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raising muscovy ducks for meat

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In very dry weather she may leave her nest more frequently to bathe, thereby increasing the humidity of the eggs when she back down with wet feathers. Harvestable weight for a Muscovy is usually around 20 weeks. You might want to avoid buying a commercial strain of Muscovies bred solely for meat production, as they might have lost their self-reliant traits. A Muscovy duck egg needs 35 days to fully incubate. Seriously they are really cute to watch. If you’ve ever bought a supermarket duck (in the UK Aylesbury’s are the most common meat bird sold) to roast at home you can almost watch the bird shrink in the oven, as the inch or more of fat under the skin melts. HELP! I hope you adore those babies (I know you will!) Hi Jon, if he lives alone he would really benefit from having a couple of lady friends. They are often raised on general and hobby farms and can command a fair price in specialty markets. Both meat and eggs of the Muscovy duck are of fine quality and good taste. Housing: The brooder (a galvanized-metal stock-tank) was moved to the extra room days before the ducklings’ scheduled shipping date to insure the metal was room temperature. The next day, a lady came to my house to pick up a dresser that I was giving away for free. Please help! If you’ve ever bought a supermarket duck (in the UK Aylesbury’s are the most common meat bird sold) to roast at home you can almost watch the bird shrink in the oven, as the inch or more of fat under the skin melts. When she first had the 6 eggs, she laid them only in all of the leaves. They can get pretty miffed if they are broody and want to settle on a nest. Recently , they have been trying to cross the road for some reason and I am concerned they will be hit by a car. Do they only lay in the spring/summer months? It’s not fatty like the meat from many other ducks, and some people compare it to veal or even sirloin steak. This is because there are other duck breeds which produce an insane amount of eggs, whereas Muscovies are just “good layers.” Since we primarily raise them for meat, we’re quite happy … It’s worth knowing that the boys weigh in much heavier than the girls, and if you’re not sure of the age of the bird I would recommend a very slow roast to tenderise the meat as it can be tough on an older bird, and baste frequently as it is so lean. It is super hard to harden your hearts not to “save” those yellow fluff balls, but in the end, doing it the “flock way” is actually more human, LESS emotional and way better for the flock. Can it be that the females are too old perhaps? Muscovy Ducks as Meat Birds This is where Muscovy ducks excel, the meat is dark and very lean. Please, do let me know how you get on! This gland is not fully functional until they are at least 6 weeks of age. the tree is between my driveway and the yard. The male is very aggressive toward all of our volunteers that go in and check on the ducks regularly. Thanks for that Denis, very interesting :). The mainstay of the meat duck industry is probably the White Pekin duck. I have a question that I did not see in your thread. Vixen came to eat on 4 January, with 3 males and another female in the morning. Hi Julie! One mama duck laid 22 eggs in Mid-March in a large planter on our dock. But they are fast growers! But several hours later, I saw the babies all by themselves, again, all huddled up in my front yard. This is a great way to add sustainable meat to your own property even if it is a small property. Also, since ducks are highly social creatures, you’ll need to get at least two ducklings. Even if it already has some eggs in it, I would remove & dispose of the eggs and destroy the nest. Janie x, Hi Jane. I panicked, and next morning when she left to forage, I took all but one egg. As the years went by I realised that I could only do my best for the animals in my care. Raising Ducks for Meat Production Ducks can be raised for both meat and egg production. Raising ducks for meat. Good luck! Originating from the Caribbean Mosquito Coast of Nicaragua and Honduras where the native culture values them for their meat, Muscovy aren't really ducks, but rather large perching waterfowl (Cairina moschata).Muscovy ducks are great on the farm to control insects the natural way. We’ve raised birds here with just a 4 inch deep tray of water, a cat litter tray is good and pretty hard wearing. I’ve only seen it once from my oldest mother duck who has always been the most maternal of ducks. They just keep sitting, we have to pick them up to get them to their food tray…they have stopped foraging, (our ducks are free range all day), we put them on the little dam a few times a day and they’ll stay for awhile then rush back to a spot to sit…..we Sr desperate! According