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Archive | February, 2008

“Accountability”–the New Big Brother Word

by Izzy Kalman (February 2008)While we’re on the topic of Big Brother, I would like to bring your attention to the new popular buzzword that is being promulgated as the panacea for all of society’s ills: Accountability. If you somehow haven’t heard the word used recently, start paying attention. It’s all over the place. I […]

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Turning the US into the USSR

by Izzy Kalman (February 2008)I have written in previous newsletters how our country’s anti-bullying policies are creating a Soviet Union-style Big Brother state in which our minutest interactions become the domain of the government, and in which the government conveniently maintains control by turning its citizens into informers against each other. “Telling is not tattling” […]

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Big Brother comes to Australian schools

by Izzy Kalman (February 2008)Australia is taking bullying increasingly seriously, which is not surprising in light of a recent lawsuit in which a school was ordered to pay over a million dollars for failing to stop a child from being bullied. An Australian company is now marketing a video recording system called Bully Buttons. When […]

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