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August 2010

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Summer is upon us. If you work in a school and have vacation coming up, I hope you enjoy it, and if you have school aged children who will be home with you, I hope they don’t drive you crazy! Unfortunately, the devastating oil spill that continues in the Gulf is going to dampen our happiness.

My June newsletter is a little late in coming, but at least I have managed to get it out before the end of the month. I hope you find the content interesting. We have produced two new products–a comic book and a DVD program–and hope you will want to read about them.

Best Wishes,

Izzy Kalman

Psychology Today Blog

For my Psychology Today blog, I decided to present my Ten Principles for Moral Discipline. Our schools are trying desperately to reduce bullying among kids. In other words, we are trying to get them to behave more morally. Can we get them to learn to behave morally when we discipline them immorally? Of course not. I discuss these principles briefly at my bullying seminar, but I decided to write about them in greater detail. I assure you that any school or organization that understands and follows these principles will achieve the highest level of harmony that’s possible. In the current blog I write an introduction to the principles. In subsequent blogs I will be discussing each principle one at a time. I hope you will want to use them. Read More

Upcoming Seminar Schedule

I will be giving my Anger Control Made Easy seminars throughout most of the summer. You can access my upcoming seminar schedule here.

Here are a few testimonials from recent seminar participants:

“I loved the seminar, learned some awesome techniques to use to control aggression between my own children.” – Jeannie Hicks, Social Worker, Shreveport, Louisiana (5.25.10)

“Wow! I would go anywhere to hear Izzy Kalman again. He’s the best presenter ever!” – Sherry Kircus, Counselor, Shreveport, Louisiana (5.25.10)

“Excellent approach to solving problems. I am glad there is a voice for freedom of speech and the ability of children and adults to survive, thrive and even laugh when dirty words are hurled their direction. Carry on!” – Deborah Barton, Psychologist, Austin, Texas (6.2.10)

“Very relevant–truly a breath of fresh air. A common sense, down-to-earth approach. Extremely practical and empowering.” – Sherry Hornik, Social Worker, Houston, Texas (6.3.10)

New Products: Comic for kids and DVD for adults in the workplace

I am very excited about our two new Bullies to Buddies products. I wrote about them many months ago and thought they would be ready sooner, but everything always takes me longer to do than I anticipate. One of them is a beautiful comic book called, Super Dren: The De-Victimizer, that teaches kids how to use the Golden Rule to stop bullying. It is appropriate for elementary and middle school kids.
The other product is a DVD program, Turning Workplace Hostility into Harmony. It is an hour and forty minutes long, for using the Golden Rule to solve bullying problems in the workplace. We did the filming a couple of years ago, which is why I don’t have a beard in it. You will see me using the same techniques I use at my seminars to show the wrong and the right ways to handle a large variety of interpersonal workplace problems.

Previous Psychology Today Blog Article

Some readers do not like clicking on links that bring them away from the newsletter, so in case you didn’t get to read my previous Psychology Today blog article, I am reprinting it below.

Harvard Elementary School Researchers Discover the Best Anti-Bullying Program

After decades of research, no one has yet found a way to reduce bullying in US schools.
Boston Globe, May 2, 2010

An article in this weekend’s Boston Globe starts out declaring, “After decades of research, no one has yet found a way to reduce bullying in US schools.” The writer then goes on to pin his hopes on a forthcoming study of an anti-bullying program that encourages student bystanders to stand up for victims–an approach which the writer correctly notes has already been shown to be ineffective. However, not having found a better approach, I guess we have no choice but to hope the ones that don’t work will work if we do them more intensively!

Looking for serious research partners

Are you a psychological researcher who would like to conduct a study that can revolutionize the way society deals with bullying? Or do you know such a researcher? I am interested in collaborating in journal-quality research on my Bullies to Buddies program and will provide whatever assistance I can. But don’t just decide based upon the Harvard Elementary School.

Their letter is just a drop in the bucket. I have tons of supportive evidence to help convince the most die-hard skeptic of the value of such a study.

And wouldn’t it be especially nice if Harvard University followed the lead of the Harvard Elementary School?

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