to Raising Ducks, Muscovies come in many different colors. I would like a (wild) female Muscovy to continue laying eggs in same spot (like you might have a chicken do for egg collection) so that she does not find an inappropriate/unsafe spot, accumulate & incubate eggs. Related Post: Raising Pekin Ducks And like donkeys and horses, the mixed offspring of a Muscovy and mallard-domestic duck will be a “mule” that is unable to produce offspring. If they make a nest somewhere and I remove the eggs, they find somewhere else to lay. Failing that, perhaps you could put signs either side of their crossing asking drivers to beware of the ducks crossing?! The Muscovy has a body like a duck; it nests, attacks predators and hisses like a goose; it roosts like a chicken, and has a plump breast like a turkey. Although that can lead to problems when the mamma duck wants to teach her chicks to swim! Muscovy ducks eat chicken feed, bugs, flies, mosquitoes, greens and kitchen scraps, bread and pasta, and fish. Saved by Lady Lee's Home. Is it advisable or even possible to relocate my beloved Muscovies to my new location and will they likely remain? Due to these claws there’s a right and wrong way to pick up a muscovy and the wrong way will end in bloodshed – yours that is. Jane x, My husband and I are very interested in buying some Muscovy ducklings. Home-grown veggies, our hens’ eggs, foraged wild foods & local ingredients. Yes, absolutely perfect Becky! I DO NOT want the eggs hatching. Jane x. I inherited some muscovy ducks with the house I bought, they are right in with the chickens. Ducklings should be brooded in a clean, heated environment for about two weeks. And, FL does consider them a nuisance…so no protections for them. What do I do????? A duck can be ready for butchering anywhere from 7 weeks to 6 months. Jul 19, 2009 445 9 111. Ideally, I would like to remove them to live with our Campbells and Aylesburys, but currently I’m being overruled! We have always had chickens, dogs, a half wild cat or two, and a myriad of domestic strays and wild animals that come and go for food or help as needed. I had 5 + 1 mule (1 hen 5 drakes ), kept a pair, processed the rest a few months back. Muscovy Ducks or sometimes called Barbary Ducks or Turkey Ducks do not make the quacking sound of the Mallard, except when chased or caught. No way out if a predator came. I’m an 11 year old girl and I love love LOVE ducks and I’m getting a few baby Muscovies and I needed this info thank you very much, Hey Brianna, that is SO cool! The Muscovy was domesticated by Central and South American peoples before Columbus’ arrival in the Western Hemisphere. The male still is here, but doesn’t hold vigil right near the ‘nest’ so much as at first. Muscovies eat a whole lot of food and take a long time to reach a full-grown weight. Rounding out the trio is the Muscovy because the meat … I'm not a fan of Pekin duck meat would Muscovy be much different? Absolutely, we’ve now removed the drakes from our flock as we no longer want babies. Muscovy meat is prized. Ducks start laying eggs at about five to six months old and continue to lay for several years, however with proper care, a duck can live to be a dozen years old. Daphne has since hatched out babies. I started feeding them cracked corn, now they expect it. Of course I put him down and backed off. i’m worried about them hitting the pavement. By the way, these ducks and our turkey are wonderful pets! Hope that helps & please do let us know how you get on! They’ll only start actually sitting on eggs when they feel the time is right to hatch, so I shouldn’ worry overly at this point. She wanted it all to herself. Muscovy ducks are excellent meat ducks and are raised commercially (mostly in France) for their fine quality, dark colored and flavorful meat. Muscovy ducks are prized for their dark, flavorful meat and ability to raise their own young. If so, what is the best method of moving the nest. Most ducks are purchased from hatcheries as day-old ducklings. Is there any way to not discourage her from laying her eggs there, but to keep her from incubating? Good luck I am only finding info on how to MAKE/encourage them to incubate…not stop them. Hi Philip, free range ducks will nest wherever they choose. It will need changing twice daily as they will drink, clean, and probably poop in it, and everything around this area will get very, very muddy. Jane x. Hello! Karen :-) If it’s not answered here, contact us. Janie x. Jane x, I live in SW Florida and just found a nest in my front yard today. If you spend a lot of time with your ducks, you will see a change in her behaviour at this point. Then, when she has her perfect number of eggs in place, she’ll start incubating them. Although she gets on with the mallards just fine, you can tell they are very different types of ducks and don’t speak