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Bullies to Buddies believes that the solution to problems should be available to the world for free, for the knowledge has been around from time immemorial. Of course we need to make a living and are happy when people buy our materials, but before we ever produced anything for sale, we have been providing solutions for free. We have three detailed manuals for free on our website.

All we request is that:
2) If you find the materials helpful, let other people know about them, too, especially your schools.

Below you will find introductions to our 3 manuals. After joining our mailing list, we will send an email containg links to the 3 complete manuals ready for download.

manuals-victimHow to Stop Being Teased and Bullied Without Really Trying.
This manual will teach kids why they are being picked on and how to make it stop without anyone’s help and without getting anyone in trouble!




manuals-adultA Revolutionary Guide to Reducing Aggression between Children
Parents at home and teachers in school put so much effort into getting their kids to stop being aggressive with each, yet all their efforts seem to be in vain? Why is it so hard to get kids to stop tormenting each other? This unique manual explains that the kids are being so aggressive because their parents and teachers are trying to make them stop! Without realizing it, they make the kids become even more aggressive! You will also learn how to dramatically reduce aggression at home and in school with less effort!


how-to-handle-racismThe Golden Rule Solution to Racism
Prejudice has been a major concern of society for years, and we’ve been passing laws that try to force it out of existence, but prejudice continues nonetheless. Why? This completely original manual explains that it is because we are going about it the wrong way: society is trying to make people stop feeling and expressing prejudiced towards others. It would be wonderful if respect between groups could be legislated by government, but it can’t. The more effective way to reduce prejudice is to teach people what to do when they are the victims of prejudice. By applying the Golden Rule, targets of prejudice can easily stop their attackers and turn them into less prejudiced people!

The solution to prejudice is not law but wisdom!

If you would like to receive the PDF files for these manuals, please subscribe to the newsletter. They will be sent to you when you subscribe.

We also have some interesting and entertaining songs and videos for you to enjoy for free!

Read a teaser for each of Our Manuals (below), watch our videos, and listen to our songs.

We want everyone to have the opportunity to learn all they can about Bullies to Buddies, Inc. You can also enjoy our songs like “The Anti-Bully Law” (aka Superintendent’s Song)!

We hope that you will join our bully-free community as we learn to turn our bullies into buddies together!

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