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Archive | February, 2011

Turtles Can Fly–Movie Recommendation

I recently watched this particularly touching and painful film, and I feel I must recommend it to everyone (not children, though). Turtles Can Fly is a Kurdish film by director/writer Bahman Ghobadi, and is proof that some of the best movies are not made by Hollywood. The modern world is so concerned about the “horrible […]

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A Note on Freedom of Speech

by Izzy Kalman (August 2004) I believe it is a great tragedy that citizens of democratic countries are not educated about the true brilliance and power of the right to Freedom of Speech. Many people don’t understand why it is best to let people say whatever they want – even if it hurts people feelings […]

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The Origin of the Taboo Against “Blaming Victims” in Modern Psychotherapy

by Izzy Kalman (February 2003) The taboo against “blaming the victim” has taken firm root in the psychotherapeutic world. This is what Michelle Bograd, PhD, writes about domestic violence in the March/April edition of Psychotherapy Networker: “Most [psychotherapy] models emphasize the accountability of the abuser in order to be clear about the power dynamics at […]

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Slobodan Milosevic — BULLY OR VICTIM?

by Izzy Kalman (March 2002) Slobodan Milosevic is back in the news. He is being tried for crimes against humanity by a UN war crimes tribunal. This man has been reviled by the world for allegedly masterminding the attempted genocide of the Albanian people in Yugoslavia. He certainly fits the bill of “bully”: someone who […]

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Why Punishing Bullies Doesn’t Work

by Izzy Kalman (March 2002) A high school student in Hastings, Minnesota, has recently made national news (I am deleting his name to prevent him from being harassed by readers of this commentary). He was convicted and punished for being a bully. However, he is infuriating people because he doesn’t express remorse even after being […]

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Unbreakable: A Misunderstood Jewel (Movie Review)

by Izzy Kalman August, 2001 Unbreakable, written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, has recently become available in video. It is a masterpiece. If you haven’t seen it yet, rent it. If you have, see it again. After you read this review, you’ll understand the ending this time around. This great movie was a flop […]

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