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Need Funding?

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Bullies to Buddies offers a few funding opportunities:

PTA Fundraising Sales Events

PTAs need funds, and they also want to improve schools for students, staff and parents. An easy way to accomplish this is by selling our products. We will provide them to you at wholesale price _–up to 50% off based on quantity. Sell them to parents for cover price and you make an easy 50% while improving the lives of their children and making your school a happier place!

3 Books/CDs 10% discount
10 Books/CDs 15% discount
20 Books/CDs 20% discount
30 Books/CDs 25% discount
40 Books/CDs 30% discount
50 Books/CDs 35% discount
60 Books/CDs 40% discount
75 Books/CDs 50% discount

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Request Funds from Various Sources

Your school or district may not currently have the funds to implement an anti-bullying program. We at Bullies to Buddies understand the financial difficulties schools and districts face. Schools can apply to the following sources for funding.

  • County government discretionary funds
  • Governor’s special council funds for child abuse prevention
  • Mental health funds
  • District and school safety funds
  • School enhancement dollars
  • Mayor’s office or municipal government
  • Police departments
  • Violence prevention organizations
  • Neighborhood Watch groups
  • Parent-teacher associations
  • Banking institutions
  • Faith-based institutions
  • Private foundations
  • Corporations or businesses, either at individual stores or at corporate offices
If you have any pre-identified sources of funding that you’ve look into or received funding from in the past, it is always best to apply to them first.


To make it easier to secure the funds you need, we have taken a few of the
steps for you:

  • We have prepared a prototype grant request that can be used by schools/districts. Click here for a copy Bullies to Buddies Grant Proposal.
  • In addition to the sources mentioned above we compiled lists of private funders for the following states: NC and NJ and a list of National Private Funders. Please call for the list.
  • Below is a list of the types of information you need to include in your grant request

In order to prepare the grant proposal and identify the most likely sources of funding for the program, your grant writer will need the following questions answered.  Please provide as many details as possible, and attach any documents that address these questions in more detail.

  • You will need to provide proof of 501c3 status and your tax ID number.
  • Provide as much information as possible regarding the demographics of the students at your school/district.
  • Tell about 2-3 particularly trying cases of bullying you’ve had to deal with.
  • List the products and services you want to receive from Bullies to Buddies (i.e. staff trainings, assembly presentation, materials).
  • Indicate how many students will be served by the Bullies to Buddies program and their grade/age levels.

Products and services that you should consider including in your grant request:



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