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Archive | October, 2004

When Should Marriages be Salvaged?

by Izzy Kalman (October 2004) I take marital problems very seriously. When a couple is miserable, children suffer as well, and the pain continues even after divorce. I believe in saving marriages whenever possible. If you are considering divorce, I would like you to ask yourself some simple questions that will help you determine if […]

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Lawyers and the Perils of Divorce

by Izzy Kalman (October 2004) I have met countless people who have gotten divorced yet continue to be tormented by their ex-spouse. They were miserable in their marriages and expected their divorce lawyer to free them from their shackles of misery. Surprise, surprise! They may have divorced their spouse, but they did not divorce their […]

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Good news! Bullies CAN feel remorse!

by Izzy Kalman (October 2004) In my seminar on bullying, I list a number of popular myths. One of these myths is that bullies are incapable of feeling remorse. Why do I say it’s a myth? I have spoken to a number of people who identified themselves as bullies, and they told me they felt […]

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