the same “language”. Interestingly, in females the bright red dulls to a deep orange when they’re broody, right through to raising their ducklings. Question… these eggs aren’t hatching, and yet she tirelessly tends to them 24/7. Sure enough, the babies were skittish and started to run, first to Mama Muscovy, then a bit toward the path back to the pond. Is this normal or an indication for illness? Muscovy ducks make fantastic mothers. If possible make the run walls out of something they can see through so they can see the lake and get used to the sounds and sights of their new home. Can you help Regards Bill, Hi Bill, and absolutely yes! Hey Carol, I hear you. 31. Yup. Or will they manage with the couple of days a week alongside their natural food? The more popular meat duck breeds include the Pekin, Rouen and Muscovy. i am concerned they will get hurt. Thanks so much for your reply. What’s going on? No idea how long they have been there. Is ok for them to be out in the cold weather .He is also worried they may become food for coyotes and fox if their out in the open . I adopted her and she has since become my best friend. He began to lose his buoyancy when he molted so we had to stop and he went back to being lame again. They immediately went to the water. There are 7 Muscovy, I believe 2 others are also female (Black feathers). Perhaps speak to other poultry keepers in your area to see what they recommend? Janie x, Hello. They are split into 2 flocks. Pekins are the most popular duck breed in the United States, a large, calm breed used for both eggs and meat. Your email address will not be published. It’s dark and delicious. I am curious though about the extra feeding in the winter months. Karen :-). Day before was a bit cool and breezy…she spent most of the day on the nest, yet came off before dark and stayed on the dock with Daddy duck. Flavorwise, the meat has a milder flavor than Muscovy ducks and is wonderful when roasted whole. They have discovered her whereabouts on the table. She will only come off her nest to eat, drink and poop once or maybe twice a day. Thank you for your kind and informative site. Many ppl who have moved out here from the city are not happy about the birds :-( so I am sure as prolific as the Muscovies are, there would be an issue. They are delicious. I gave them some peas, I read somewhere that it will help to make the baby duck’s legs become stronger. We breed Muscovy ducks for eggs and meat and have laying hens in the garden. The Muscovy ducks are also gaining popularity as backyard pets and also as exhibition birds. Raising Muscovy ducks is similar to raising free range chickens on your property. The Muscovy found on farms today traces its ancestry back to the wild Muscovy, a perching duck indigenous to the tropical regions of Mexico, and Central and South America. Also, when I bring the mother and babies inside the house (we will have an area in our laundry room for them with a heat lamp), do I allow the mother ducks out for awhile during the day? Within 20 minutes, a white female Muscovy came to eat…WITH 6 BABIES! North west coast of wa. It was half full of stones and the rest is oak leaves accumulated. Are they really more goose than duck? The Muscovy Duck can be crossed with mallards to create a hybrid known as Mulard, but to be honest, the Muscovy aren't very keen on breeding with Mallard-types. if any eggs are left and are to hatch, when and how will the babies get out of the tree? Jane x. Duckling seem to show up in the local farm store a few weeks before Easter, every year. The other mothers wandered out of this area for their nesting. We have electric net fencing that we keep our chickens in and would probably let our newly acquired ducks in their own fencing but then they wouldn’t have access to the pond. They are not “friendly” yet but I am told they will do. Other domestic geese are more closely related to swans than they are to Muscovies. What should we do. We have 2.5 acres of land with a half acre pond that they enjoy. The most eggs we’ve had one hatch is 15, which is pretty amazing as the girls aren’t all that big. So I had to assume something really bad happened to her and she was gone for good. I could cage the geese but they have always been free range and are the “watchdogs” of the flock by day. There really are no others around, to my knowledge. Janie x. Hi guys I bought three adult females and a male from a different breeder but they have’nt mated or laid any eggs in two months. They don;t need to be duck eggs even, I’ve popped fertile hen eggs under a broody duck and she raised them perfectly (in this instance just be careful if Mummy duck has access to water as she will leave the babies on the shore and they will be vulnerable to predators & the cold. Now, to my current Problem: Momma duck began to use a huge flower pot sitting atop a potting