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Archive | July, 2003

Singing as Therapy

by Izzy Kalman (July 2003) Those of you who have been to my seminars have heard me only once. I bet it was the first professional seminar you’ve attended in which the presenter astonishingly broke out in song. Had you had attended twice – once before my recent California tour and once afterwards – you […]

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The Insanity of Modern Elementary Education

by Izzy Kalman (July 2003) The world is going topsy turvy. Lately I have been speaking a lot about the contamination of psychology by law. More and more laws are being passed defining how people need to behave, and requiring adults who deal with children to enforce these laws. The assumption, which few seem to […]

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Cain and Abel

by Izzy Kalman (July 2003) At my seminars I often talk about sibling rivalry. Brothers and sisters are biologically programmed to love each other, even though it appears that they want to kill each other. On a few occasions, seminar participants have pointed to the Biblical story of Cain and Abel as proof that the […]

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