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New Edition of Unlearning Liberty

This essential book is now available in affordable soft cover edition. Published on March 18, 2014 by Izzy Kalman in The Anti-Bullying Critic I am excited to inform you about the publication this month (March, 2014) of the soft cover, updated edition of an extremely important book: Unlearning Liberty: Campus Censorship and the End of American Debate. The author, Greg […]

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Client’s Fliers

We are often being asked by schools for help to create a flier so they can send it home with the kids. I thought you can benefit from what others did before you. So here are some example of fliers that others did: Lyon County School District poster Walker River Paiute Tribe poster Amador County […]

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Schools Empowerment Training

Bullies to Buddies’ Golden Rule School Bullying Prevention Program  The Bullies to Buddies mission is to increase harmony in the school, home, workplace and society at large. It is dedicated to promoting the practical application of the Golden Rule, the most effective and inexpensive way to replace hostility with harmony. Expected Outcomes for the School […]

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How to Create a Bully-Free Workplace Environment

By Israel Kalman, MS November, 2011 The job of a leader has become more difficult and dangerous than ever courtesy of anti-bullying laws. State governments have been caving in to public pressure to pass tough anti-bullying laws to make the workplace safer for employees. However, they are a Catch-22: the harder you try to comply […]

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Principle Number Six: Turn the Other Cheek

The ancient solution to physical bullying Published on May 21, 2012 by Izzy Kalman in A Psychological Solution to Bullying This is an installment in a series called “Ten Principles for Moral Discipline.” They are meant to form the basis of a moral, effective school bullying policy. Much of the aggression among children is physical. […]

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The First Step to Ending the Bullying Crisis

Social scientists must rigorously question the anti-bullying orthodoxy. Published on April 2, 2012 by Izzy Kalman in A Psychological Solution to Bullying An Open Letter to Social Scientists Regarding: The First Step to Ending the Bullying Crisis My Dear Fellow Social Scientists: We are dedicated to the alleviation of human suffering and cherish scientific integrity […]

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