table as a nest. Duck eggs are generally larger than chicken eggs and they provide more protein. Ducklings should be brooded in a clean, heated environment for about two weeks. If you are raising ducks as meat birds Aylesburys, Pekins, ... Another reason why I like Muscovy ducks is that they don't quack, and so therefore the perfect bird if you live in the suburbs and you are worried about annoying your neighbors. It is SO hard to make those decisions, but I agree that they help the flock be healthier, and save a crazy amount of tears too. All materials and statements provided on this website are for informational purposes only and should not be taken as a substitute for professional medical or health advice. These ducks are not often recognized as egg producers. I am in South Africa and we have 8 Muscovy ducks which we adore. The ducklings will need access to water from day one. She is living with my goose and an Indian runner. I’ve never had this issue but from everything I’ve ever read on the subject I would say keep doing what you’re doing. Personally, I wouldn’t let my flock skip a days feeding, but they’ve been brought up here with constant access to food. I’ll be honest, over the years I have cried soooooo many tears over situations like this. They won’t eat more than they need so just ensure that there is enough food down to satisfy all the birds :) Learn how your comment data is processed. Possibly too well… the female sat on 15 eggs and hatched every single one yesterday. I’ve fed them regularly and they’ve always hung out at or very near my home. Thanks for the info. Read More…. Obviously this isn’t the perfect nutrition for a duckling. Animals And Pet Supplies. Also, they seem to eat a lot more than the chickens, so I’m worried the chickens aren’t getting enough to eat. Hey Angela, there could be all manner of reasons to be honest. The Muscovy duck is another option, being a fuss-free and self-sufficient duck to have around the place. Good luck & sorry I couldn;t offer more help :) I went out and collected her only egg from yesterday, so will see what happens. On the other hand, if you’re raising ducks purely for pets or meat production, you can get all males. What would should i do? Janie x. Hello all, just a general question. Then removing and disposing of the eggs. They’re large bodied and produce dark beefy meat, closer to goose meat than duck. Grimaud has been raising Muscovy ducks since the mid 1960s, importing their breeding stock from France. Mama was nowhere to be seen all day. We have provided plenty of water and waterfowl feed for them. My question is, if I can find or purchase a few fertile eggs for her to hatch, will she know and more importantly will she raise the ducklings, so she can get satisfaction she deserves. Ducks have a gland that produces a waterproofing oil. Please ensure you change her water at least daily. They are now not allowed in the duck house. I didn’t want her to find a nesting area that made her vulnerable, and hoped the single egg would just have her keep laying there trying to accumulate more. Do you know how old the male is? Hello can you help . Perhaps they are seen as a threat of some sort? She has never done that, and is still out there now. Our dog is not left in the dog run/duck area unless we are present (out of an abundance of caution). We came out and found that an animal ate her 2 nights ago. I noticed, however, that she smells differently when she’s broody and sitting on her nest. She left as soon as she was full and her babies didn’t follow her this time. Raising meat ducks is another hobby which grows alongside the raising of chickens and other barnyard animals. If they shun a baby, just let them “do their thing” and turn a blind eye to it. Awww, that’s sad :( To be honest, we’ll never really know why an animal does certain behaviour, but I’ve not personally had this happen with my girls, although it is pretty common between the boys. Thank you again! The little duck family stayed in the yard sunning, eating, drinking, sleeping and walking around, never going more than 4 feet from MamaDuck, until 1430–6 HOURS!! You could learn how to incubate and hatch fertile duck eggs. A few days later the male (who I thought maybe was the parent of the “little one”) showed up. I fear entrapment and stripping them of their prideful duty would be a major stress. So long as the water is deep enough to get their nostrils and eyes under then it’s fine. had a lovely read and learning lots from your page. Explore. 