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Client’s Fliers

We are often being asked by schools for help to create a flier so they can send it home with the kids. I thought you can benefit from what others did before you. So here are some example of fliers that others did: Lyon County School District poster Walker River Paiute Tribe poster Amador County […]

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Schools Empowerment Training

Bullies to Buddies’ Golden Rule School Bullying Prevention Program  The Bullies to Buddies mission is to increase harmony in the school, home, workplace and society at large. It is dedicated to promoting the practical application of the Golden Rule, the most effective and inexpensive way to replace hostility with harmony. Expected Outcomes for the School […]

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The True Meaning of the Golden Rule: Love Your Bullies

February 20, 2010 Psychology Today Blog, A Psychological Solution to Bullying The Golden Rule: It’s the ultimate, all-encompassing rule of morality, promoted by every religion and ethical system. Today, many anti-bullying organizations are touting the Golden Rule as the solution to bullying. However, as I will be explaining, very few people actually understand what it […]

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Proposal for a Rational Moral School Bullying Policy Based on The Golden Rule

By Israel C. Kalman, MS, Nationally Certified School Psychologist, Director, Bullies to Buddies, Inc. Students, Parents, Staff and Community at Large: School anti-bullying laws require us to develop an anti-bullying policy. We are hereby presenting our anti-bullying policy that is based on the Golden Rule. We have chosen the Golden Rule as our guide because […]

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