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Archive | March, 2003

The “Bully” Question — A Trap!

by Izzy Kalman (March 2003) The US is now at war with Iraq. Let us hope that whatever happens, it turns out for the best for both countries and the world as a whole. Many of us are struggling with the question of whether or not the US is doing the right thing. Perhaps the […]

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Harrison Bergeron – Movie Recommendation

by Izzy Kalman (March 2003) Chances are you never heard of this movie. I happened across it in my local Hollywood Video, which has a much larger selection than Blockbuster. Harrison Bergeron is a unique, refreshing movie. It is based on a story by the great author, Kurt Vonnegut. The movie shows what the world […]

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The Sin of Judging

by Izzy Kalman (March 2003) While there is no official religion here in the United States, the vast majority of Americans are Christians. Though Christians worship Jesus, I am amazed how few actually adhere to the words of Jesus. Early in the New Testament Jesus says, “Do not judge, or you too will be judged. […]

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The Golden “Law”

by Izzy Kalman (March 2003) Why shouldn’t we punish kids when they say mean things to each other? This is a very difficult idea for many adults to accept. At my Anger Control Made Easy Seminars, I have increasingly been referring to the Golden Rule as the ultimate recipe for a happy and successful life. […]

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