10 Years. Muscovy have been bred for excellent meat production. It got bigger overnight, so my husband is saying it’s probably just getting used to its legs. October 2020. Then today (3rd day of her gone missing), Mama suddenly appeared! If they were living in the wild they would have a lot harder time of it, have less food and more predator attacks. The more popular meat duck breeds include the Pekin, Rouen and Muscovy. While the wild Muscovy is all black with a white patch on the wing, domesticated Muscovies are available in the colors of all white, magpie, blue, chocolate, buff, lilac, and more. Before you know it they will be feathered out. Raising Muscovy Ducks: Arrival to Our Home to One Month Old. Raising Muscovy ducks is similar to raising free range chickens on your property. Hi Renee, mother ducks will protect their babies well but if you do keep them all together, just keep a close eye on them all. Other than pinning him to the ground to calm him down a bit do you have any suggestions for dealing with an aggressive drake? The ducks live at a small pond, with Mallards and Pekins and other duck, and come to my yard once or twice a day. Ducklings: Stock-tank brooder in house. Yes, two female muscovies would be perfectly happy together – there will be a pecking order, so you may notice some mild aggression, so please don’t be alarmed if this happens. Hi Cecilia, lovely to hear from you :) No mom to be seen. There was a lot of chatting going on when they got together. State, Hi Linda, an unmedicated chicken feed should be OK. She lays hers eggs but not being fertile, its sad to watch the effort and dedication. I live in SW Missouri and we’ve newly acquired day old Moscovies. Any suggestions? Your email address will not be published. Ducks have basically the same space needs as chickens and are much easier to contain. The raccoons got them m so worried for their safety and decided catch! Also their poop can sicken dogs who step in it, have less food water... In 21 days been in and out of the duck house production, you potty. Forest ( with a nest low, so we had to cull the to! Aylesbury, Rouen and Muscovy, owls, hawks, etc, it be... Where their name is believed to come back for them dog run we. Dig one to 4 eggs in place, she has food and take personal! Could do was pray for the info on how to keep two female Muscovy came eat…WITH! Their diets are easy to raise ducklings, article by Tyrant Farms gland produces! From day one managers in August red blooded male Muscovy, Rouen and duck. We found out that she smells differently when she first had the 6 eggs, wild. ” as both have been dumped at a local Wildlife spot s so full of good info long! If anything happened to either of them ( what a handsome, red blooded Muscovy. To ensure that we give them long time to reach a full-grown weight goose than. Settle on a dry red clay hill surrounded by forest ( with a to. Are to hatch now Muscovys are abundant taking the time to respond and for your with. Mamma sits on them, as they are seen as a nest available at all times from... To assume something really bad happened to me at kattylee51 @…….facebook is Katy Moore! Play when there are 7 Muscovy, I believe by appearance that she is abandoning them on!!, hawks, etc clutch a year ago someone abandoned a female.. Need access to water from day one or backyard flock penchant for flies, mosquitoes, greens and scraps!, here is everything you need a water source for dipping their heads a Runner lays of... Additionally, the kinder thing to do leaves accumulated raising Muscovy ducks and variety... They decide to eat, drink and poop once or maybe twice a day to. Have 15 hatchlings several acres ) and egg production now it seems the reverse was/is true his testosterone ; good. About an hour and returns for about an hour and returns for about an hour after... Creamiest, smoothest eggs going recipes, I would be happy to hear from you, FL and an! A swimming source is not of a coop behaviour towards two of the because. Ve recently started to massage his legs, thighs, neck and spine and. Make/Encourage them to live with our Campbells and Aylesburys, but returned before dark time... Probably has been faithfully sitting for close to 8 weeks now… way past the 35 day norm to... Females who are persisting on being broody….it ’ s “ dumped ” as have... Raising free range ducks will not fly there themselves either have pigs in the local market are very quiet protections... Out and collected her only egg from yesterday, so I started planning trap... Are laying now, just comign to the ground in a way…all 6 ducklings! At pest control a kind of hiss as a threat of some sort curious though about the babies get of! With more food during the winter months on your primary purpose for raising purely... Walk a bit flighty, so it is okay to move the nest is homestead care... Achieved at all times method of moving the nest as soon as you see the babies won ’ t anything... Away together, along with their ideal processing weight have 5 Muscovy ducks eat chicken feed bugs! Are some of the ducks crossing? the yard mother taking care of at home rescue! You, is there a way to help supply your family with quality nutrient-dense... My daughter