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Nebraska Seminar Testimonials

“Interested in applying the techniques. The book is a marvelous resource.” – Patricia Curran, Counselor, Omaha, Nebraska (9.12.12)

“The concept of fear and rule of not being afraid really hit home. I experience fear of rejection and believe others do as well, and it perpetuates anger! I am excited to immediately use what I learned with my clients and in my personal life.” – C.M., Counselor, Omaha, Nebraska (9.12.12)

“I thoroughly enjoyed the material and presentation. You keep it flowing and the activities are quite helpful. I would have actually enjoyed it as a longer seminar.” – Educator/Adoptive Parent, Omaha, Nebraska (9.12.12)

“I enjoyed the clarity in which the topics were explained. The accompanying materials were great, easy to understand and to the point. I believe this should be taught to everyone at the elementary level. It would greatly reduce the amount of conflict we experience in our daily lives.” – Sarah Kurtzer, Drug and Alcohol Abuse Counselor, Omaha, Nebraska (9.12.12)

“Excellent content! Demonstrations and audience involvement very effective! I learned a lot. Thanks.” – Julie Lingenfelter, Counselor, Omaha, Nebraska (11.11.09)
“I thought the program was well done. It was also eye opening to see that we are causing some of the bully behavior to escalate by our reactions.” Counselor, Omaha, Nebraska (11.11.09)

“Izzy–I really appreciate your viewpoint on this ‘hot button’ issue. You really made me start to evaluate my thinking about the issue of bullying. I enjoyed this and learned from you! Thanks so much!” – Becca Rivers, Social Worker, Omaha, Nebraska (11.11.09)

“Excellent. The only sure way to help bullying.” – Ellen Williams, Counselor, Omaha, Nebraska (11.11.09)

“Good, fresh approach to bullying that’s an eye-opener. Very easy to relate to.” – Terrin Johnson, Psychologist, Omaha, Nebraska (11.11.09)

“His methods are simple and make sense.” – Ivy Clausen, Social Worker, Omaha, Nebraska (11.11.09)

“Very unique perspective on bullying. I wish legislature would hear his message.” – Kay Ramold, School Psychologist, Omaha, Nebraska (11.11.09)

“Good information. All schools need to be given these strategies to give appropriate skills to all students.” – LuAnn Schauda, Counselor/Educator, Omaha, Nebraska (11.11.09)

“Most beneficial and entertaining presenter with Cross Country Education that I have seen so far.” – L.A., Counseling Student, Omaha, Nebraska (5.27.08)

“This proved to be a very practical and helpful for me personally and will help me in helping the students I deal with. The presenter is genuine and authentically wise.” – Maria Meza, Educator, Omaha, Nebraska (5.27.08)

“I really like how Mr. Kalman showed us how to use the ideas he taught. I also like how he went over several ways to use these techniques. He puts techniques and uses to things that sometimes just make sense or that we know. Very informational and useful.” – Penelope Cavender, Counselor, Omaha, Nebraska (5.27.08)

“This approach seems intuitive. I’m baffled that anyone would find it offensive/controversial. Thanks for having the courage to point out what should be obvious!” – Donna Houston, Counselor, Omaha, Nebraska (5.3.06)

“This seminar really got me to think outside the box. Many of the objectives he taught were from other philosophies I learned many years ago. It was an excellent seminar. I believe this will work with my students. And I am excited about trying it with the students.” – Bonnie Korkow, Counselor, Omaha, Nebraska (5.3.06)

“It is imperative that public educators adopt these techniques and use them to teach children how to help themselves!! Zero tolerance policies have failed in every endeavor they’ve attempted. Alcohol, drugs, violence, bullying, cheating…in many cases I believe they have taught the children how to be more manipulative.” – Holly Martin, Educator, Omaha, Nebraska (5.3.06)

“While this info is a new paradigm, it seems much more practical and appropriate and makes common sense. I’m looking forward to applying the techniques and ideas from the book and from Mr. Kalman and hope to give this information to co-workers and providers as a way to start dealing more effectively with bullies and victims. I will also use this when interacting with partner, client, etc. This seminar has been very enlightening and provided a sense of hope with a major problem that gets more problematic resulting in a sense of hopelessness when attempting to resolve this issue.” – Nancy Thomas, Social Worker, Omaha, Nebraska (5.3.06)

“Enjoyed the day immensely. Thanks Izzy. Had several ah-ha moments – eager to try the “game” – no end of potential situations/applications.” – J.G., Counselor, Omaha, Nebraska, (9.2.04)

“Great job! Loved the song! Good humor. One of the best role playing I’ve seen. Thank you for good information presented in a fun way.” – P.B., Counselor, Omaha, Nebraska, (9.2.04)

“Spoken plainly, no jargon, easily understood the first time explained, whole seminar was enlightening because instructor was professional and personable.” – Tiffany Johnson, Direct Support Specialist, Omaha, Nebraska, (9.2.04)

“This will help me in my personal life, co-workers – but not the schizophrenics I work with. Makes it look easy and will probably be able to do the same with diligent practiced. It’s like the word cancer was dirty several years ago. Makes me want to learn more so I won’t be a needy mother or mother-in-law.” – C. Yopp, Counselor, Omaha, Nebraska, (9.2.04)

“This was the most interesting, helpful, and practical seminar I have been to for some time. The material was great and the force of Izzy’s personality really held my attention. This was a good one.” – Kirk L. Brown, Student Counselor, Omaha, Nebraska, (9.2.04)

“Excellent use of psychological principles. Role play was effective for demonstrating the strategy! Thanks to Izzy for incorporating our Freedom of Speech.” – Anita Howell, Counselor, Omaha, Nebraska, (9.2.04)

“I was challenged to think about anger management in a new way. I am excited about trying out this new ‘tool’ in helping my clients and myself.” – Linda Vermootem, Dr., Omaha, Nebraska, (9.2.04)

“The training day went extremely fast because I was completely captivated by your presentation. Very hands-on information and informative. Anxious to apply your techniques. I actually wouldn’t mind a 2 day course.” – Connie Keairnes, Counselor, Omaha, Nebraska, (9.2.04)

“I felt this entire seminar went very quickly due to Israel’s humorous method of teaching which will stay with me as I educate my clients. Very good use with role modeling techniques and how to assist others in achieving insight.” – Gina Simarek, Therapist, Omaha, Nebraska, (9.2.04)

“Presentation wise he was the best I’ve seen.” – K.F., Licensed Mental Health Professional, Omaha, Nebraska, (9.2.04)


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