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Archive | May, 2003

How to Have a Productive Political Discussion

by Izzy Kalman (May 2003) It’s often said that if you want someone to remain your friend, don’t discuss politics or religion. It’s good advice. The problem is that when the country is in a critical situation, people naturally discuss politics more often. Like with the situation in Iraq. If you observe people having a […]

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Lowering the Bar on Violence

by Izzy Kalman (May 2003) Many mental health organizations and experts have an interest in maintaining the public’s fear of the “epidemic of children’s violence.” They continue to talk about this epidemic despite the fact that government statistics show there is no such epidemic. We have been experiencing a steady decline in children’s violence over […]

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Bamboozled – Movie Review

by Izzy Kalman (May 2003) I just saw “Bamboozled” (2001), a fascinating, powerful film by Spike Lee. The protagonist, Pierre Delacroix, is a Black TV writer who comes up with an idea for a hit show: satirizing the demeaning way the white entertainment establishment characterized Black people in the early years of movies and television. […]

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