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Lesson 3 – Three Warnings

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“I’m warning you! Call me ‘snotnose’ one more time and you’ll be washing this from your hair!”

You want to succeed. By being aware of the following three warnings, you will avoid falling into traps that will make the teasing continue.

Warning Number One: The Teasing Will Get Worse Before It Gets Better

Of course it would be wonderful if all you had to do was read this webpage and you will never be teased again. Well, it actually is almost that simple, but it’s not quite. The teasing will stop if you follow the instructions here, but you must be prepared that it will get worse before it gets better. But it should only get worse for a couple of days. So when you see it getting worse, don’t think, “Oh, no, this isn’t working! It’s only getting worse! I have to make it stop!” It is working. It’s just that the teasing gets worse before it gets better.

Why will it get worse before it gets better? Because your teasers have been upsetting you for a long time, and they love it. They have so much fun to insult you and get you mad, and they certainly don’t want the fun to stop. Plus, you have been letting them know all along that the teasing has to bother you. They will need a little time to realize that you have changed.

Now, when you go out with your new attitude and your tormentors start making fun of you, they are going to see that you aren’t doing anything. They are going to think there is something wrong with you. Perhaps you have gone blind and don’t see them. Perhaps you have gone deaf and can’t hear them. Perhaps you are distracted by other thoughts. Perhaps you have gone crazy and like to be teased. In any case, they are going to be very confused. They won’t understand what in the world happened to you. But they really want you to get upset, and they are sure that teasing has to get you upset, so they are going to try even harder. They figure if the teasing gets really bad, you are going to end up doing something. So they are going to insult you louder, they will say worse insults, and maybe they’ll get a bunch of friends together to insult you at the same time.

But it won’t work for them. After a while, they will get tired of feeling stupid and will stop. A little bit later, they will try again, hoping you went back to your normal old self and will get mad. Again, it won’t work. The next day, they will try again, but again they will only end up feeling foolish. By the third day, they probably won’t even try, or if they do try, they won’t try very hard and will give up quickly. You see, they want to make you the loser and the fool. They don’t want themselves to be the losers and the fools, so they will give up bothering you as soon as they realize that they can’t win.

Warning Number Two: You Must Follow These Instructions 100% of the Time

The only way you are going to succeed in stopping your tormentors from bothering you is by following these instructions 100% of the time. If you do it 90% of the time, it won’t work. If the people teasing you see that most of the time you don’t do anything, but sometimes you do, they will know that the teasing really does bother you, they just have to try harder and more often. So the teasing won’t stop. It may even get worse. Only when they see that they can never, ever get you upset by teasing will they stop trying altogether.

Warning Number Three: The Teasing Won’t Stop 100%

It is important to know that by following these instructions, your situation will improve dramatically. It may get 90%, 95%, or even 99% better, but it won’t get 100% better. No matter how well you follow this plan, you can’t expect never, ever to get teased again in your life. Everyone gets teased once in a while. Even dead people sometimes get made fun of. Even the President of the United States gets teased once in a while. In fact, the President gets made fun of more than anyone else in the whole country! More jokes are made about him than about anyone! Can you imagine what would happen if President Clinton’s feelings got hurt every time he was made fun of? He would be an emotional wreck! He would never have been able to become President. In fact, he would not even have become Governor of Arkansas. The more famous and powerful a person is, the more people enjoy making jokes about him! So if we want to go far in life, we can’t care about people making fun of us. Think of it this way: If the President of the United States can take a joke about himself, shouldn’t we?

Therefore, if you find yourself getting teased once in a while even though you are no longer getting upset by it, don’t think, “Oh, no! I’m still getting teased! This plan isn’t working! I have to make them stop!” It is working. But everyone gets made fun of once in a while, and there’s nothing in the world we can do to change that. The difference is that it will happen much, much less often than it used to, and it won’t be done by the same individual more than once or twice. Most important of all, it won’t bother you. And if the teasing doesn’t bother you, then what is the problem?!

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