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How to handle angry parents

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Thus, parents feel encouraged to complain to the schools that they aren’t doing anything to protect their child from bullying. What should you do when you face these angry parents?


First of all, don’t get angry back or the hostilities will escalate. Don’t blame the parents for raising a child who doesn’t know how to get along with other kids, or they will become even angrier with you. Instead, stay calm and show sympathy for their child. Let them know that you realize how much their child is suffering. Tell them that you have been trying to help their child, but whatever you’re doing isn’t working. You can say something like the following:

“Let’s say you and I are kids in school. You bully me, and then I tell the teacher, and you get sent to the principal and/or guidance counselor for bullying me. Is that going to make you like and respect me? Of course not! It will make you hate me. You’re going to want to beat me up after school, or try to get me in trouble with the school by telling them that I am bullying you.”

If the parents have more than one child, you can ask them sincerely, “How do your kids at home get along with each other?” They will probably tell you something like, “Oh, the normal sibling rivalry. They fight every day.” Tell them, “If you can figure out how to get your own kids to stop fighting at home, I’d love to know how you did it. I promise I’ll adopt the same approach in my school.” You should find that this takes the wind out of their sails.

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