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Does Bullies to Buddies Work?

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Many people are skeptical about the effectiveness of the Bullies to Buddies approach. If you are one of them, it is understandable. Why should anyone believe that a simple approach to bullying would succeed where the most intensive anti-bullying programs are failing?

To reduce your skepticism, we are presenting the chart below.

The following are the results of a survey conducted in May, 2010 of previous seminar participants who had attended during the past several years. The survey was sent to members of the Bullies to Buddies mailing list. As of May 18, 2010, ninety people replied. The results reported below are not meant to be a scientifically accurate reflection of the program’s effectiveness. These results only present the responses of seminar participants who: 1) signed on to the Bullies to Buddies mailing list, 2) actually attempted to implement what they learned at the seminar, 3) opened the email sent to them about the survey, and 4) made the effort to fill out the survey.

What is your role? (check all that apply) Response
Mental Health Professional (e.g., social worker, counselor, psychologist, etc.) 80.2% 65
Teacher 12.3% 10
Principal 7.4% 6
Law Enforcement Officer 1.2% 1
answered question 81
skipped question 9
How helpful was the Bully-Proofing Made Easy or Turning Bullies into Buddies seminar for helping clients who are victims of bullying? Response
answered question 89
skipped question 1
N/A I did not take this seminar to help victims of bullying 2
The following are the results for the 86 participants who did take the course for working with clients
Very helpful 83.7% 72
Somewhat helpful 16.3% 14
Had no benefit 0.0% 0
Made it harder to help my clients 0.0% 0
How helpful was the Bully-Proofing Made Easy or Turning Bullies into Buddies seminar for helping schools reduce bullying? Response
answered question 87
skipped question 3
N/A I did not take this seminar for working with schools 20
The following are the results for the 67 participants who did take the course for working with schools
Very helpful 58.2% 39
Somewhat helpful 37.3% 25
Had no benefit 3% 2
Made it harder to help schools 1.5% 1
How helpful was the seminar for your personal life? Response
answered question 90
skipped question 0
N/A I did not need this seminar for help with my personal life 4.4% 4
The following are the results for the 86 participants who did take the course for help with their personal life
Very helpful 68.6% 59
Somewhat helpful 31.4% 27
Had no benefit 0.0% 0
Made my personal life worse 0.0% 0
Do you think that other people should attend Bully-Proofing Made Easy? Response
answered question 88
skipped question 2
Yes 98.9% 87
No 0.0% 0
Not sure 1.1% 1

We have also amassed a large number of testimonials by professionals who are using the Bullies to Buddies approach to bullying. Here are some of the testimonials.

“Finally, a program that works near miracles in helping victims to deal with bullies. After more than two years of implementing Izzy’s principles, the students at William Snyder Elementary School smile at one another with confidence. Our school climate is pleasant and conducive to learning. Discipline referrals for bullying behaviors have decreased significantly. Teachers can now teach more because the kids are handling their own issues. And (drum roll here)…our test scores are going UP. In a school where the population is 63% Hispanic, our school reached every testing goal. In my 15 years as a school counselor, I have never seen a more effective social skills program. This one is pure genius.” – Jeannie Brewer, School Counselor, Snyder Elementary, Las Vegas, Nevada

“We at PSI were so impressed with the simplicity and common sense of the Bullies to Buddies™ program that we had to make it our own. We have partnered with Izzy Kalman and Cleveland State University to bring this program to the thousands of students that PSI serves.” – Steve Rosenberg, PhD, Psychologist, President, PSI Solutions, Ohio

“Of all the approaches to the problem of bullying, Izzy Kalman’s approach stands out. It has worked wonders for my patients and friends alike.” – Doris M. Greenberg, MD, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician, Savannah, Georgia

“This program has removed teachers from the middle of students’ problems, no longer forcing them to choose who is right or wrong, and has helped students to regain control of situations and in turn their self esteem.” – Colleen Pittman, M.Ed, Coordinator/Counselor, St. Raphael School, Louisville, Kentucky

“Bullies to Buddies™ is the most effective anti-bullying program I have encountered in my 14 years as a school counselor. It gives victims the tools and strategies necessary to handle difficult situations, thus increasing their self-esteem. Parents are thrilled and some of them are practicing the skills with their children. The teachers and aides feel relieved that they no longer need to handle every tiny little tattle or situation. This saves an enormous amount of time in the classroom and children find that they have more time to play. The teachers not only used the strategies of Bullies to Buddies™ in their classroom but also with their husbands, children and exes.” – Vickie Kolb, School Counselor, Brandon Valley School District, Brandon, South Dakota

“Students are increasing their patience, compassion, and kindness towards other through applying your strategies. Our school is a better place because of Izzy’s game! Thank you.” – Mark Lane, LCSW, School Social Worker, Guilderland Elementary School

“Your strategies turn students into winners almost immediately. You have allowed our classroom teachers to get back to the business of teaching and have reduced the need for them to be constant conflict managers. This approach works. For the sake of our students, I hope all educators, parents and teachers will give it a try.”- Jane Steinkamp, Principal, the Jefferson School, Tracy, California

“I have seen every other program designed to stop this problem, but Izzy’s is the only one that works!” – Paul Reddick, Chairman, American Sportsmanship Association

“I have conducted lessons from Bullies to Buddies™ throughout my school. The children thoroughly enjoy the lessons, really listen and participate, and use the skills daily. They get a kick out of “teasing” me, the counselor, as we do the role-plays; yet, they are learning as they have fun. They have felt empowered and I have personally seen significant changes in their self-esteem and social skills. I recommend this program for any educator working with children elementary age and up.” – Julie Doody, Counselor, Elise Wolff ES

“A child was sent to me who had been teased by a whole group of children as a result of an incident at recess. I took him through the steps that I learned from Bullies to Buddies and within 15 minutes this child was able to go back to class and continue learning. The teacher was amazed at the transformation. I was able to teach the whole class the technique, which resulted in more time on task and more learning. The students got along better and the learning environment became more pleasant and enjoyable for everyone. Izzy is a master of making this learning fun and easy to teach.” – Malda Burns, Rockdale Elementary School Counselor, Rockdale, Texas

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