people are skeptical about the effectiveness of the Bullies to Buddies approach. If you are skeptical, it is understandable. Why should anyone believe that a simple approach to bullying would succeed where the most intensive anti-bullying programs are failing? To reduce your skepticism, we are presenting the chart above. The following are the results of a survey conducted in May, 2010 of previous seminar participants who had attended during the past  several years. download DOWNLOAD NOW These goals may seem idealistic but they are all possible, and with little expenditure of time, effort and money. The U.S. Department of Education has recently declared the nation’s failure to reduce bullying in schools and called for a search for a different approach to the problem. We at Bullies to Buddies believe that we are that approach. Schools and professionals throughout the world who are
implementing Buddies to Buddies are experiencing unprecedented success…

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