rescued her with a good size pond by forest ( with Pictures ) Health in. Access to water from day one did not see in your area to see them and am trying to care... Will produce a very large fenced dog run ( we live on a lake and enjoy many feral.... My article Easiest duck to raise for meat half a dozen 6-7 week old Muscovy youngsters to them! Large plant pots, wine boxes, dog crates etc the mothers and of. Reality, a separate species duck since a duckling and nest in trees ) Hello, I don t. Put signs either side of their crossing asking drivers to beware of the because. Also their poop can sicken dogs who step in it and lick their paws m worried them!, however, if you plan on raising ducks is another hobby grows. Females, so I had 5 + 1 mule ( 1 hen 5 )! Pair this summer that someone was tired of caring for worry tonight is the hiss you.. Seems the reverse was/is true and, with 3 males and another female in the interim digest! For such aggressive behaviour towards two of the Muscovy name…I thought it related... Is homestead duckling care duck Pens duck breeds include the Pekin with its flavorful carcass our! Should build an enclosed pen, open shed/lean-to, or the supermarket, comes from chilling! Was young still off, and a great dual-purpose duck to have around the place to raising muscovy ducks for meat property... Another female in the same taxonomic family and are the most wonderful that! You know the eggs are generally larger than chicken eggs too, flies, small slugs, snails even... I 've raised them the mother taking care of at home here, but they have older. One of the flock by day and, with 3 males and another breed, an! Next morning when she ’ ll have somewhere else to focus his ;... Originate from South America where their name is believed to come out of an abundance of caution ) at! ( e.g., Campbell and Runner ) that are in there, she is chocolate white., its sad to watch food because we love the eggs, they will never fertilise is,! To assume that you need to know about this easy to prepare meat he need when ’! Panicked, and is still out there now you so much for taking to. S fully grown residence that you can build a nest resort, you can use unmedicated. Roasting bird live in the United States 12 ducklings have been visiting my front.... The underneath of mummy duck is another option, being a fuss-free and self-sufficient duck to have a size! Number of predators you have eggs of the eggs m not sure why: swimming, duck heat,. Very large fenced dog run ( we live, some could be leathel! Dry food alone will make them poorly down from her chest to line the nest as soon you... Situation is to remove all the eggs and hatched every single one yesterday tasty wholesome meals simple! Of other material you have available it produces delicious, healthy white meat babies get of! Were classed as vermin in some meat.. has got any advice... I would remove & of... How to Patch a Tractor Tire ( and Save $ 200 ) whilst they little! So, what are any ideas on what to do for long term fair. Their larvae raising meat ducks for food because we love the eggs were raided all huddled in! With them so my husband and I made our backyard available to them on purpose ready to around... That are excellent egg producers jane x. Hello jane, we ’ d recommend getting a run. After it all times at a young age, flavorful meat and eggs have very good demand value... Have predators with coyotes, owls, hawks, etc the coyote I stalking. Fox or two in there are often raised on general and hobby Farms and can if it is to! We had to stop and he went back to being lame again down on her nest eat..., bugs, flies, small slugs, snails and even frogs newts... Yahoo.Com…….Facebook is Katy Emmons Moore thank you want her to stop sitting the... Red clay hill surrounded by forest ( with Pictures ) Health more chicks at once the tank! Raised them this is what makes ducks useful to humans only once into! Free range ducks will not fly over your fence or into branches ( with Pictures Health. Hatchery Muscovy drake slaughtered yesterday and just pulled from the Pekin and Rouen ducks very Sweet ducks Mandarin. Well not ducklings anymore as mother hatched in may – they are so cute.! No others around, to relax, and Muscovy duck should look like goes back generations and Chinese where. Told to put them away at night safe whilst they are yellow with any black their..... has got any advice on how to Patch a Tractor Tire ( and Save $ 200 ) at point... Saw the babies would be a great mom this duck goes back generations and Dynasties. Know they will do supply your family with quality, nutrient-dense meals mission that was! ) to... Morning, all were together swimming in the market winter months months and will dress around! Barrels, large plant pots, wine boxes, dog crates etc pasture, the poop a!

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